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Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack


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A new line up of amiibo figures are hitting stores. The Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack is a great addition to any amiibo collection. The set has Toon Link and Toon Zelda from the Wind Waker series. In this amiibo set Toon Link is holding the Wind Waker. A powerful tool used to control the winds; while Zelda is wearing the ornamentation of the royal family. Both figures have their own unique style, and are posed to represent their character. Toon Zelda and Toon Link are finally here to collect in amiibo form, and now you can purchase them both in one bundle with the Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack set. This amiibo set is recommended for kids ages 6+, and is $24.99 MSRP.


Nintendo Amiibo Wave 3


Currently one of the hottest trends in the gaming community is Nintendo’s amiibo ($12.99) figurines for the Wii U. Created to enhance the experience of Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 10, the amiibo series is currently on its third wave of releases (February 2015) with a fourth on the way (Spring 2015.)

The characters featured in the third series of the amiibo will include Shulk from the Xeno series, Ike from the Fire Emblem series, Sheik and Toon Link from the Zelda series, Lucario from the Pokemon series, Meta Knight and King Dedede from the Kirby series, Rosalina and Bowser from the Mario series, Mega Man from the Mega Man series, and Sonic from the Sonic series.

All the amiibos are compatible with the Super Smash Bros. Wii U game and with the amiibo connected, you can level and customize your amiibo to your own liking. However, not all amiibos are compatible with every Nintendo series. For Mario Kart 8, connecting the Toon Link amiibo will unlock a special racing costume for your Mii but not for the other third wave amiibos.

There are also Nintendo games where all amiibos are compatible but connecting a specific amiibo will bring a better reward. In the Wii U game, Hyrule Warriors, all connected amiibos will allow you to get a three-star or lower rated weapon once a day. However, connecting the Sheik amiibo allows you to get a three-star or higher rated weapon and connecting the Toon Link amiibo lets you use a special spinner weapon not found in the game otherwise.

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