Is Overwatch Worth Your Money Now That It’s Live?


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Is Overwatch worth your money? Now if you live in the United States then the game will becoming out on the 23rd of May. That is today! I’ve had my hands on the beta, and I have had access to the live game for quite some time now.

By now a lot of you have probably already decided whether or not you actually want the game, but I can guarantee you that there are still a few people out there who are still on the bench about Overwatch. Getting my hands on this game again felt great! There is nothing like a team based shooter to start off your day! The intense action, fast paced gameplay, and loveable characters all make Overwatch the game it is today. Personally, I would say that Blizzard has done an amazing job, and that Overwatch is worth the $40. Yes, I know that the game was originally announced as a free game, and that is half the reason why people are so on edge about the game to begin with. However, $40 dollars for a game that will provide you hours of gameplay is easily worth the investment.

My experience with Overwatch has only been positive at this point. The gameplay is smooth, especially for some of the more acrobatic characters I enjoy playing like Genji. The characters are all unique, and most importantly I find the game to be very entertaining. I wish I could paint an image for you all about my love for Overwatch since I’ve already clocked in around 20 hours on the Beta and the actual game, but it’s very difficult to describe the indescribable. So, the only real words I can leave you with is that Overwatch is no ordinary FPS. It has unique characters that you will fall in love with, especially if you’ve seen some of the animated shorts, and the gameplay is smooth, crisp, and not too overdone.

So, should you get Overwatch? I would say yes. Not because I’m getting paid to say this. In fact I’m not even getting paid at all! I am writing this to let all of the people on edge about Overwatch know that all of my experiences with this game has been positive, and that I wish for you all who have yet to play this game experience all of the awesomeness that is Overwatch!