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Turtle Parade Learning Toy


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $12.99

These cute turtles are a fun way for your kids to enjoy playtime while learning simultaneously. These three colorful turtles can be attached to each other for a line of turtles or stacked for a tower of turtles! The biggest turtle can be set in motion and pull the attached turtles along, with an easy grasp and turn knob. While kids are playing with this turtle they are building their visual acuity, sensory awareness, and more. AS they crawl behind these turtles they’ll also be building their motor skills! A fun and easy way to help your kids learn that will also be enjoyable and entertaining.

For ages 9 months and up


Build an Inchworm Pop Blocs Learning Toy


Available on melissananddoug.com for $12.99

Build a cute, friendly inchworm friend with this Build an Inchworm Pop Blocs Learning Toy. This inchworm features different colored blocks, and a “cheerful” face block to give your inchworm some character. This toy is a great way for your child to enjoy playtime while improving finger strength, hand eye coordination, and manual dexterity. The inchworm is easy to use, just pop the blocks together into a spiral, or zig zag, or any other shape your child can design, and once their done just pull them apart and start again! This is also great for color recognition, and sequencing.

For ages 6 months and up


Learning Shoe Baby and Toddler Toy


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $14.99

Help your child to having a good time with this Learning Shoe Baby while they learn simultaneously. They can learn basic skills with this learning shoe’s textured plush, sounds, and more. The shoe features interesting fastenings that your child will love to explore, as well as self stick tabs, twists, laces, an open and close zipper, squeakers, and jingle bells. As well, the crinkle fill makes this shoe an exiting toy that children will love exploring and something that will keep their attention. While they’re enjoying their time with this Learning Show, they’ll also develop basic skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

For ages 1 and up


Choo Choo Locomotive Learning Toy


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $19.99

This train is a great way for children to entertain themselves while simultaneously learning. This Choo Choo Locomotive includes an attached, single button remote that encourages kids to practice their motor skills, and finger strength. They just have to simply press the button through the velvety plush covering and the train moves into action.

The train also features realistic train sounds, and even shudders to a start. The train smoothly rides over many surfaces and its plush handle offers even more learning opportunities. The train also features crinkly wheels, squeaker smokestack, reach-in-window, and child safe mirror. This train offers plenty of fun sensory developmental skills for your child as they learn and enjoy themselves with this toy.

For ages 3 months and up


Crocodile Pop Blocs Learning Toy


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $19.99

Enable your child to learn, grow, and have a good time with this Crocodile Pop Blocs toy. These blocks combine to create a colorful chain that resembles an adorable crocodile. These soft, knobbed blocks are easy for young children to use and connect. The blocks are a perfect size for young kids just learning to build and count.

The play set includes a crocodile head, tail, and four numbered, textured linkable blocks to further build your crocodile. Use these four other blocks to lengthen your croc, or choose to not use them and keep this croc short and sweet. The blocks connect easily with knob-and-socket closures. The blocks help to teach animal pictures, numbers, matching, and counting play. This toy encourages fine motor skills in kids and is a great way for them to build and learn at the same time.

For ages 6 months and up


Musical Farmyard Cube Learning Toy


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $19.99

This cube is full of animal spirit! This farmyard-learning toy features four animals that makes sounds and sing animal songs when you press their noses. Your children can also tap this cube on the floor using the cube’s soft handle and the cube will start making sounds as well! This cube also has a sturdy teather, knotted tags, crinkly flower petals, tabs, and a toddler tough plastic mirror. Your child will enjoy exploring the different sides of this animal cube and hearing all the sounds, and feels of the different features! They’ll be entertaining themselves, while simultaneously learning!

For ages 6 months and up


Hungry Pelican Learning Toy


You can purchase the Hungry Pelican Learning Toy at melissaanddoug.com

Have you struggled to find toys for your young child? Well don’t worry because here at zoolert we can help you find any toy that you’re looking for!

If you want an interactive toy then the Hungry Pelican Learning Toy is exactly what you’re looking for. The Hungry Pelican is a cute plush doll that can open its beak and swallow toys that you put into it. This type of play encourages motor skills such as, lifting, moving, placing, and grabbing. This toy can also help your young kids learn the names of the sea creatures. Before placing an animal into the Pelican’s stomach you can get your kids to repeat to you the names of the animal. Other potential learning abilities with the Hungry Pelican include color identification, placing items into the correct spot, and much more. The new Hungry Pelican Learning Toy is great for all kids, and will help to kick start any young mind! The Hungry Pelican is for kids who are 9 months and older, and is $24.99 MSRP.