Wii U

So where do I begin? Well for starters, Nintendo is coming out with another great and innovative gaming station, but this new device can do more than just play games! The Wii U is probably, up to date the coolest piece of technology I have ever seen! The new Wii U has the ability to act as both a remote control for your T.V. as well as a game controller! The Wii U comes with the basic Wii controls, such as the X,Y,A,B buttons, the control pad, and the analog sticks, but the Wii U also comes with new buttons to make it easier for gamers to play their favorite games, these are the trigger like L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons. The Wii U also comes with a huge screen in between the controls which gives you the ability to play your games without using the T.V! This can be very useful for families with a limited amount of Televisions in the home because if your Dad wants to watch his sports game and you want to play your video game, you can still play with the Wii U even without the use of the T.V. therefore you don’t have to stop playing your games and your dad doesn’t have to miss the game! Another crazy feature about the Wii U is it has a built in micro phone and speaker. This will allow you to engage in conversations with your friend’s right from the Wii U! Other features include a volume switch, a power button, and my favorite, the TV button. This feature enables you to access the TV controls even though your Wii U is turned off! All in all the Wii U looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on this new product!

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