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DC Comics Super Hero Girls Action Figure – Harley Quinn

Ready to crack some jokes? Harley Quinn is! Harley is the class clown of her high school class. She loves to lighten the mood with jokes and her acrobatics.

This Harley Quinn doll stands 12 inches tall and comes with her signature giant mallet. She combines her traditional look with a modern twist, wearing a cute red-and-black diamond printed top, blue jean shorts, red-and-black colored tights, stylish blue sneakers and goggles. As well, this Harley Quinn doll is highly articulated so she can stand on her own, allowing for your child to create fun and convincing adventures. Collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls to get the gang together to save the day. Available using our Zoolert.com Tracker.


Funko POP Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Keychain


You can purchase the Funko POP Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Keychain at amazon.com

Aside from their usual action figures, Funko also creates keychains so that you can bring all of your favorite heroes, or villains with you on the go! The Funko POP Keychain Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is a great addition to any set of keychains. Harley has her usual gear on. She is wearing her skin tight leggings, red and blue short shorts, and her red, white, and blue t-shirt. Of course Harley is also carrying her beloved bat with her for those additional style points! The keychain part is attached to the topside of Harley’s head. That way it is easier to access for whenever you want to attach Harley to any of your keys. If you want to take your love for the Suicide Squad movie with you then there is no better way than with the Funko POP Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Keychain! This keychain stands at 1 ½ inches tall, is recommended for anyone ages 14 – 15, and the price may vary.


DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Action Doll


A simple woman working a difficult job when a “bad boy” comes in and changes her life. Can you guess who this woman and man could be? You’ve guessed right! Harley Quinn and the Joker! Harley Quinn wasn’t always crazy and evil, but when she heard the Joker’s story, she fell in love. This changed her life dramatically. She was abused and used by the joker, but she never stopped loving him. Her life wasn’t the only thing that changed; she also changed her clothes! In the DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Action Doll, you can see Harley wears shorts, tights, a mask, a tight shirt, and platform shoes. To match her outfit, she has red and blue streaks dyed into her hair. Also, how can a bad guy be bad without a weapon! With this doll, Harley comes with a hammer. How can the guys not resist her in this outfit! You can get this doll from amazon.com for $19.99. You can also watch Harley Quinn in the new movie Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016.

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Funko POP Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Action Figure


You can purchase the Funko POP Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Action Figure at amazon.com

I don’t know about you, but my family and I are blowing up over the new Suicide Squad movie. If you are just as excited for the movie as I am then Funko POP might be able to help calm your nerves before August 5th.
Funko POP has made a new line of Funko POP figures all inspired by the Suicide Squad movie. One of the many figures that you can collect is Harley Quinn. She is extremely detailed, and she even has her baseball bat. Her hair is dyed blue and red along with matching eye shadow coloring. She is wearing the same outfit as she is in the movie trailers. The outfit has movie accurate details like the holes in her shirt, the “Daddy’s Lil Monster” text, and of course the red and blue coloring. Harley Quinn is one of many suicide squad Funko POPs that you can collect. She is for anyone ages 15 – 16, and is $10.99 MSRP.