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LEGO Minecraft Crating Box


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Create, build, and destroy! You can do all of this over and over again with the new LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box. Minecraft is all about building your own creations, and so is LEGO. You can now take all of your Minecraft worlds that you’ve built online, and turn them into a real place. Build massive homes to protect yourself from the monsters that roam around, or build spooky caves to go exploring in. The Minecraft Crafting Box comes with a Steve minifigure, skeleton with bow, and a Mooshroom. There are other accessories such as a redstone, torches, plants, etc. The possibilities are endless with the LEGO Minecraft Craft Box. The only limitation is you. So, lets get building! The LEGO Minecraft Crating Box is for kids ages 8+, comes with 518 LEGO pieces, and is $49.99.


LEGO Minecraft The First Night Playset


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The sun goes down, and the moon rises high into the night sky. In the distance you can hear your fellow block friends running and screaming until a loud “BOOM” goes off, and then complete silence. It’s your first night in the Minecraft world. There are all sorts of terrors lurking about, but the scariest of them all is the creeper. These little critters will blow up the minute they see you dealing massive damage, and destroying anything in their path. All of this intense action can be yours in the form of real blocks with the new LEGO Minecraft The First Night Playset. This playset features Steve the block figure, a creeper, and a pig. Steve comes prepared for the deadly Minecraft nights with his standard Minecraft house, and a weapon. The Minecraft house has the classic red respawn bed, and provides great shelter from creepers. The first night is always the hardest. You’re low on resources, and enemy creepers are everywhere. Do you have what it takes to survive the first night in the Minecraft world? This playset is for kids ages 8+, comes with 408 LEGO pieces, and is $39.99 MSRP.


LEGO Minecraft The Farm Playset


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Nothing goes better together than Minecraft and LEGOS! Well maybe there are better duos out there like peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk, or even Bonnie and Clyde, but hey Minecraft and LEGOS are still a killer duo! Virtual blocks are transformed into real toy blocks with the help of LEGOS. You can imagine, create, and build your own Minecraft world with your own fingers rather than with a controller. The LEGO Minecraft Farm Playset is a great way for you to start up your Minecraft world. Everyone needs food. Even blocks need food. You can raise your own livestock, and manage your own vegetation. Minecraft life seems pretty simple, but don’t let your guard down because there are skeletons creeping around your part of town. These creepy critters are armed with deadly bows that can easily hurt you, or your livestock. The world of blocks may seem like a simple place, but even on your simple block farm lurks evil skeletons ready to destroy your way of life! The LEGO Minecraft Farm Playset is for kids ages 8+, comes with 262 LEGO pieces, and is $29.99 MSRP.


Lego Friends Brick Calendar

Do you want a cool new stylish calendar made out of Lego bricks? If you do then the Lego Friends Brick Calendar is for you! This unique playset is perfect for play and for keeping track of time. You can build cool and unique calendars that will look stylish and fit perfectly in your room. The set comes with your basic number blocks and Lego pieces that have specific months and days of the week! You can rearrange and organize this Lego set in any way you would like that will make your room more stylish, and at the same time will help you stay on track!

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