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Paw Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup Rubble Actually Swims


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Are you ready to make bath time fun time for your little toddlers? The Paw Patrol Bath Paddlin Puppies are a great way to keep your kids entertained during bath time! Rubble is one of the many Paddlin Pups that you can collect. Rubble is a plastic material, with a bright yellow design.

These toys aren’t just your ordinary rubbery ducky. They not only float, but they can also paddle their way around the bathtub with an easy wind up mechanism. The best part about these paddling pups is that they are easy to use, and fun to watch (they are also battery free, but thats better news for us parents). No batteries means fewer hazards, and more fun! Rubble is ready for a swim in his yellow life jacket, and his protective gear! Rubble is for kids ages 3 – 8, and is $11.99 MSRP.


Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll


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What is the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word Dracula? Is it a blood sucking vampire? Or do you think of the famous Count Dracula? Either way, I am here to change that mind set! Instead of thinking about a blood-sucking monster, why not think about a beautiful, and stylish mistress? The Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll is everything you wouldn’t expect from an ordinary Dracula. Draculaura is the definition of monster fashion! She has a stunning pink and black mermaid dress that makes her the envy of all her monster high friends. The dress is a pink and black color covered in shiny webs. These webs give the dress style, and beauty! Now her dress isn’t the only fashionable apparel that Draculura has. She also comes with pink and black heels, a cape to match her dress, and a stunning umbrella to keep the light from burning her flawless skin! Draculura is a beautiful, fashionable, and down to earth monster high student who is nothing like any Dracula you’ve ever heard of. Draculura is $49.99, and is for kids ages 15 – 16.