LEGO The Tumbler


What do you do when there’s danger in Gotham City? Get to the Batmobile! Coming September 2014, LEGO will be releasing Batman’s Batmobile, The Tumbler ($199.99, Ages 16+), from The Dark Knight trilogy. Based on the actual Tumbler shown in the Batman movies, this vehicle features an awesome all black armored exterior with adjustable top wings and rubber tread tires so that Batman can navigate swiftly and smoothly without detection. Not only does the exterior of Batman’s Tumbler exude awesomeness but the interior of the Batmobile is also extremely detailed with various radars to track enemies and screens to dodge the Gotham City police. One screen in particular has the words “Intimidate” on it, showing that Batman is ready to take on the evil that lurks within Gotham City.

This LEGO playset comes with two minifigures: Batman and the Joker and also a fact sheet about the Tumbler that was used in the Dark Knight trilogy.

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LEGOTheTumblerSide-nwm  LEGOTheTumblerBatmanJoker-nwm LEGOTheTumblerFact-nwmLEGOTheTumblerInterior-nwm