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Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go has taken over the gaming world and has been a great success with kids and adults alike. This is a great way to get people who love gaming to go out and get some exercise. As well, it’s a fun way to enjoy walking around and exploring outdoors. So what better way to stay updated on where all the Pokemon are, than with this Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus tracker!

This Pokemon Go Plus tracker is a wearable bracelet device that also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The device lets you know when a Pokemon is near you as you walk the streets. Whether it be when you’re headed to school, work, or just out grocery shopping or hanging with friends.

The device features an LED light that flashes as well as vibrates when a Pokemon is nearby. This way you don’t have to constantly check the Pokemon Go app on your phone. Once the device flashes and vibrates, you will know you should check your phone.

When the device alerts you that a Pokemon is nearby, you can press the button in the center of the tracker to throw a Poke Ball and you will get a notification if you caught a Pokemon! The device also alerts you when you pass a Pokestop (however you will have to use your phone for interaction in this case). You can now collect Poke Balls, Berries, and Pokemon Eggs without having to constantly look at your smart phone!

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Pokemon Throw N Pop Poke Ball Tracker

Become an official Pokemon trainer with the Throw ‘N’ Pop Poke Ball. Practice your Pokemon catching and training skills with this toy set!

Place your 2-inch Pokemon figure inside the Poke Ball and close it. Then when you’re ready to battle throw the Poke Ball at any hard surface and your Pokemon will pop into battle. Upon impact, the ball will pop open, releasing your Pokemon! You can choose from: Pikachu and a Poké Ball, Chespin and a Premier Ball, Fennekin and a Great Ball or Froakie and an Ultra Ball. Each sold separately. These sets come with a detailed 2-inch Pokemon figure and a Poke Ball. For ages 4 and up, these are available on Amazon, Kmart and TRU.

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Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper


If your kids love Pokémon then Moddan has a treat for you! The Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper is a great gift for any Pokémon enthusiast. These cute Pokémon figures can be used to collect, or decorate. You can add them on to your kids birthday cakes at parties, or use them on their desserts after dinner. These Pokémon toppers are about 2 – 3 cm tall, and are made from high quality material. Each Topper set comes with 24 random Pokémon figures that are all extremely detailed and colorful! These tiny little Pokémon make great gifts either as toys, or as decorations! Can you collect them all in the Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toy Topper Set? These Pokémon Toppers are for kids ages 5 and older, and is $9.95 at amaozn.com.


9 Piece Plastic Pokémon Poké Balls


You can purchase the 9 Piece Plastic Pokémon Poké Balls at Amazon

To become the best Pokémon trainer you will need some of the best gear to catch all of the rarest Pokémon! The 9 Piece Plastic Pokémon Poké Balls contains every single Poké ball you will need if you ever run into any wild Pokémon. The set includes Poké balls like the great ball, ultra ball, and even the legendary master ball! These plastic Poké balls make great collectibles. You can add them to your shelf, or you can decorate your work space with these Poké balls. The Poké balls also have extra features to make them seem more realistic. You can open the Poké balls and add tiny figures in them to simulate yourself catching a Pokémon. You can decorate, or catch pokemon with the 9 piece Plastic Pokémon Poké balls play set! The 9 piece Plastic Pokémon Poké Balls are currently $17.89 at Amazon.


Pokemon SNORLAX Plush Doll Pillow Cushion


What Pokemon sleeps all day and rarely gets up? Snorlax is the laziest Pokemon anyone will ever encounter in the Pokemon world. This powerful yet lazy Pokemon is the perfect place to rest your head. With its huge belly, Snorlax makes the perfect pillow. You can get a Snorlax pillow on amazon.com for $68.00. The Pokemon XY BW 13” Snorlax Plush Doll Normal Type Snooze Pillow Cushion Banpresto UFO Prize Item is approximately 13.3 inches long (34cm), and is a cute and squishy pillow for all Pokemon fans.


Pokemon Random Trading Cards


There are thousands of Pokemon in the world with different abilities and appearances. You can collect these Pokemon with trading cards, and learn about each of their abilities. With the Pokemon Random Trading Cards, you get 100 new Pokemon cards to keep or trade with your friends. The Pokemon Random Trading Cards are available on amazon.com for $8.88 to $29.95.


Pokémon GO Plus


You can check out the Pokémon GO Plus tracker HERE!

Have you ever wanted to catch Pokémon on the go? If you’ve ever dreamed of encountering wild Pokémon while going about your daily life then you might want to take a look at the Pokémon GO Plus. This Pokémon accessory can easily be paired with any mobile device that has the Pokémon GO application installed. After the paring between the GO Plus and the Smartphone have been established, via Bluetooth, you can begin your Pokémon journey! The Pokémon GO Plus will begin to vibrate when a Pokémon is nearby ready to be caught. All you have to do is press a simple button to attempt to catch any wild Pokémon you encounter. With the new Pokémon GO Plus you can catch Pokémon like never before! This Pokémon accessory is expected to be released on July 31, 2016, and will cost $34.99 MSRP.


XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game


You can purchase the XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game at amazon.com

Pokémon has been a big hit for as long as I can remember. Pokémon games, TV shows, and apparel are all over the place. The XY Trainer Kit Pokémon Trading Card Game is a great way to begin your Pokémon trading card game journey. This kit comes with two 30-card decks, two guide game booklets, a 2-player playmat, and a deckbox for storage. These cards are great for trading, collecting, or playing. You can create amazing decks filled with legendary Pokémon, or you can build decks that have all of your favorite Pokémon. With the Pokémon XY Trainer Kit you can begin your journey into the realm of Pokémon. This playset is for kids ages 7+, and is $11.99 MSRP.


Ionix Pokémon Evolution Pack

Evolution may take forever, but now Ionix has created the Pokémon Evolution Pack. This pack will help you build your Pokémon from stage one to stage three! Now you can train your Pokémon and build it up to be the best!


Training a Pokémon requires a great deal of patience and skill, but now it is easy with the Pokémon Evolution Pack from IONIX. This incredibly unique construction set contains everything you will need to build and evolve your favorite Pokémon through all three stages of evolution! Use a variety of innovative IONIX shapeshifting bricks to take your Pokémon from its most basic form through 3 stages of evolution. And because IONIX bricks are compatible with all major construction brands you can take your Pokémon evolutions even further! The Evolution Packs feature such iconic Pokémon as Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. With these incredible sets you can train and build your favorite Pokémon from basic to EPIC!

Age: 6+

Price: $19.99

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Ionix Pokémon Mini-Figure Assortment

Do you like building? Do you like Pokémon? Ionix has created a Pokémon mini-figure assortment. These mini-figures are built with IONIX bricks. You can build so many different Pokémon characters like Pikachu and Ash. Collect all the pieces to become an amazing trainer.


Create your favorite Pokémon characters using the amazing IONIX bricks! Pikachu, Ash, and many more of the iconic Pokémon characters can be built using these innovative new shapeshifting bricks, including the Pokémon inspired shapeshifting, sphere brick! Collect them all to become the ultimate trainer and challenge your friends. Pokémon Mini Figures from IONIX, Gotta catch ‘em all!

Age: 6+
Price: $5.99

Video from NY Toy Fair 2013: