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Ever After High Getting Fairest Dolls


The Royals and Rebels have just discovered a new holiday at Ever After High to spellebrate! Help the Ever After High girls get ready for True Hearts Day by preparing them to be their fairest!  Briar Beauty, Apple White, Madeline Hatter, and Raven Queen need help to be the fairest of them all in The Ever After High Getting Fairest collection.

Briar Beauty needs help choosing a pair of sunglasses! Dressed in her pink sleepwear with her signature briar thorn design and pink slippers, she has two sunglasses to choose from: one that is pink all over and one that has black frames but is decorated with a pink design on the top.

Apple White is in her red pearl-printed top and pink sleeping robe as she fusses over which crown to wear for True Hearts Day. Should she go for the traditional gold crown that has a red gem in the middle or for a pink one with a heart in the middle? Help her decide!

Madeline Hatter is having trouble deciding which tea-rific hat makes her look the fairest! In her tea party patterned top and blue cardigan, Madeline does not know which hat is best. She currently has on a golden teapot headband but can choose a blue heart shaped top hat headband or a black and purple headband.

The Raven Queen plans her accessories for True Hearts Day as she listens to her mirrorpod in her purple sleepwear with a raven print all over it and a purple night robe. She has two collars to choose from: one that is lavender and one that is silver.

Each doll comes with their own hairbrush, their own ornate vanity with shelves to store their accessories and a compact mirror to see whether each girl is the fairest of them all.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest collection also includes two additional sets (dolls are sold separately) that will add on to the dressing room experience.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple White Fainting Couch Accessory features a red, white and gold detailed couch that has a crown shaped canopy made for Apple White. You can tell who it belongs to based on the “AW” monogrammed pillow that sits on the couch. On this couch Apple White can put on her black framed glasses and surf the internet or open the drawer under the couch to store her blanket and accessories. There’s a secret compartment in the couch if you turn the apple that’s attached to the arm of the couch.

The Ever After High Getting Fairest Raven Queen Destiny Vanity Accessory features a huge purple vanity that is designed with the Raven Queen’s signature colors of silver, black and purple. The bulletin boards on her desk are elaborately decorated with various photos and papers. Also, her vanity has a model head that is perfect to store her headpieces and a hidden keyboard that can only be revealed by spinning her bulletin boards.

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Ever After High Dolls

Fairy tales don’t only come in books anymore! If you were impressed with Mattel’s Monster High dolls, you won’t be disappointed by their new franchise, the Ever After High dolls. This time, Mattel’s new line of dolls and toys are based after your favorite childhood fairy tales!

However, the Ever After High characters all come with a modern twist: the stories takes place in high school and you follow the lives of the fairy tale princesses’ children! This isn’t your everyday school though, trouble is already brewing as the students gets divided in two categories: the “Royals,” who know they will have happy endings in life, and the “Rebels,” those who don’t get their happy endings and wish to rewrite their endings.

The Ever After High doll collection features “Royal” and “Rebel” characters such as:

Madeline Hatter, a Rebel, the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. She has the iconic colors of the Mad Hatter in her hair and on her outfit and has a teacup hat on her head as well as a teacup bag in her hand.

Apple White, a Royal, the daughter of Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She comes with a golden crown on her head and a dress that resembles the one her mother, Snow White, wore. She has apple red heels and an apple shaped bag in her hand.

Briar Beauty, a Royal, the daughter of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. Briar Beauty lives up to her name as she has on a pair of briar thorn tights and shoes. Her outfit is topped off with a black and pink color scheme.

Raven Queen, a Rebel, the daughter of the Evil Queen. She resembles a raven with her black heels, black streaks, black bodice, winged collar, and her dark eyeliner.

The 2-pack set of Ashlynn Ella, a Royal, the daughter of Cinderella from Cinderella and Hunter Huntsman, a Rebel, the son of the Huntsman. Ashlynn Ella has a pair of glass heels on her feet along with a clock face purse while Hunter has a forest-like color scheme of green and brown, resembling his hunting grounds in the forest.

Every doll comes with a doll hairbrush, a stand, and a bookmark that tells their unique stories!

Your Ever After High collection isn’t complete with the Ever After High Secret Hearts Diary which has two-voice activated passwords to keep secrets safe and sound. With this diary, you can read more about both the Royals and the Rebels and you can even write down your own secrets with the quill pen that it comes with!

So which path do you pick? The Royals or the Rebels? Check out our tracker so you can be a part of the Ever After High story.