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Get Three PS4 Games When You Buy a PS4 at Amazon!


Are you still looking to buy a PS4? If you are then Amazon have got you covered! Amazon is offering a massive bundle with a purchase of a PS4 console. When you purchase a PS4 on Amazon you will receive three free games for the PS4. These games include Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, and The Last of Us Remastered. These three games are the perfect way for you to start off your gaming collection. You will receive the games through an online code. You can use this code to redeem your games whenever you’d like. So, if you’re looking to buy a PS4 now is the time to do it!

What you get:

– A mat black PS4 for $399.00 at Amazon
– A mat black controller for your PS4
– Three PS4 exclusive games
– HDMI Cable
– Power Cable
– Wired Mono Headset
– USB Charging Cable

PS4 Unboxing:


Borderlands Is Back With a “Handsome” Collection

Borderlands the Handsome Collection 2

You can purchase this Handsome Collection at

The Borderlands series is one of those game series that I will always treasure. I started the series with Borderlands 2, and then moving over to the original Borderlands game. I have yet to play the Borderlands: Pre-sequel, but I have seen enough gameplay to say that it is similar to Borderlands 2. If the Pre-sequel is similar to Borderlands 2 then we all know that the Pre-sequel is going to be amazing. Now the Borderlands series is amazing, but why am I talking about them? I mean they are yesterday’s news. None of these games are available on the next gen consoles, or are they? If you are a huge Borderlands fan then good news because you can now play all of these amazing games on your Xbox One or PS4. With the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection you can re-live all of your favorite Borderlands moments on your beloved new console. You get all three Borderlands games in one package. This means that you can farm bosses, find killer weapons, and destroy Handsome Jack over and over and over again. There are so many things to do in the Borderlands trilogy, and now you can do it all over again on you new console. So get your fingers ready because it’s about to be a very long weekend! Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is $59.99, and comes out for the Xbox One and PS4 on March 24, 2015.


Dying Light Review

dying light

You can purchase Dying Light at

Finally! It is in my possession! Dying Light is by far one of the greatest games I have played in a long time. It has great features that make it fun, energizing, and a good ZOMGIE game. Good games are hard to come by, and good Zombie games are even harder to come by. My standards for a zombie game are pretty high, but this game passed all of my tests with flying colors. So where do I start?
Lets start with the gameplay. I am using my Alienware PC to play this game. My PC has an Intel i7 Core CPU, I have 8 GB of RAM, and I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. With all of this being said the game still lags a bit during intense cut scenes or hectic fight scenes. This is not a huge problem because the lag is minor, and it doesn’t really interfere with much of the gameplay. At most I’ve had a 1 – 2 second lag, and it was only during a cut scene so its not like I was getting pulverized by a zombie horde or anything. So, out of all the gameplay I’ve gone through this is the only major issue I could find. Everything else runs smoothly. Scaling walls, beating a zombie’s head in with a pipe, or just talking to other CPUs are flawless. Overall, the gameplay is smooth, and crisp.
But what about actually playing the game? Slow down their cowboy! I was just about to get there. The gameplay is… uh… well… I’d say… IT’S FREAKING AMAZING! Parkour + zombie apocalypse = SUPER FUN! Having the ability to scale walls, and evade zombies’ makes so much more sense to me than spraying and praying. Trying to kill every zombie you see would take too much time and effort. Plus, at night the zombies turn into… well I’ll just let you figure that out for yourself! And to top it all off the time used to kill zombies could be used to find supplies, or get to safety. In Dying Light you can use the time spent on not killing zombies to craft weapons, search for resources, completing missions, and so much more. All of your hard work will pay off once you level up and earn skill points to level up your character. You can learn crazy skills like dodge. This will help you evade zombies, all the more reason not to kill them all. In Dying Light you have the ability to scale walls with ease, jump over walls, or any parkour trick you can imagine. Zombie survival is all about evading, and not about killing. Staying alive is your priority, not killing everything that moves. Overall, I give Dying Light a 9 out of 10. It has great game mechanics, the game runs smoothly, and it’s NOT all about shooting. I have a feeling that this game is going to dominate most of my free time from now until I finish it. So, my recommendation is get the game! It is a great new game for all you zombie lovers, and you also have the option of playing Co-op with your friends. Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got a lot more intense!

Ding Light Trailer:


Let the Terror Begin!


Supermassive Games! No I’m not talking about games that are massive; I’m talking about the company Supermassive Games. Heard of them? I have heard bits and pieces about this UK Company, but I’ve never really known them until now. Their new game Until Dawn is one that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s a horror game that is set in a hotel area. There is a psycho serial killer on the loose, and you and your friends are next on his hit list. What’s worse is that there is more than just a killer on the loose. There are also jump scares from ghosts, and other creepy creatures of the dark! Personally, I hate horror games. They scare me, and I could never play them. Even if it was high noon, and my friends were all around I still wouldn’t pick up a horror game to play, but this game is different. For some odd reason I want to give it a try! It is scary, horrifying, gruesome, or any other adjective that describes creepy. So, why do I want to try this game? Honestly, I have no clue it just seems fun. I am hoping that Until Dawn will be the game changer that makes me enjoy these types of games. The suspense, and horror are, from what I’ve seen, outstanding! Ready your nerves, and prepare for a horrific adventure because the fun is just about to begin in the crazy universe of Until Dawn! Until Dawn will be coming out for the PS4 only, and will be coming out sometime in 2015.

