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New Pokemon Black and White II Game

I guess the producers of Pokemon never run out of new Pokemon games because in the fall of 2012 a new Pokemon Black and White 2 game will be coming out for the DS. From what I know the game is going to be set about 2 years after the Pokemon Black and White game and there will be new characters to choose from as well as a new rival to fight! Other new items and places include: a new professor, a new hometown, and new legendary Pokemon. From playing Pokemon White with my little sister I am not so sure if the producers of Pokemon can continue to invent new Pokemon especially after seeing Vanilluxe. Once I noticed that they were using dairy products to create Pokemon it meant that they are running out of ideas. Hopefully this new game will not disappoint and hopefully Nintendo will continue to release more information about the game.


Pokemon Black And White Battle Arena Playset

Zap! Zap! Zap! Here comes Pikachu with his deadly thunderbolt attack. In this new playset you can use Pokémon’s biggest star ever to defeat the wild Pokémon. With the Pokémon Black And White Battle Arena Playset you can help Pikachu knock down the wild Pokémon that is running around in the city themed arena. But the fun doesn’t end there. To add to the action you can have up to two players fighting for the same Pokémon.

You can battle it out with your friends or you can just play on your own. With a Pikachu launcher, a city arena, and a wild Pokémon, you can do so much more than just attack Pokémon. With the Pokémon Black And White Battle Arena Playset you can pretend as if you are really in a Pokémon battle; and you are prepared to catch your next Pokémon. So get ready because now there is a whole new way to battle your Pokémon without being stuck to the T.V. or DS!

Product Details:
List Price: $24.99
Age Group: 4-8

You can purchase the Pokemon Black And White Battle Arena Playset at Target via Amazon