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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


So, to be 100% honest I am not super excited about the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game being released on November 4, 2014. Compared to all of the other games that are being released this year, like Destiny, Call of Duty is definitely on the lower end of my list of must have games for 2014. But taking a look at the trailer, and the gameplay for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I have to say that I am slightly impressed.

When Activision released Modern Warfare 3 I was extremely disappointed, and from then on I sort of lost hope for the Call of Duty serious. It is truly unfortunate that my love for Call of Duty has faded away because the Call Duty franchise is what got me into first person shooters. So, ever since Modern Warfare 3 I kind of just looked down upon the Call of Duty series. But, like I mentioned earlier the trailer for the new Call of Duty games seems kind of promising. Now it may not look like Destiny, or the new Halo game, but it seems like there has been a bit of an improvement in the gaming engine. The gameplay looks smoother, and the game seems like it could be entertaining. Hopefully, Activision will be able to live up to my expectations on this franchise because I would really like to jump back into the Call of Duty gaming experience! Like most games, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will retail for $59.99.

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Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

Are you Metal Gear Solid fans ready for the ultimate Metal Gear Solid collection? If you are, then get ready to hold onto your seats because the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection has all of the classic Metal Gear Solid games! This collection of Metal Gear Solid games includes Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Edition, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition! HOLY MOLY that’s a lot of Metal Gear Solid games! Now it may seem like the list ends there, but my dear friends you would be wrong. The set also includes the Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (voucher codes). If you are a huge Metal Gear Solid fan then this is the collection for you! With several different Metal Gear Solid games, you can have the collection of Metal Gear Solid games in the palm of your hand!

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PS4 Announced

February 20, 2013 Sony announced the PS4. Even though they didn’t actually show the console they did reveal a ton of information about the new station. First of all we do know that the PS4 will be released this holiday season. Even though the price and specific date was not yet released we do know that the PS4 will be released this year! The PS4 uses the X86 CPU and has 8GB of memory. Other features of the PS4 that were announced was the new Dual Shock remote. The Remote has tons of new features such as a touch screen in the center of the remote and a share button. The new PS4 sounds amazing and hopefully Sony will announce more information on this new revolutionary console!

PS4 Specs:
– Not backwards compatible with PS3 or PS2 games……..yet
– Local Hard Drive
– X86 CPU
– 8GB of memory

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Crysis 3 Beta Impressions

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I can’t believe that I have not yet written a blog on the Crysis 3 beta! I have been so busy playing the beta that I completely lost track of time! Yes, Crysis 3 is just that fun! The game has superb graphics and the close quarter FPS action is amazing! FPS games have really grown and are easily becoming one of the best categories for games. Crysis 3 takes the best aspects of FPS gaming and adds a unique twist. There are two game modes in the beta, but my favorite would have to be the Hunter game mode. In this game mode you are either a Hunter or a CELL operative. Hunters run around with bow and arrows while cloaked. Cell operatives need to survive the incoming Hunters for a certain amount of time. The game is filled with close quarter action and is something that I will surely be looking forward to this February!

The game will be released on February 19,, 2013 and retailing at $59.99. I am really looking forward to seeing the full game!


White PlayStation 3 Super Slim Bundle

You can purchase the new white PlayStation 3 Super Slim at Amazon

Finally Sony has announced that they will be releasing the new WHITE PS3 Super Slim in the US. On January 27, 2013 Americans will finally be able to purchase a white PlayStation! This new PlayStation bundle comes with 500 GB of hard drive, a white dual shock controller, and one whole year of PlayStation plus! This bundle is perfect for any new PlayStation 3 users because with the PlayStation plus you can test out exclusive PS3 games such as Little Big Planet 2 or Infamous 2. These games make the PlayStation unique and with PlayStation Plus you have access to most of these PlayStation 3 exclusive games. Retailing for $299.99 the bundle offers more than enough to satisfy newcomers or any PlayStation fans!

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Blue and Red PlayStation 3

Sony has decided that the black PlayStations 3 Super Slims are getting a little old and that it is time for a new and more sleek PS3! Sony has released two new colors for the PS3 Super Slim, garnet red and azurite blue. These cool new colored PlayStations will be released in Japan and is rumored to spread to Europe and the United States. We can only keep our hopes up that these new PlayStation Super Slims will hit the Shelves of American Retailers! The PS3 Super Slim will retail for around $279 and will come with 250GB. So far Sony has not announced anything for the release of these cool new PS3’s anywhere else but Japan, but hopefully we will see them sometime before Sony releases their new PS4 so that all gamers can have a little more variety when purchasing a PlayStation!

We will add to these white, blue and white PS3 systems to the PS3 Super Slim Tracker when they are available in US.


