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FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin Dragon

Meet Torch, the friendly and colorful dragon. He’s looking for a new best friend to play with! Torch was found in an enchanted forest, in a colorful crystal cave. He’s a baby dragon with lots of energy and a bit of a mischievous side.

Torch is full of fun surprises for you. Touch his nose and he’ll respond to your touch with 50+ sounds and motion combinations. Feed him his color-changing treat when he gets hungry and fill up his tank with water to watch him breath out flame-colored mist. He burps too when he’s full! Have a conversation with your baby dragon, enjoy feeding him and making Torch your new friend. The set comes with Torch the dragon, a color-changing treat, and a water-filling crystal. 4 C alkaline batteries are needed, but not included. For ages 4 and up. Available on for $59.99.

Torch the Dragon is available using the tracker!


Raytheon Toys Soft Darts for Nerf N-Strike Series Blasters 300 Piece


You can purchase the Raytheon Toys Soft Darts for Nerf N-Strike Series Blasters 300 Piece at

If your Nerf arsenal needs a little more firepower then Raytheon has exactly what you need. Raytheon Toys Soft Darts for Nerf N-Strike Series Blasters 300 Piece is the perfect extension to any Nerf arsenal! Not only are these darts cheap, but they perform just as well as the original Nerf darts. Their design is also similar in that it has a foam body, plastic tip, and is glued together by an adhesive. If you are looking to ramp up your firepower for the upcoming Nerf wars then Raytheon has quite the bargain for their 300 piece soft darts! Raytheon Toys Soft Darts 300 Piece is for kids ages 13 and older, and is $16.98 at Amazon (price may vary).


Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper


If your kids love Pokémon then Moddan has a treat for you! The Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper is a great gift for any Pokémon enthusiast. These cute Pokémon figures can be used to collect, or decorate. You can add them on to your kids birthday cakes at parties, or use them on their desserts after dinner. These Pokémon toppers are about 2 – 3 cm tall, and are made from high quality material. Each Topper set comes with 24 random Pokémon figures that are all extremely detailed and colorful! These tiny little Pokémon make great gifts either as toys, or as decorations! Can you collect them all in the Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toy Topper Set? These Pokémon Toppers are for kids ages 5 and older, and is $9.95 at


500 Water Balloons with 10% Profits Going to Charity


you can purchase these water balloons at

Water balloons have been, and always will be one of the classic “fun in the sun” activities! Now you can purchase 500 Water Balloons at Amazon before the summer ends. These water balloons come in multiple colors, and they have no foul odor or chemical powder coatings. Uplifting Balloons, the company selling these water balloons, has also stated that 10% of the all the profits made will be donated to an orphanage in Uganda! So, not only will you be having a killer time throwing water balloons at your family and friends, but you can also be happy with the sense that these water balloons may have saved a young life over in Uganda! Helping unfortunate people, and having fun while doing it, that is definitely a win win situation! The water balloons are for kids ages 8+, and is $9.98 at Amazon.


TOMY Toys Inside Out Small Figure Disgust


You can purchase the Inside Out Small Figure Disgust at, or at

She is extremely well dressed, hates broccoli, and is always disgusted. TOMY Toys has recreated Disgust from the Inside Out movie. Disgust is one of Riley’s major emotions that is just as funny as she is cool. She knows her way around the cool kids, and she can help solve any problem, kind of like how she used Anger as a method to save Sadness and Joy! The TOMY Toys Disgust figure has a couple of playable features. It can be posed in anyway you’d like, and she can easily move her hands up and down so that she can carry around her memory sphere. She also has the ability to light up when next to the console (sold separately). Disgust is on a mission to save Riley from the dangers of this world like broccoli, or social rejection, and now you can have your very own Disgust figure from TOMY Toys. The Inside Out Small Figure Disgust is for kids ages 4 and up, and is $9.99 MSRP.


