Nintendo New 3DS XL


The new and improved Nintendo New 3DS XL takes handheld gaming to another level. One of the most recent improvements made on the gaming system is that the 3D images now stabilize according to where your face is located. Thanks to the new face-tracker, you don’t have to worry about seeing blurry images or distorted figures while you game in 3D because your viewing angle now adjusts accordingly.

Additional improvements can be found in the camera function. Photos taken in low-light environments will no longer come out dark but brighter and clear so you can share your photos in awesome quality. Speaking of sharing photos, transferring data has also been made more convenient. Gone are the days where you had to remove your micro SDHC cards and connect them to your computer. Now you can easily share data via a wireless network!

Besides all the adjustments made to the Nintendo 3DS, there are also new features. Despite its small stature, Nintendo has found ways to implement more buttons and controls on the Nintendo 3DS XL. Aside from the conventional Nintendo DS buttons, there is now a C-stick for camera rotation and two new left and right Z-buttons which are located between the left L and R buttons. And finally, for all the current and future amiibo lovers out there, Nintendo has added amiibo connectivity to the latest 3DS XL model so you can enjoy your amiibo on the go.

Your Nintendo 3DS XL can come in different awesome designs as well! Choose from a sleek black 3DS XL ($199.99) or even a vibrant red 3DS XL ($199.99.) If you’re looking for something a little more personalized, there is the specialized Nintendo New 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition ($229.99) which includes an overall design of silver and grey with a dragon on the surface and a Legend of Zelda Nintendo New 3DS XL – Majora’s Mask ($199.99) which features a mostly gold and black design with the Majora’s Mask on the front. For the Legend of Zelda fans out there, there is even a Legend of Zelda 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Collector’s Bundle ($249.98) available which features a special Skull Kid figurine.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as the game title indicates, the player takes on the role of a hunter who hunts monsters for equipment and spoils. You can take down the ferocious monsters in a variety of exciting ways such as aerial attacking from ledges and even jumping on the monster to deliver deadly blows. The combat system in the game is further enhanced by two new weapon classes – the Charge Blade and the Insect Glaive. There are over 100 different types of monsters that you can face in this new Monster Hunter series and you can hunt the monsters down in the new online coop mode.

In the action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask, you control Link and your duty is to retrieve the stolen Majora’s Mask from the Skull Kid. Consumed by the mask’s evil power, the Skull Kid has set the moon to collide with the world in about three days and the only way to stop the moon from crashing is by releasing the four giants located in the four major regions of the game. Throughout Link’s journey to save the world, there will be dungeons filled with puzzles and enemies and these are completed and defeated by using Link’s arsenal of weapons which include his sword, bow and arrow, and bombs among other things.

Only the Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo New 3DS XL Ultimate Edition and the Legend of Zelda Nintendo New 3DS XL – Majora’s Mask Collector’s Bundle comes with its respective gaming titles. Otherwise the games are sold separately from the system.

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