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New LEGO Play Set 2016 Toy Fair at NY

We attended LEGO Toy Fair 2016 in NY to bring you the new toy lines from LEGO. Some of these new LEGO toy lines will be released in time for the Holiday season. Check out our uncut and unfiltered videos for the new LEGO play set. From the videos you can hear and feel the excitement of the show.

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LEGO Ninjago

LEGO CLassic and LEGO The Angry Birds


LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Kai Flyer Building Kit


You can purchase the LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Kai Flyer Building Kit at, or at

Kai from the LEGO Ninjago series needs your help! Kai is trying to master the art of Airjitzu. You can build Kai’s rip cord, and send him flying through the air. Once you’ve mastered the art of Airjitzu you can have epic air battels with other Airjitzu ninjas! Just grab the cool golden weapons included in the playset, and attach them to Kai. Once you’ve finished flying your ninja you can take him out of the capsule, and play with him like any other LEGO minifigure. Kai is on a mission to master the art of Airjitzu, but he needs a wise, and brilliant master to guide him along the way! Will you help Kai master the ways of the wind, or will he never be able to go airborne? The decision is yours with the all new LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Kai Flyer Building Kit. This building kit is for kids ages 6 – 14, and is $9.99 MSRP.


LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer


You can purchase the LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer at

LEGO continues to step up their game with new and innovative toys. What started out as just blocks has turned into a series of different products, each with their own unique play style. Ninjago is one of the many LEGO brands that have turned LEGOs into more than just a building block toy. The LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer is one of the many Airjitzu ninjas you can collect. These ninja are specially trained in the art of Airjitzu. Airjitzu gives a ninja the power to… FLY! Grab your ninja’s zip cord, and watch as your ninja takes to the skies. Wrayth is ready to fly, and pulverize his enemies! Just grab your vortex rotor, and the zip cord and you will have your ninja flying around in just a matter of seconds! The LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer is for kids ages 6 – 14, and is $9.99 MSRP.


LEGO Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger


You can purchase the LEGO Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger at

You can also purchase the LEGO Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger at

The Nindroids have stolen the Techno-Blade and it is your job to help Kai take it back! The Nindroids are prepared to take home this extremely valuable weapon, but Kai has come prepared with his 2-in-1 X-! Ninja Charger! This vehicle is all about surprises, but the best surprise is its ability to turn from a car into a launching motorcycle! Open up the hood of the car and watch as it shoots out a ninja surprise! But watch out because Kai is not the only one with a few tricks up his sleeve. The Nindroids have jet packs, flying droids, and disc flyer. All of these accessories will make it easier for the Nindroids to take down Kai, and successfully steal the Techno-Blade. Kai needs your help to stop the Nindroids, and restore peace in the new LEGO Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger play set!

This play set is fore kids’ ages 8 – 14, comes with 426 LEGO pieces, and is $39.99 MSRP.


LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City


You can purchase the LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City play set at

You can also purchase the LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City play set at

The Evil OverLord has arrived at Ninjago City and he is prepared to take it over. Help the ninjas stop the Evil OverLord, and restore peace to the city. You can use the ninjas’ super charged weapons, and the Ninjago Temple to stop the Evil OverLord. The Ninjago Temple has hidden, rotating walls that reveal weapons, dual catapault, hidden disc shooter, roof with shooter cannon and so much more! Unfortunately, the Nindroid army has come prepared to counter all of these features. The Nindraoids have special weapons of their own, and the Evil OverLord has a special machine that has firing laser cannon, huge golden claws, giant posable legs and much, much more. Will the Ninjas be able to stop this villainous foe? Or will The Evil OverLord and his army of Nindroids crush the Ninjas once and for all?

The LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City play set is for kids’ ages 9 – 14, comes with 1223 LEGO pieces, and is $119.99 MSRP.


LEGO Ninjago Sets


LEGO is back with seven new sets from their hit series, Ninjago.

The Ninjago Hover Hunter ($11.99) set features Ninja Cole who is being chased down on the Hover Hunter by an evil Nindroid. The Hover Hunter is a fearsome vehicle that consists of claw clamps, spinning saw blades, laser flick missiles, and an adjustable seatbelt. Guide Cole through the Hover Hunter’s attacks! Both Cole and Nindroid come with their own weapons. Help Ninja Cole fight back with his green Techno-blade while the Nindroid defends with his attack blades.

The Ninjago Kai Fighter ($19.99) is a red and gold Ninja Fighter that Ninja Kai has transformed in order to battle General Cryptor! The Kai Fighter is capable of firing two gold-tipped flick missiles, adjustable wings to control speed, wing blades to fight off enemies, and a cockpit for one pilot. Watch Ninja Kai and General Cryptor’s showdown as Ninja Kai uses his red Techno-blade against General Cryptor’s rocket launcher and two swords.

The Ninjago Thunder Raider ($29.99) doesn’t only include Ninja Jay and his blue Thunder Raider but also Ninja Cole and his gold Earth Mech. In this playset, Ninja Jay and Ninja Cole team up in their Ninjago vehicles to fend off the evil Nindroid’s double laser cannon. Jay’s Thunder Raider can change from an attacking mode to a mobile one, allowing him to move across rough terrain. You can attach the Earth Mech to the back of the Thunder Raider so both Jay and Cole can reach the enemy battlefield together. Detach the Earth Mech from the Thunder Raider so both vehicles can attack at once! The Earth Mech has golden sword blasters while the Thunder Raider can shoot missiles. This set comes with three figurines, Ninja Cole, Jay, and a Nindroid.

