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Photographer David ChickeringStylist Cheryl Jo

A new superhero is on his way to save earth from evil! This new hero is a lean, mean fighting machine that will do whatever he can to stop the forces of evil from invading earth, but this hero also has an ordinary life. Max Steel doesn’t just save the earth 24/7, he also goes to school, has homework, and has a variety of different hobbies. He isn’t just another superhero that your kids will love, but a superhero that they can relate to! Max Steel is here to save the world with his turbo sword and stop the forces of evil!

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Max Steel 6″ Turbo Fighters Basic Figure Assortment (BHH48) SRP: $9.99 – Ages: 4+ years

Unlock your inner hero with this assortment of 6-inch basic figures based on characters from the Max Steel animated series!

• Assortment includes: Double Attack Max Steel, Ferrus, Turbo Stealth Max Steel, Chomp Link, Earth Elementor, Dredd, Cytro , Ven Ghan, Turbo Whip Max Steel, Metal Elementor, Toxzon, and Water Elementor.
• Each figure is fully articulated and features multiple points of articulation!

Max Steel 12″ Figure Assortment (CDH96) SRP: $19.99 – Ages 4+ years

• The thrilling adventures of the series Max Steel continue in season 2 with a lethal UltraLink Invasion. Steel and villains are now in a monstrous 12 scale ready to wage even bigger battles!
• Assortment features Max Steel Mega Drill Max Steel (CDB16) and Max Steel Metal Elementor (CDB15) figures.

Max Steel Interactive Steel with Turbo Sword Figures (Y1409) SRP: $29.99 – Ages 4+ years

• Teenager Max McGrath and alien pal Steel discover that together they make a formidable force, imagine your own adventure with the press of a button, bringing Steel to life with lights and sounds
• For even more high-tech thrill , attach Steel to the sword – when connected, the sword lights up, mirroring the boost of power the two super heroes receive when they join together as Max Steel

Photographer David ChickeringStylist Cheryl Jo


Max Steel Action Figures – New York Comic Con 2013

Max Steel Action Figures at New York Comic Con 2013