Mezco Toys Breaking Bad Heisenberg 6” Action Figure


You can purchase the Mezco Toys Breaking Bad Heisenberg 6” Action Figure at

Who here is a fan of the show Breaking Bad? I for one enjoyed the show until my best friend decided to show me the last episode and ruined the entire show for me, but from what I was able to watch (which was about 4 seasons) I have to say it was an amazing show. Now you can bring your Breaking Bad fantasies to life with the Mezco Toys Breaking Bad Heisenberg 6” Action Figure. This action figure features the all-famous Walter White. Walter is wearing a red shirt, and has a small pistol in his hand. He is extremely detailed, and will work well with any Breaking Bad toy collection. Heisenberg may be gone, and the TV show may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your very Heisenberg action figure. The Mezco Toys Breaking Bad Heisenberg 6” Action Figure is kids ages 14 – 15, is going to be released November 5, 2014, and is $18.99 on Amazon (price may vary).


Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set


You can purchase the Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set at

Going to school can be a very hard transition for your kids. Being at home all day playing with random toys, and doing other random activities compared to going to a classroom and learning new things can be very intimidating for your kids. Going to school requires commitment, responsibility, and a lot of effort. So, to help prepare your kids for the tough transition into school LeapFrog has created the Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set. Here you can use the different animals to discover cool things about the classroom. You can put down the different animals in the classroom and listen as they speak about what they like to do, and what they love about school. The playset comes with one school, three learning animals, parent guide, table, is for kids ages 2 -5, and is $29.99 MSRP. With over 70+ different songs and phrases, five unique classes, and three eager learning animals your kids will be prepared for school in no time!

Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set Video:


Learning Friends Adventure Bus


You can purchase the Learning Friends Adventure Bus at

It’s time to buckle your seat belts, and start the on the road tunes because the Learning Friends Adventure Bus by LeapFrog is headed out for a field trip! With the Adventure Bus you can explore new places, learn new songs, and have new adventures! The Bus comes with three different modes. You can send your Learning Friends Animals on a trip to the library, beach, or even a picnic. But with the power of imagination the possibilities for destinations are endless. The best part about the Adventure Bus is that it interacts with your kids. By changing modes, or putting the learning animals into the Bus it triggers different sounds that will make playing a lot more fun for your kids. The Adventure Bus is all fueled up and ready to go! The only thing it’s missing is you! So, what are you waiting for? The Adventure Bus can take you anywhere you want to go! The Adventure Bus is for kids ages 2 – 5, and is $19.99 MSRP.

Learning Friends Adventure Bus Video:


LeapFrog LeapBand


You can purchase the LeapBand at

Can your kids be a bit lazy sometimes? Have you ever just wanted them to get up and be active? If you have then the new LeapFrog LeapBands are the perfect toy for you. The leapBand is designed to get your kids to be active. It has a built in tracker that will give your kids points for staying active. There are over 50 different healthy habits that are both fun and challenging on the LeapBand. These challenges may include getting your kids to leap like a frog, wiggle like a worm, or hop like a Kangaroo. These bands are designed specifically for kids, and can easily slip around any kids’ wrists. You can also pick from three different colors (blue, green, and pink). What are you waiting for? Summer is the best time for your kids to get active with the new LeapBands by LeapFrog! Each LeapBand is $39.99, and is for kids ages 4 – 7.

LeapFrog LeapBand Video:


Zoomer Dino


You can purchase Boomer at

Is it a plain? Or maybe it’s a train? Or could it be a green stain on the wall? Well it is none of the above. Actually, it could be a plain because it’s fast. It certainly could be mistaken for a train because it has wheels on its feet. And, it is definitely colored green. So, what exactly am I talking about?

I am talking about the Zoomer Dino toy! This ferocious beast will certainly catch the eye of any young Dino lovers. Zoomer Dino aka Boomer is a beast that only the best of the best can tame. You can use a remote to control his sounds, movements, and Dino-sensing abilities. But, don’t get too close to Boomer because just like any real Dinosaur he can get really angry! Once Boomer is angry he will spin around, chomp down on his massive jaws, and roar as loud as he possibly can. When Boomer goes crazy you are the only one who can contain this beast. You can either use the remote that comes with Boomer, or you can use your hand to interact with him, and calm him down. Boomer the Dino is up and running, but with your skills and talent Boomer will listen to your every command! You can purchase Boomer at Wal-Mart for $89.97 (price may vary).