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Dying Light Review

dying light

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Finally! It is in my possession! Dying Light is by far one of the greatest games I have played in a long time. It has great features that make it fun, energizing, and a good ZOMGIE game. Good games are hard to come by, and good Zombie games are even harder to come by. My standards for a zombie game are pretty high, but this game passed all of my tests with flying colors. So where do I start?
Lets start with the gameplay. I am using my Alienware PC to play this game. My PC has an Intel i7 Core CPU, I have 8 GB of RAM, and I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. With all of this being said the game still lags a bit during intense cut scenes or hectic fight scenes. This is not a huge problem because the lag is minor, and it doesn’t really interfere with much of the gameplay. At most I’ve had a 1 – 2 second lag, and it was only during a cut scene so its not like I was getting pulverized by a zombie horde or anything. So, out of all the gameplay I’ve gone through this is the only major issue I could find. Everything else runs smoothly. Scaling walls, beating a zombie’s head in with a pipe, or just talking to other CPUs are flawless. Overall, the gameplay is smooth, and crisp.
But what about actually playing the game? Slow down their cowboy! I was just about to get there. The gameplay is… uh… well… I’d say… IT’S FREAKING AMAZING! Parkour + zombie apocalypse = SUPER FUN! Having the ability to scale walls, and evade zombies’ makes so much more sense to me than spraying and praying. Trying to kill every zombie you see would take too much time and effort. Plus, at night the zombies turn into… well I’ll just let you figure that out for yourself! And to top it all off the time used to kill zombies could be used to find supplies, or get to safety. In Dying Light you can use the time spent on not killing zombies to craft weapons, search for resources, completing missions, and so much more. All of your hard work will pay off once you level up and earn skill points to level up your character. You can learn crazy skills like dodge. This will help you evade zombies, all the more reason not to kill them all. In Dying Light you have the ability to scale walls with ease, jump over walls, or any parkour trick you can imagine. Zombie survival is all about evading, and not about killing. Staying alive is your priority, not killing everything that moves. Overall, I give Dying Light a 9 out of 10. It has great game mechanics, the game runs smoothly, and it’s NOT all about shooting. I have a feeling that this game is going to dominate most of my free time from now until I finish it. So, my recommendation is get the game! It is a great new game for all you zombie lovers, and you also have the option of playing Co-op with your friends. Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got a lot more intense!

Ding Light Trailer:


Battlefield 4

On October 25, 2011 my video gaming experience was changed forever! For those of that do not remember October 25, 2011 was the day Battlefield 3 was released. This game blew my mind! The frostbite 2 engine in Battlefield 3 opened my eyes to the potential of first person shooters. From the indestructible environment to each gun having its own recoil, Battlefield 3 changed the way I looked at first person shooters. Now Battlefield 4 is going to be released! Hopefully Battlefield 4 will continue to bring in new and entertaining gameplay, but for now we are all stuck at the edges of our seat waiting for this game to be released! Luckily, we have the comfort of the Battlefield 4 demo. By watching the demo I am happy to say that Battlefield 4 will still have amazing graphics, gameplay, and a destroyable environment! Even though the demo is fantastic some questions are still unanswered. For instance what new weapons will be featured? Will the multiplayer be different from Battlefield 3? Will Battlefield 4 fix all of the problems that Battlefield 3 presented? For now we will have to wait, but from the looks of things the wait will be worth while!

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Battlefield 4 Demo:


Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Limited Edition

Everyone’s favorite little yellow Pokemon is back, but this is not what you’re thinking of! This time Pikachu is back in the shape of a Nintendo 3DS! All Pokemon fans can now purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL with a cool Pikachu design! This cute little mouse gives the 3DS a unique twist that any Pokemon or Nintendo fan will surly love! No one is too old or too young to have some fun with the new Pikachu style Nintendo 3DS XL gaming set!

Check out the zoolert tracker for the Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Limited Edition


Fisher Price Thomas The Train Take N Play Shark Exhibit

Check out Amazon for the Fisher Price Thomas The Train Take N Play Shark Exhibit!

OH NO! The sharks are coming, but no need to freight because the sharks will not be able to harm our friendly train Thomas! The Shark Exhibit is another Fisher Price product staring the famous friendly train, Thomas! In the set Thomas is on an adventure at the Sodor aquarium! Here you can watch as Thomas flies by all of the cool sharks and rides through a giant shark head! Even though a giant shark head blocks the entrance to the aquarium, Thomas the train can still get through! All you have to do is pull the shark’s tail and the sharks head will begin to rise! Other playable features include the ability to attach any other take n play sets to this aquarium! Thomas is on an adventure in a cool and scary new place, but he can conquer the aquarium with your help!

The set is recommended for kids ages 3+ and retails for $24.99


Games Coming Out This Spring

I have never ever been this excited in my entire life! Why you ask? Well this spring is going to be huge due to the amount of amazing video games being released! Tons of great new titles like Crysis or Gears of War will be releasing new games this spring! This blog is really here to inform anyone who has been under a rock for awhile and for anyone who wants to know which games are coming out when! Check out all of the games and dates below. You can also check out the blogs to some of these games by clicking the link next to the game!

  • Dead Space 3 – February 5, 2013

  • Check out the Dead Space 3 blog

  • Crysis 3 – February 19, 2013

  • Check out the Crysis 3 blog

  • Tomb Raider – March 5, 2013

  • Check out the Tomb Raider blog

  • God of War: Ascension – March 12, 2013

  • Check out the God of War: Ascension blog

  • Gears of War: Judgment – March 19, 2013

  • Check out the Gears of War: Judgment blog

    These are only some of the amazing games coming out in the next couple of months! Other games like the Last of Us will be coming later this spring!