Until Dawn Gameplay:




You can purchase Evolve at

In the wild it’s eat or be eaten. The wild has dangerous creatures that are always out to kill you, but what if there are two hunters at the top of the food chain? Then who hunts whom? In the new game Evolve you can play as a monster that goes around feeding on smaller helpless creatures to gain experience. Once you’ve gained enough experience you can evolve your creature into a bigger, scarier beast. Once you evolve your monster you earn skill points that can be used to upgrade abilities on your monster. But wait! Didn’t I say earlier that there are two hunters? I did! So who are the other hunters? The other hunters are humans trying to kill the monster. You can play as a trapper, medic, support, or assault. The trapper has the ability to trap the monster with a huge magnetic dome. This dome is crucial for eliminating the monster because it will keep it from running away. The medic has the power to heal teammates while they engage the monster. The support class contains characters that can send out UAVs, or can help to shield characters from damage. Finally, the assault class is the muscle power in the group. He’s got the big guns, and will do all of the heavy damage to the monster. The wild is filled with deadly creatures, and unfortunately for you there are no rules. It’s eat, or be eaten, and in this world almost everything is out to get you. Evolve will be released on February 10th, 2015, and will retail for $59.99 (this game is compatible with the Xbox One, PS4, and PC).

Evolve Trailer:


The Order: 1886


Check out the zoolert tracker for The Order: 1886

It’s the Industrial Revolution. Nations flourish, and technology improves tenfold. We all know our history about the Industrial Revolution. Countries are booming as new techniques for production are created, and inventions shape mankind, but do you know about the dark side of the Industrial Revolution? In The Order: 1886 you play as a man named Sir Galahad. Galahad is a member of an elite order of knights fighting to keep peace and order in the world. Unfortunately, all hell breaks loose when rebels begin to revolt against the government, while a mysterious enemy lurks in the dark. The revolution is one thing, but Half-breeds are a completely different threat. These so called Half-breeds in the game are a race of super humans that can blend into their environment. They can transform from their werewolf, zombie form into human form in a blink of an eye. This makes it difficult for people to spot these creatures, and is the exact reason why the Order of Knights exists. Half-breeds are dangerous, and hungry for power. It’s a fight between the rebels, the government, and the Half-breeds. The world is in shambles, and Galahad is caught right in the middle of it all. Unfortunately, The Order: 1886 is only out for the PS4. So, all of us Xbox one, and PC fans are going to need to buy a PS4 to play this incredible game, or you are going to need to have an extremely generous friend that is willing to share their PS4. The Order: 1886 comes out February 20, 2015, and will retail for $59.99. The Order 1886 Collector’s Edition for $79.99 and Premium Edition for $149.99.

The Order 1886: Trailer


GTA V on the Xbox One and PS4


You can purchase GTA V for the Xbox One at

You can purchase GTA V for the PS4 at

Explosions, guns, and women are all included in the famous ROCKSTAR Game GTA V! What more could a guy want in a video game? But, what makes GTA V special this time around is that ROCKSTAR has now made the game playable on the Xbox One and the PS4. Moving GTA V to the PS4 and Xbox One will allow the game to be played at 1080p, and GTA V will run at 30fps. Now, I personally have never been a fan of the GTA series. It has always been a bit “too intense” for me, but out of all the GTA games out there GTA V is by far my favorite. The open world experience, the vehicles, weapons, and gunfights are crazy fun. If you have not yet played GTA V, but have an Xbox One, or a PS4 I would recommend taking a look at the new GTA V. GTA V is rated M for mature, and is $59.99 MSRP.


The Far Cry Series is Back!


You can purchase Far Cry 4 for the PS4 at

You can purchase Far Cry 4 for the Xbox One at

It is such a shame that I have not been able to keep up with the Far Cry series because the games just seem to be getting better and better. I have played Far Cry 3, and have dabbled in Far Cry 2. Now Far Cry 4 is out, and I still haven’t completed my Far Cry gaming experience. Watching the trailers, and checking some gameplay for Far Cry 4 have really gotten me hyped for this game!

Far Cry 4 takes place in Kyrat. Kyrat is a fictional region in the Far Cry game that is ruled by king Pagan Min. You play as a man named Ajay Ghale. Ajay returns to Kyrat only to find that it is under a civil war. Thank goodness Far Cry 4 comes out today because I don’t think I can wait any longer! I am super excited to play Far Cry 4 for my PC, but what about all of you? Comment down below if any of you are just as excited about this crazy new game as I am, and comment down what system you’re using to play Far Cry 4!

Far Cry 4 Trailer:


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


So, to be 100% honest I am not super excited about the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game being released on November 4, 2014. Compared to all of the other games that are being released this year, like Destiny, Call of Duty is definitely on the lower end of my list of must have games for 2014. But taking a look at the trailer, and the gameplay for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I have to say that I am slightly impressed.

When Activision released Modern Warfare 3 I was extremely disappointed, and from then on I sort of lost hope for the Call of Duty serious. It is truly unfortunate that my love for Call of Duty has faded away because the Call Duty franchise is what got me into first person shooters. So, ever since Modern Warfare 3 I kind of just looked down upon the Call of Duty series. But, like I mentioned earlier the trailer for the new Call of Duty games seems kind of promising. Now it may not look like Destiny, or the new Halo game, but it seems like there has been a bit of an improvement in the gaming engine. The gameplay looks smoother, and the game seems like it could be entertaining. Hopefully, Activision will be able to live up to my expectations on this franchise because I would really like to jump back into the Call of Duty gaming experience! Like most games, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will retail for $59.99.

You can purcahse Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at



Sony Playstation 4 Console Available for Pre-Order

Sony Playstation 4 console will be released on December 31, 2013 after holiday. Price listed at $399.99. Check out zooLert PS 4 Console tracker.

Below are few PS 4 video games will be released in November – December 2013.

Thief 4
Price: $99.99
Release Date: December 31, 2014.

Watch Dogs
Price: $59.99
Release Date: December 31, 2013.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Price: $59.99
Release Date: December 31, 2013.