Tomb Raider Coming Out in One Month

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One month from today Tomb Raider is going to be released! I have seen some game play at the 2012 New York Comic Con and I have to say the game looks very intense! You are put into the shoes of a young girl named Lara Croft. She is forced to survive and push herself beyond any human standards. After her ship was destroyed in a storm she is now forced to live of her instincts and she will have to use her senses if she wants to stay alive. Young Lara Croft will turn from a young girl into a mature adult who can survive anything! Will Lara Croft really make it out alive? Will she ever find help? No one will know until March 5, 2013 when you get to put yourself into the shoes of Lara Croft the survivor!

Tomb Raider Trailer:


Dead Space 3

It has been a while since Electronic Arts has announced the release date of Dead Space 3! Coming out on February 5, 2013 and retailing for $59.99, Dead Space 3 will add on to the already fantastic Dead Space series! In general I have never really been a fan of horror games. I usually stick to my first person shooters or my third person RPG games, but about a year ago a friend let me borrow Dead Space 2, and I have to admit it was spectacular! The game kept me at the edge of my seat and I never let go of the controller! I remember one of the intense scenes in the game when then main character Isaac Clarke went into a room and a vision appeared in his head of people in chambers on the wall freaking out! The scene was super intense and got me to spring out of my seat! Dead Space 2 is a very unique game, and is probably the only horror game up to date that I have really enjoyed. Hopefully Dead Space 3 will continue the epic shoot outs and the intense scenes to give the game a feel that no other game can produce! The Dead Space games have tons of action and horror to entertain any Dead Space fan and hopefully the new game modes like co-op will add more fun with your friends!

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2012 New York Comic Con

If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s New York Comic Con then don’t fret because zoolert has got you covered! This year at the New York Comic Con we were able to see a ton of new and cool products that everyone has been looking forward to for this upcoming holiday! One of the coolest and most anticipated products that we were able to see at this year’s Comic Con was Assassins Creed 3! The game was probably one of the cooler products we were able to see because Ubisoft didn’t just just have some lame booth out for show, but instead they had a room where they had a live game play of their new video game! Yes I said it live game play of Assassins Creed 3! Unfortunately we were unable to film the game play because it was prohibited but at least we can give you some information about the game. From the looks of the game the fighting and assassinations are a lot cleaner than the previous Assassins Creed games, the game allows you to actually climb trees, and you have a more interactive environment! For instance some characters in the game will talk to you if you pass by! Ubisoft also added cool new assassinations into the game. For instance you have the ability to use a rope dart that latches onto your foes! Sounds cool right? Well it gets even better, once you have them on your rope dart you can suspend them in mid air if you’re on a tree by jumping off the tree and pulling the rope down!

Assassins Creed 3 wasn’t the only big hit at this year’s Comic Con. Just Dance 4 also attracted quite an audience. They actually had people get up on a mini stage and dance to different styles of music! With clearer visuals and some cool songs Just Dance 4 is another game to look forward to for this upcoming holiday. Other gaming companies were showing off their cool new games as well. For instance Sony had a ton of new PS Vita games and their new God of War game out; Resident Evil 6 and World of Tanks were also there to show off their new products, and the Wii U was also their stealing a large chunk of the Comic Con audience! This year’s Comic Con had a ton of new games, but even with all of the fantastic new games coming out they didn’t forget about the comic books! With over a thousand different and fantastic comic books for sale we just couldn’t wait to see them all! From the Walking Dead to vintage Marvel comic books it was every comic book fans dream! Aside from all of the cool games and comic books there were also a ton of cool costumes at the Comic Con as well! Some people had more professional and cooler looking costumes than other but all together it was really cool and unique seeing all of these people showing off their favorite comic book and video game characters! This year’s New York Comic Con was a blast. With over a dozen different games and a ton of cool comics it surly would make any comic or video game fan go crazy!

Photos from NY Comic Con 2012:

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PS3 Super Slim

Sony has announced that they will be releasing their new Playstation 3 this September, 25th. The new Playstation 3 Super Slim can be purchased in two different colors! You can purchase the original black design that the Playstation 3 system has been using, but now you can also purchase the Playstation 3 Super Slim in white! The new white design looks fantastic and will add a little more “bang” for those who already have a Playstation 3 or for those still looking to get one. The Playstation 3 Super Slim still comes with your standard AV cables, a dual shock controller, a USB cable to charge you’re remote, and a power cable. The Playstation 3 Super Slim is supposed to be 25% lighter than the original slim which will make it a lot more portable when moving from room to room or house to house! The new feature of the Playstation 3 Super Slim is that unlike the Playstation 3 Slim the Playstation 3 Super Slim hides your games on top of the station through a sliding mechanism. By sliding the top piece of your Playstation (the part that has the rigid/bumpy design) a slot for your games will be revealed! The Playstation 3 Super Slim will not use the features from the old slim and instead you will have to put your games on top of your Playstation through a sliding mechanism. The Playstation 3 Super Slim will hopefully bring more fun and variety into the Playstation gaming universe!

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