The Ninjago NinjaCopter ($59.99) is a white, blue, and gold vehicle that was made for aerial combat. In this set, join Zane, who is half robot and half ninja and wields a blue Techno-blade, and Pixal who carries a spike blade on their aerial assault against the Nindroids. The NinjaCopter consists of a cockpit for one pilot, rotating propellers and rear jet engines, flick missiles, lasers, cannons, and a prison cell. On the enemy side, the set includes two Nindroids with jet fighters that contain adjustable cockpits, saw blades, and detachable gliders that the Nindroids could use to land on the NinjaCopter!

The Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon ($89.99) is a deadly mechanical foe for the Ninjago crew who is trying to escape from its clutches. Sensei Wu has defected to the enemy side so Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd are trying to escape with the Techno-blade in their car while being chased by the MechDragon and General Cryptor! Aside from its fierce dragon claws, wing blades, cannon, rocket launcher, and whipping tail, the MechDragon has many other utilities as well making it a difficult escape for Garmadon and Lloyd. Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd’s car has a flickable missile and laser cannons to counter the MechDragon’s large arsenal of weapons. In this set, you also receive five minifigurines with weapons: Sensei Garmadon with his staff, Lloyd with his Techno-blade, Sensei Wu with his staff, General Cryptor with his swords, and a Nindroid.

The Ninjago Destructoid ($34.99) is a vehicle piloted by the evil General Cryptor who is chasing Zane for his Techno-blade. The Destructoid is true to its name as it has a large rotating saw blade in one hand and a sword with a shield in the other. The Destructoid’s defenses include frontal blades, lasers, and a disc shooter. Its treads are perfect for all-terrain travel which makes it all the more formidable opponent. This set comes with three minifigurines: Zane, General Cryptor, and a Mindroid.

The Ninjago OverBorg Attack ($19.99) is a playset that features Cyrus Borg/OverBorg and Lloyd. OverBorg is trying to capture the Green Ninja, Lloyd, with his all-terrain motorbike that is equipped with saw blades, lasers, and swords. Lloyd plans his escape with his green motorbike that has golden blades attached at the sides. This set comes with a mini ramp so Lloyd’s green bike can jump over OverBorg for a clean escape!

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LEGO Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013

Here are LEGO toy photos I took during the NY Toy Fair 2013.

More toy photo from NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013

Hasbro Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013

Spin Mater Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013

Mattel Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013

Uncle Milton, MegaBloks, Mystixx and More Toy Photos from NY Toy Fair 2013


NY Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO Product Showroom Video Footage

Here are all LEGO video footage we filmed at NY Toy Fair 2013. LEGO Games, LEGO Brikcs and More, LEGO Brikcs, LEGO Galaxy Squad, LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LEGO Castle, LEGO The Lord of The Rings, LEGO Creator, LEGO Friends, LEGO Technic, LEGO City, LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO The Lone Ranger, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Chima, LEGO Hero Factory and LEGO Ninjago. Check them out.

LEGO Games – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Brikcs and More – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Galaxy Squad – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Castle – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO The Lord of The Rings – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Creator – NY Toy fair 2013

LEGO Friends – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Technic – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO City – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Mindstorms – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO The Lone Ranger – NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Star Wars Music Box Demo NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Star Wars NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Chima NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Hero Factory NY Toy Fair 2013

LEGO Ninjago NY Toy Fair 2013


New Lego Ninjago Toys Coming December 31, 2012

On December 31, 2012 Lego will be releasing their new line up of Ninjago products! These new Lego sets will feature cool new weapons, vehicles, and buildings! Lego Ninjago play sets have really taken off since their release. They have really caught the attention of kids and were even popular enough to receive their own TV show on Cartoon Network! These cool new Lego sets feature the Ninjago Warrior Bike, the Cole Earth Driller, Garmatron and so much more!

You can check out all of the new Lego Ninjago play sets by going to the zoolert tracker


Lego Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle

In the world of Ninjago there are always bad Lego’s that want to take over the world, but a group of Ninjas stand in their way! The all new Lego Ninjago series continues to throw out cool new Lego sets that include Dragons, Ninjas, and even large buildings. In this new Lego Ninjago set you can play as Kai as he tries to stop Rattla. The set comes with 188 Lego pieces and is $19.99. The set comes with a Lego mini-figure Kai and Rattla, Kai’s Blade Cycle, and a golden harpoon staff and two ninja swords.

In this set you will notice that kai is wearing different gear than his usual ninja suit; the armor looks great and is filled with more detail than his original suit. In the set you can play as Kai as you fight against the evil Rattla with his Golden staff. The battle is not going to be easy, but you do get a Blade cycle to help take out the villain. The Motorcycle may seem like just your average vehicle, but it can transform into a Motorcycle with BLADES! Kai isn’t prepared to let Rattla get away, and now you can decide whether Kai can stop this Menace from running away!

You can purchase this new Lego set at Toys R Us