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Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Limited Edition

Everyone’s favorite little yellow Pokemon is back, but this is not what you’re thinking of! This time Pikachu is back in the shape of a Nintendo 3DS! All Pokemon fans can now purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL with a cool Pikachu design! This cute little mouse gives the 3DS a unique twist that any Pokemon or Nintendo fan will surly love! No one is too old or too young to have some fun with the new Pikachu style Nintendo 3DS XL gaming set!

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CONTEST OVER: Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic 3DS Giveaway

Is anyone in the mood for cooking? Well if you love cooking but hate the clean up that comes with it then the Cooking Mama Kitchen Magic 3DS game is for you! Here at zoolert we will be giving one lucky winner the Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic video Game! This game comes with 60 mouthwatering recipes, a 3D surprise and cool new ways to cook with your favorite chef! From cracking eggs to balancing plates, you will have many new ways to cook and have fun without worrying about cleaning up! The game also comes with 200+ unique mini games that will help improve your cooking skills to get that A+ in the kitchen! (The game is rated E for everyone and is for the Nintendo 3DS.)

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Nintendo Releases 3DS XL, August 18

On August 18, 2012 Nintendo will be releasing the new Nintendo 3DS XL! The new Nintendo 3DS XL will feature a 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen. This is a huge improvement in screen size compared to the old Nintendo 3DS, the 3DS XL has a screen that is one inch larger than the old 3DS! The 3DS XL will also come with a 4GB SD card. Although the 3DS XL does not adopt the Circle Pad Pro’s second analog stick you can still play Nintendo 3DS games on this new hand held device! The controls are similar to the Nintendo 3DS; this means that transitioning from the 3DS to the 3DS XL will be very simple! The new 3DS XL will be set at $200 at the U.S and can be bought in red, blue or white.

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Nintendo 3DS with Bonus nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog – Pearl Pink

If you haven’t already purchased a Nintendo 3DS and you are still looking for a cheap, but good portable game system then now is the time to buy because Nintendo continues to release bundles with the 3DS that is cheap and comes with some of Nintendo’s most famous games! Toys R Us is selling a new Nintendo 3DS bundle that comes with a pink 3DS and a nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog game. You can purchase this bundle for $169.99 and you can also receive free shipping with this bundle.

As many people have already heard, the Nintendo 3DS can create images from any Nintendo 3DS game and turn them into a 3D image that does not require glasses! This system can turn any Nintendo 3DS game into a whole new experience which will change anyone’s ideas about portable gaming systems, and because the 3DS has the ability to create these images and having personal experiences with the 3DS I can say that the system does create a 3D image, but it does get a little confusing after hours of play! This bundle doesn’t only come with a 3DS but it also comes with a 3D game! Nintendogs is back with another game that will let you take care of your pets in 3D, and for the first time ever the game will be featuring Kittens! You can now raise both species of animals without deciding which animal you like better! The Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary gaming system that will change our views on portable games, and now you can purchase this new system with an all new 3DS game!

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Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS

Spyro is back with his most challenging adventure ever! I preordered Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS for $69.99. I thought the price was high, but this set included the game, Portal of Power, and three action figures. This is probably one of the most complex and interactive games currently on the market. The three included actions figures each have their own web code and when put on the Portal of Power they come to life in your game. An evil tyrant has frozen these heroes and banished them to Earth. By placing them on the Portal of Power they are “awakened” so to speak and can once again defend Skylands, their home. Each character remembers and acquires new abilities and powers during game play and continues to evolve throughout the game as you play.

This genre of game is out of my league and I had difficulty just getting through the early stages of the game. My nine-year-old son (who this is a gift for) will be up to the challenge though. There are over 30 characters to buy separately to add to your Skylander army. The three that came in my pack were Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Ignitor. Using the web, you can go on quests and play cooperatively or against friends and there are player versus player battle arenas. There are quite a few mini games as well, if your child wants lighter and less in depth game play. I personally feel Spyro has really matured in this game and with that being said so must the players.

The recommended age is 10+ plus, but younger and experienced gamers could definitely get a handle on the concepts with a little practice. I like the concept of the interactive figures, but when the starting set is $69.99 and you need to purchase additional characters to have the full experience of what the game has to offer, it can get very costly.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “I’ll leave it up to you!” – Heather Eisenhooth

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Netflix for Your Nintendo 3DS!

Get ready because Netflix and Nintendo are about to change the way you use your Nintendo 3DS! Netflix and Nintendo are teaming up to create a new app that will allow you to watch movies off your Nintendo 3DS. This new app for the 3DS will allow Netflix members to watch movies instantly right from the 3DS. And to make things a whole lot better the 3DS will be able to play any 3-D movies right off your 3DS. Unfortunately Netflix does not contain any 3-D movies in its movie-shelf but Nintendo did announce that a “select” lineup of 3-D movies would be coming soon.

The Netflix app will be free for the 3DS, with this app you will be able to watch movies and 3-d movies right from your 3DS (*Note: you need to have activated your own Netflix account before you can use this app.) With so many movies to pick from this new app will have you on your 3DS for hours!


Nintendo 3DS – The First Commercial For America

Nintendo 3DS is coming.

Here’s the first commercial for North America.

Expect much more.

Much, much more.

The official launch date for the United States is coming soon! March 27th, 2011 is the day the Nintendo 3DS is unleashed to the masses!

The $250 3DS will launch with 18 games.

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Nintendo 3DS Brings Netflix To The (really) Small Screen

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to heavily consider the Nintendo 3DS

Today, at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo announced that Netflix IS coming to the new handheld this summer.  And, they are working with content providers to have media in 3D like movie trailers!  And, you will even be able to shoot 3D movies.. Not just pictures!

But they didn’t stop there.

They are adding a wireless partnership with AT&T.  With this, it should make it easier to connect to the ‘net while on the run.

And… They also teased the killer app – Mario 3D, tentatively being called Super Mario!  Check it out with the help of the Internets and this site called YouTube (and !) :

All this, and, no glasses needed!

In short, the magic is in the device itself.  By switching a “barrier”, it simulates you blinking your eyes … which gives the appearance of a 3D image.  Well, that’s the super short version at least.

How’s that for tempting the gadget tummy?

Let us help you find it in stock too. We have a Nintendo 3DS In Stock Tracker, but, if you are reading this early in March when we are putting it out there… You can still find it in stock, for preorder, at Amazon!


Japanese Nintendo 3DS Unboxing And First Impressions

It’s out.  The Nintendo 3DS has landed.  Well, in Japan at least.  Matter of fact, some places like Hong Kong saw it a couple of days early… but, either way, it’s out-out in another part of the world…. So, what do people think?

We have a collection of videos for those of you that can’t wait for the eventual US release date of March 27th in North America.

Here’s some video from YouTube! *

* warning : these are not in english, and there are some that are… but, the overview is terrific in these videos to get a real impression of how it looks, works, the packaging, etc!

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions :

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions Part 2 :

3D Pictures taken with the Nintendo 3DS :

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