    Drop The Consoles, Drop The Wires, All You Need Is A Game Stick

    The video game industry continues to grow and flourish! The Game Stick is a new gaming device that allows you to play video games on your TV without a gaming console! The new Game Stick has a USB like device that hooks into your TV! From here you can pull out the remote that comes with the Game Stick and start playing! No console, no wires, just quick and easy fun video gaming!

    For more information check out the press release below.


    The Most Portable TV Games Console Proves To Be One of
    The Most Successful Kickstarter Technology Projects

    London & San Francisco; February 1st, 2013; The team behind GameStick today raised a glass and let out a cheer as one of the most successful technology Kickstarter projects closed at $648K.

    “We are overwhelmed, excited, grateful, thrilled and everything in between.” says Anthony Johnson, CMO, PlayJam.“The campaign has been an incredible success with support from thousands of backers worldwide but this is just the beginning.The feedback from the Kickstarter community has been invaluable in shaping the final product and we will continue to seek input from those that supported us to ensure continued innovation ahead of a global retail launch.”

    The campaign to fund the production of GameStick, which is set to ship in April 2013, closed today at 07.36 PST with pledges coming in right up to the last second finishing at 648% of the original target. Those that missed out on the Kickstarter campaign will be able to pre-order via the GameStick website at

    GameStick is a small yet powerful, dedicated games console that plugs directly into a TV´s HDMI slot and comes with a fully featured Bluetooth controller – ready to go right out of the box. When on the move, the two combine into a single unit, putting big screen gaming right into the pocket. The device will be compatible with other Bluetooth controllers enabling true multi-player functionality.

    GameStick´s purpose-built game store will be powered by PlayJam´s built-for-TV technology enabling users to browse, download content and interact with the wider GameStick community.

    Throughout the campaign the team responded to thousands of comments and suggestions from Kickstarter backers that saw the product evolve in real-time as the team scrambled to incorporate a number of requested features from additional memory capacity to support for peripheral hardware via a docking station.

    GameStick, described as ‘The Most Portable TV games Console Ever Created’ has been hailed by many supporters as the console to disrupt the games industry, has gathered high profile supporters throughout the campaign such as; Jason Kingsley, (Founder of Rebellion), Jason Bradbury (Gadget Show host) Jermaine Dupri (Record producer) and Shaquille O’Neal (Basketball Legend).

    To visit the GameStick website for more information or to apply for an SDK please go to:


    Tomb Raider Coming Out in One Month

    You can pre-order Tomb Raider at

    One month from today Tomb Raider is going to be released! I have seen some game play at the 2012 New York Comic Con and I have to say the game looks very intense! You are put into the shoes of a young girl named Lara Croft. She is forced to survive and push herself beyond any human standards. After her ship was destroyed in a storm she is now forced to live of her instincts and she will have to use her senses if she wants to stay alive. Young Lara Croft will turn from a young girl into a mature adult who can survive anything! Will Lara Croft really make it out alive? Will she ever find help? No one will know until March 5, 2013 when you get to put yourself into the shoes of Lara Croft the survivor!

    Tomb Raider Trailer:


    Dead Space 3

    It has been a while since Electronic Arts has announced the release date of Dead Space 3! Coming out on February 5, 2013 and retailing for $59.99, Dead Space 3 will add on to the already fantastic Dead Space series! In general I have never really been a fan of horror games. I usually stick to my first person shooters or my third person RPG games, but about a year ago a friend let me borrow Dead Space 2, and I have to admit it was spectacular! The game kept me at the edge of my seat and I never let go of the controller! I remember one of the intense scenes in the game when then main character Isaac Clarke went into a room and a vision appeared in his head of people in chambers on the wall freaking out! The scene was super intense and got me to spring out of my seat! Dead Space 2 is a very unique game, and is probably the only horror game up to date that I have really enjoyed. Hopefully Dead Space 3 will continue the epic shoot outs and the intense scenes to give the game a feel that no other game can produce! The Dead Space games have tons of action and horror to entertain any Dead Space fan and hopefully the new game modes like co-op will add more fun with your friends!

    Check out the zoolert tracker for Dead Space 3 Limited Edition game!

    Commercial Video:


    Resident Evil 6 Coming November 20, 2012

    Resident Evil 6:

    The zombies are back in Raccoon City and in the new Resident Evil 6 game it is your job to stop these bioterrorist from killing everyone. Capcom has officially announced that on November 20, 2012 Resident Evil will be released. The game will be created by Hiroyuki Kobayashi; a game company who made Resident Evil 4. According to Capcom Resident Evil 6 will have a storyline that starts off ten years after Raccoon City was hit by the disaster, this storyline will put you in the shoes of a survivor know as Leon S. Kennedy. Leon is put up against difficult task that will get you to think smart and play rough in the new and changed world of Raccoon City. The streets will be filled with more zombies who have crazy new powers and the only way to stop the infection is by killing off the infected! The new Resident Evil 6 game is rated M for mature and can be pre-ordered at Gamestop for $59.99 MSRP, and if you pre-order the game at Gamestop you are eligible to receive a Gamestop Bonus! Raccoon City is growing restless and so are the zombies! Help Leon survive the infection in the new Resident Evil 6 game!

    You can pre-order Resident Evil 6 for the PS3 now at Gamestop

    You can pre-order Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox 360 now at Gamestop