Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter


You can purchase the Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter at amazon.com

Professional Quadcopters are expensive, and extremely hard to fly. Good thing the Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter is here! The Nc5 Nano Quadcopter is a super small, and super easy to fly RC. This toy is user friendly, and won’t empty out your wallet. A small, light, and simple design makes this copter an optimal product for younger RC enthusiasts. The Quadpro play set comes with one mini Quadcopter, one Quadcopter remote, four rotors, and a USB charger (for more detail you can check out amazon.com for the specs on this item). At $32.99 this Quadpro Copter is a great gift for any young RC lover. It’s time to clear the skies for the Quadpro Nc5 Quadcopter 360 Flip Mini Drone. This copter is for kids ages 14+.