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Pokemon Throw N Pop Poke Ball Tracker

Become an official Pokemon trainer with the Throw ‘N’ Pop Poke Ball. Practice your Pokemon catching and training skills with this toy set!

Place your 2-inch Pokemon figure inside the Poke Ball and close it. Then when you’re ready to battle throw the Poke Ball at any hard surface and your Pokemon will pop into battle. Upon impact, the ball will pop open, releasing your Pokemon! You can choose from: Pikachu and a Poké Ball, Chespin and a Premier Ball, Fennekin and a Great Ball or Froakie and an Ultra Ball. Each sold separately. These sets come with a detailed 2-inch Pokemon figure and a Poke Ball. For ages 4 and up, these are available on Amazon, Kmart and TRU.

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Tag Solar System Adventure Pack By Leap Frog

For years Leap Frog has been known as one of the best makers of toys for young children. They have always come up with unique ideas to get kids to play with toys and still learn new things! The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack is a great way for your kids to learn about the solar system and still have a great time! The set is $13.99 and is for kids ages 4 – 8. The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack uses a special Leap Frog “voice” pen that allows your kids to click on the special mat and the pen will read out loud cool information about the universe. The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack also has a 2 – sided mat which contains cool information about our solar system! Take – off into space and watch as your kid’s knowledge of the great beyond increase with every click of the Leap Frog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack!

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