Hot Wheels A.I. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

The Toy Insider has listed this toy as its Toy Insider Hot 20 winner! Hot Wheels has created a great race set with enhanced Artificially Intelligent smart cars that help the cars to stay on the track!

The A.I controls the rival race cars who are in a fast competition against you. These cars are competitive and want to be the ones to reach the finish line first, can you beat them with your car? There is a Championship Mode for those high-tech racers that will certainly test your driving skills. In this mode there is virtual obstacles like hazards, oil spills, and tire blowouts. The set features many ways that it can be reconfigured. With 16 plus feet of track and 40 plus layouts, your child will not get tired of this race system. This set includes 2 high-performance smart cars, 2 gaming controllers, and gameplay modes for all ages. There are 20 pieces in total. Available using our Zoolert.com tracker!