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Carrera RC Nintendo Mario-Copter

This quadrocopter is a fun and easy way for your kid to fly Mario around! Let them use their imagination and create different race tracks around the house to fly Mario around, just like they would race him in the video game.

This quadrocopter features a high-quality, 6 axis gyro-system that makes it easy to fly and control. The toy also comes with a 4-channel controller that will suit everyone with its beginner – advanced modes. As well, the set also comes with a lipo battery that is rechargeable so you can continue the flying fun. The quadrocopter can fly for up to seven minutes and comes with an easy to use recharging PC USB jack as well as spare part-set (blades). Find yours with our Zoolert Tracker.


Nintendo Ocarina of Time amiibo Link figure


You can check out the zoolert tracker for the Nintendo 8-bit Link Legend of Zelda amiibo figure

Ocarina of time has got to be by far my favorite Zelda games of all time. It had everything that I could ever hope and dream of all bundled up into one beautiful Nintendo 64 cartridge. Now, Nintendo has gone out and made an amiibo figure for my absolute favorite version of Link. The Nintendo Ocarina of Time amiibo Link figure features 17 year old Link playing the famous Ocarina of Time. Link is in a standing position, with his Master sword sheathed, and his shield on his back, Link looks calm and peaceful while playing this lovely instrument. You can relive all of your favorite moments in the Ocarina series with the Nintendo Ocarina of Time amiibo Link figure! This Link figure is for anyone ages 6 and older, and is $12.99 MSRP.


Nintendo 8-bit Link Legend of Zelda amiibo figure


You can check out the zoolert tracker for the Nintendo 8-bit Link Legend of Zelda amiibo figure

If you loved the original 8-Bit Zelda game on the NES then Nintendo has a treat for you! The Nintendo 8 bit Link Legend of Zelda amiibo figure looks just like his videogame counterpart. He is made up of tiny blocks to give him that pixilated look. You can relive all of the wonderful memories you had as a kid with this version of Link. With nothing more than his shield and sword you can help link journey out into the mystical world of Hyrule. Here he will fight off evil, make new friends, and save princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganon. The memories of your favorite Zelda moments can be relived with the Nintendo 8-bit Link Legend of Zelda amiibo figure. The 8-bit Link figure is for kids ages 6 and older, and is $12.99 MSRP.


Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack


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A new line up of amiibo figures are hitting stores. The Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack is a great addition to any amiibo collection. The set has Toon Link and Toon Zelda from the Wind Waker series. In this amiibo set Toon Link is holding the Wind Waker. A powerful tool used to control the winds; while Zelda is wearing the ornamentation of the royal family. Both figures have their own unique style, and are posed to represent their character. Toon Zelda and Toon Link are finally here to collect in amiibo form, and now you can purchase them both in one bundle with the Nintendo Toon Link/Zelda Wind Waker amiibo 2-Pack set. This amiibo set is recommended for kids ages 6+, and is $24.99 MSRP.


Nintendo New 3DS XL


The new and improved Nintendo New 3DS XL takes handheld gaming to another level. One of the most recent improvements made on the gaming system is that the 3D images now stabilize according to where your face is located. Thanks to the new face-tracker, you don’t have to worry about seeing blurry images or distorted figures while you game in 3D because your viewing angle now adjusts accordingly.

Additional improvements can be found in the camera function. Photos taken in low-light environments will no longer come out dark but brighter and clear so you can share your photos in awesome quality. Speaking of sharing photos, transferring data has also been made more convenient. Gone are the days where you had to remove your micro SDHC cards and connect them to your computer. Now you can easily share data via a wireless network!

Besides all the adjustments made to the Nintendo 3DS, there are also new features. Despite its small stature, Nintendo has found ways to implement more buttons and controls on the Nintendo 3DS XL. Aside from the conventional Nintendo DS buttons, there is now a C-stick for camera rotation and two new left and right Z-buttons which are located between the left L and R buttons. And finally, for all the current and future amiibo lovers out there, Nintendo has added amiibo connectivity to the latest 3DS XL model so you can enjoy your amiibo on the go.

