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Piggy Wiggies Santa Snorz

The holidays are coming and toy companies are getting ready to prepare their toys to fit this upcoming holiday! The new Piggy Wiggies are a cute, soft, and cuddly new stuffed animal that will entertain your little ones or even make good decorations for this upcoming holiday! These pigs are $12.99 each and come in many different styles. Although there are so many different pigs to choose from, the Piggy Wiggy that is going to fit your budget for this holiday is the new Christmas Piggy Wiggy Santa Snorz! These adorable little pigs are red and white with black button snouts. The Pigs have a red body, a white face and include a cute little Santa hat that goes around one of the pig’s ears; the pigs also come with a cute box that is already in a present design, the box has red and white strips that go along the box, while the lid has a nice stocking decoration. The pigs are made from a soft material that will feel comfortable in any little hands. The new Christmas Piggy Wiggy Santa Snorz may be tiny, but it is filled with a whole lot of holiday spirit that will make perfect toys or decorations for you or the family!

Go to to check out this toy

Check out Piggy Wiggies Facebook too.

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.


We now know when Squinkies Holiday Pack and Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jig is released!


Finally, Santa Sing A Ma Jig is *OUT* online :

zooLert Santa Sing A Ma Jig In Stock Tracker!

(and, he was online just where we said he would be.)

UPDATE 11/25/10 :

Holiday squinkies are ONLINE NOW!!  Get them here!!


We have confirmation on Santa SingAMaJig link working :

Big news.

“just wanted to let you know that last night around midnight, the link that you haveposted for santa sing a ma jigs WORKED!! but of course said out of stock. now when igot up this morning, the link didnt work. but my point is that when it is r/l andshowing in stock, your tracker should be good!!thanks again for all you guys do!” -michelle

Thanks Michelle!  Santa SingAMaJig In Stock Tracker next!

Update #3 11/26/10

We heard back from some of our reps at TRU.  It looks like it MAY be delayed coming online because there was a strong desire to get some foot traffic in the store for Black Friday…

BUT.. Does that mean CYBER MONDAY may bring something different?  Time will tell…

Don’t forget about our TRU Santa SingAMaJig in stock only tracker until then!

Update #4 11/27/10 :

Looks like Michelle is confirming the thought process.  Cyber Monday it is for Santa SingAMaJigs :

zooLert on Facebook

Information is just flowing fast and furious now.

Need that Santa SingAMaJig?  How about  a Justin Bieber singing doll?  Or, Holiday Squinkies?

Wonder no more.

Thursday.  10PM.

Will that be the time TRU has it online too?

We will see!!!

Check out the full ad with coupons from Toys R Us with details on Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs and Hoilday Squinkies!


Ok. HELP ME FIND SANTA SINGAMAJIG!#@@*# I must have him!


We know you’re a little crazy for toys, and, we kinda like that about you. It’s ok. We get you.

FridayHolic Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jig Toys R Us

Courtesy of Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jig TRU

So… Where the heck is the little bugger? Well, for those long time zooLert’ers… You know that he WAS online at TRU and Etoys for a little while, even though he wasn’t in stock.

But, we still have him in the tracker.

Where you ask?

Here’s instructions on how to add it NOW in case (no guarantees though) it comes back on the same link it was before!

We just sent this to the singamajigs tracker email list :

We know everyone is dying for Santa.

Here’s how you can be ready.

*IF* he comes back on the link he WAS on, it will be this one The original TRU link for Santa SingAMaJig

How do you track it? Go to the tracker page here :

zooLert Sing-A-Ma-Jigs In Stock Tracker

I know the bottom links say Title Not Found. It’s because it’s something we were tracking that is no longer there.

ADD the last two to your alerts!! THOSE are the Santa ones. The very last Toys R Us, and the very last Etoys.

Will they come back on the same links? Maybe. Maybe not. But, at least this way you have a shot if they do!


Good luck everyone!


Santa SingAMaJigs makes another appearance! GOTCHA Mr. Santa Sing-a-ma-jig!


We have spotted him yet again at TRU!

Don’t forget, we are tracking him when he comes back :

zooLert SingAMaJigs In Stock Tracker!

And if you haven’t seen it, here’s the full black friday ad :

TRU Black Friday Ad Scan for 2010


Updated! A Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs? Say what?!? At Toys R Us! We are finding it in stock!

UPDATE 10/30/10 :

As noticed by RJ, the link is no longer valid.  Will it come back?

Maybe.  If it does, we will be sure to keep looking!

Make sure you are signed up to get the alert on our SingAMaJigs In Stock Tracker!


We love it when our user community interacts back with us.

Especially when it has to do with tracker requests.  The hardest part of getting everything setup and going is just finding all the crazy stuff out there to track!  So, when Christy shot off the email to us a few mins ago, I rushed to find this guy.

And, he’s real :

Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs at Toys R Us!

And what good would this information do if we didn’t track it?

Well, we are :

zooLert Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jigs In Stock Tracker

So make sure you add it to your custom tracker to know when the Santa SingAMaJig is in stock at Toys R Us and Etoys!