Your Nintendo 3DS XL can come in different awesome designs as well! Choose from a sleek black 3DS XL ($199.99) or even a vibrant red 3DS XL ($199.99.) If you’re looking for something a little more personalized, there is the specialized Nintendo New 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition ($229.99) which includes an overall design of silver and grey with a dragon on the surface and a Legend of Zelda Nintendo New 3DS XL – Majora’s Mask ($199.99) which features a mostly gold and black design with the Majora’s Mask on the front. For the Legend of Zelda fans out there, there is even a Legend of Zelda 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Collector’s Bundle ($249.98) available which features a special Skull Kid figurine.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as the game title indicates, the player takes on the role of a hunter who hunts monsters for equipment and spoils. You can take down the ferocious monsters in a variety of exciting ways such as aerial attacking from ledges and even jumping on the monster to deliver deadly blows. The combat system in the game is further enhanced by two new weapon classes – the Charge Blade and the Insect Glaive. There are over 100 different types of monsters that you can face in this new Monster Hunter series and you can hunt the monsters down in the new online coop mode.

In the action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask, you control Link and your duty is to retrieve the stolen Majora’s Mask from the Skull Kid. Consumed by the mask’s evil power, the Skull Kid has set the moon to collide with the world in about three days and the only way to stop the moon from crashing is by releasing the four giants located in the four major regions of the game. Throughout Link’s journey to save the world, there will be dungeons filled with puzzles and enemies and these are completed and defeated by using Link’s arsenal of weapons which include his sword, bow and arrow, and bombs among other things.

Only the Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo New 3DS XL Ultimate Edition and the Legend of Zelda Nintendo New 3DS XL – Majora’s Mask Collector’s Bundle comes with its respective gaming titles. Otherwise the games are sold separately from the system.

If you’re interested in checking out the black and red colored Nintendo New 3DS XLs as well as the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition 3DS XL, click here.

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Mario Party 10 Bundle


Nintendo is back with another fun-filled party game for the Wii U! The Mario Party 10 bundle ($59.99) not only includes hours of excitement but it also comes with a Mario amiibo! The tenth installation of the Mario Party series features Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Toadette, Rosalina, and Donkey Kong as playable characters. Bowser is also a playable character but only in a special party mode. Following the footsteps of its predecessors, Mario Party 10 is packed with a variety of mini games and at least five different game boards to choose from in the Mario Party game mode. In Mario Party 10, there are two new party modes to choose from aside from the normal Mario Party and these modes are the Bowser Party and the amiibo party.

For those new to the Mario Party series, the regular Mario Party game mode allows up to four players. These players choose from a series of game boards and these game boards have their own unique themes and mechanics. The players take turns hitting a dice block (1-6) that determines how many steps they can take and stepping on certain game board spaces may trigger a mini-game event or give them power-ups. Winning a mini-game will reward you with Mini Stars which is needed to win this specific party mode. Mini Stars can also be found spread out across the board in random locations as well. The player with the most Mini Stars at the end of the board’s path is crowned as the winner.

The second game mode is called the Bowser Party and this mode allows up to five players. In this mode, one of the players can play as Bowser using the Wii GamePad while the other four players play as Mario and his friends on the Wii remotes. The players, including Bowser, are placed on a game board and the four players must move towards the end of the game board while avoiding Bowser. The player controlling Bowser gets to roll multiple dices (corresponding to the number of players) to move closer to Mario and his friends and if he reaches them, the five players will be placed in a mini game scenario. In the mini game, the Bowser player has to deplete all the health points of the four players while the four players dodge Bowser’s attacks. Bowser wins this mode if all the players’ health points are gone while the players win if they can make it to the end of the board’s path without losing all their health.

The last mode is the amiibo mode and this is where the Mario amiibo that comes with the bundle makes its debut. In the amiibo party mode, you get to use your amiibo as a game piece on a smaller board with mechanics similar to the Mario Party game mode. This mode is reminiscent of the older Mario Party games in that players collect coins to purchase stars.

Besides the Mario amiibo, the Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser amiibos are also compatible with this game mode. These six amiibos are part of the Super Mario wave 1 amiibo series. The benefits of connecting any of these six amiibos to the Mario Party 10 game is that you will be allowed to play on the connected amiibo’s specially themed game board. Each game board is equipped with its own items and quirks. The Super Mario wave 1 amiibos are primarily compatible with Mario Party 10 but they also provide bonuses for games like Super Smash Bros. (except Toad) where you can customize and level your character and Mario Kart 8 (except Bowser and Toad) where you can get a special Mii racing costume based off the amiibo you connect to the Wii U.

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Nintendo Amiibo Wave 4


Amiibo lovers, get ready to expand your amiibo collection! Coming this Spring 2015, Nintendo is releasing six new amiibos ($12.99) making this their fourth wave of releases.  In this up and coming amiibo series, expect to see Charizard from the Pokemon series, Lucina and Robin from the Fire Emblem series, Ness from the EarthBound series, Pac-Man from the Pac-Man series, and Wario from the Mario series.

If you haven’t already heard, amiibos are data-storing figurines that can connect to your Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Depending on the amiibo you have, it will unlock special features in a game that you wouldn’t normally experience. Similar to their already released counterparts, all of these amiibos are compatible with the Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U, allowing you to level and customize the skills of your amiibo.

Because the amiibo is a fairly new product, there are only a few Nintendo titles that are compatible with them at the moment. Among these titles are Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and Super Smash Bros. amiibo connectivity will also be available in the following upcoming games: Mario Party 10, Code Name S.T.E.A.M., Yoshi’s Woolly World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Currently, only the Robin and Lucina amiibos from this series will have special perks that allow them to become playable characters in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

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Nintendo Amiibo Wave 3


Currently one of the hottest trends in the gaming community is Nintendo’s amiibo ($12.99) figurines for the Wii U. Created to enhance the experience of Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 10, the amiibo series is currently on its third wave of releases (February 2015) with a fourth on the way (Spring 2015.)

The characters featured in the third series of the amiibo will include Shulk from the Xeno series, Ike from the Fire Emblem series, Sheik and Toon Link from the Zelda series, Lucario from the Pokemon series, Meta Knight and King Dedede from the Kirby series, Rosalina and Bowser from the Mario series, Mega Man from the Mega Man series, and Sonic from the Sonic series.

All the amiibos are compatible with the Super Smash Bros. Wii U game and with the amiibo connected, you can level and customize your amiibo to your own liking. However, not all amiibos are compatible with every Nintendo series. For Mario Kart 8, connecting the Toon Link amiibo will unlock a special racing costume for your Mii but not for the other third wave amiibos.

There are also Nintendo games where all amiibos are compatible but connecting a specific amiibo will bring a better reward. In the Wii U game, Hyrule Warriors, all connected amiibos will allow you to get a three-star or lower rated weapon once a day. However, connecting the Sheik amiibo allows you to get a three-star or higher rated weapon and connecting the Toon Link amiibo lets you use a special spinner weapon not found in the game otherwise.

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Nintendo amiibo


Nintendo is introducing a new way to experience gaming through character figurines known as amiibo ($12.99). Players can connect their amiibo with compatible Wii U games so that their amiibo can interact with the game. To connect your amiibo to the game, all you have to do is hold the amiibo over the Wii U gamepad. The first set of amiibo that will come out are amiibos for the Super Smash Bros. game on the Wii U.

Among these amiibo are some of our favorite heroes and heroines such as Mario, Peach, and Yoshi from the Super Mario series, Pikachu from the Pokemon series, Samus Aran from the Metroid series, Marth from Fire Emblem, Link from the Legend of Zelda, Fox from Star Fox, Kirby, and Donkey Kong. However, we have some other familiar faces such as the Villager from Animal Crossing and the Wii Fit Trainer from the Wii Fit games.

An example of how these amiibos will work is that connecting the amiibos while playing Super Smash Bros. will allow you to fight against, fight with, or watch it fight against other characters. Your amiibo will be able to increase its attack and defense and also learn new fighting techniques and its leveling capabilities will be capped at level 50. All the changes that are made to the amiibo are then stored on the amiibo itself.

If you’re interested in checking out Nintendo’s new amiibo gaming experience, check out our tracker for the figures here!

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Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Limited Edition

Everyone’s favorite little yellow Pokemon is back, but this is not what you’re thinking of! This time Pikachu is back in the shape of a Nintendo 3DS! All Pokemon fans can now purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL with a cool Pikachu design! This cute little mouse gives the 3DS a unique twist that any Pokemon or Nintendo fan will surly love! No one is too old or too young to have some fun with the new Pikachu style Nintendo 3DS XL gaming set!

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