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LEGO Minecraft The Farm Playset


You can purchase the LEGO Minecraft Farm Playset at

Nothing goes better together than Minecraft and LEGOS! Well maybe there are better duos out there like peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk, or even Bonnie and Clyde, but hey Minecraft and LEGOS are still a killer duo! Virtual blocks are transformed into real toy blocks with the help of LEGOS. You can imagine, create, and build your own Minecraft world with your own fingers rather than with a controller. The LEGO Minecraft Farm Playset is a great way for you to start up your Minecraft world. Everyone needs food. Even blocks need food. You can raise your own livestock, and manage your own vegetation. Minecraft life seems pretty simple, but don’t let your guard down because there are skeletons creeping around your part of town. These creepy critters are armed with deadly bows that can easily hurt you, or your livestock. The world of blocks may seem like a simple place, but even on your simple block farm lurks evil skeletons ready to destroy your way of life! The LEGO Minecraft Farm Playset is for kids ages 8+, comes with 262 LEGO pieces, and is $29.99 MSRP.


Whittle World Wooden Farm & Tractor Set – 9 Pieces


Available on for $24.99

It’s time for some fun at the farm with this adorable wooden farm play set. This wooden play set comes with animals that you can take care of, hay to pile and sell, and a tractor to ship your hay and keep your farm moving! There are nine wooden pieces featured in this set. Create the hayloft chute and slide the wooden hay blocks down it to be loaded up into the tractor. Place the farmer into the driver’s seat and get him into town to sell some hay! Or you can rearrange the pieces so they create a fence and a scoop for your tractor. With so much you can do, this farmer will be kept busy!

For ages 3 and up


Stamp-a-Scene Farm


Available on for $19.99

This stamp set makes a great arts and crafts activity or addition to any classroom. This Stamp-a-scene farm comes with many fun stamp pictures, such as a barn, tractor, sheep, bunny, pig, and a ton more fun barn animals, and farm crops.

This extra large set of wooden stamps makes it easy for kids to use and create unique pictures. This includes 20 rubber-faced, wooden-handled outline stamps, and two colored stamp pads filled with brown and green washable ink. As well the set includes five colored pencils that you can can use to color in the rest of your stamp picture, and further add details to your picture. A great way for your kids to get creative and stay entertained.

For ages 4 years and up


LEGO Juniors Pony Farm


You can purchase the LEGO Juniors Pony Farm at

You can also purchase the LEGO Juniors Pony Farm at

The ponies on the pony farm need to be cared for, and you are the perfect candidate to run the farm! The LEGO Juniors Pony Farm play set is perfect for any little girl who adores ponies. This play set includes a girl minifigure, a LEGO pony, accessories for your pony, and extra blocks to build a stable or a house. You can use your imagination and pretend like you are actually running a pony farm! You can feed your pony carrots, and you can use the saddle to ride your pony! In the LEGO Juniors Pony Farm play set you can build your farm, and train your own ponies!

This play set is for kids’ ages 4 – 7, comes with 306 LEGO pieces, and is $29.99 MSRP.


Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution – Hands On Review

Have you ever seen an ant farm before? Well I am pretty sure that you have never seen an ant farm like this! Ant farms are usually your typical box filled with sand. From there you can dump in your ants and watch as they dig holes through the sand. Overall, the original ant farm is pretty fun to watch. But is it really that fun to watch over and over again? First of all, when you put your ants into the sand you can watch as they dig holes and make their lives in this new environment. The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will take that exact same concept of the ants building their own home, but this time the Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will actually make it fun to watch from all angles, including your ceiling! With the help of a magnifying cap, and a light, the Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will be able to project giant ant shadows onto the ceiling!

The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution comes with the Ant Farm filled with nutrient rich gel, a starting tunnel utensil, and an instruction manual. The ant farm does not come with any ants. The ants will have to be ordered separately online at Uncle Milton Ants. This revolutionary new ant farm can put shadow projections on the wall and can also rotate 360 degrees. Now you can see your ants in a whole new way and because the ants are put in a nutrient rich gel, you will never have to feed or maintain your ants. All you have to do is carefully place your ants into the ant farm and watch as they make 3D tunnels and rooms in the translucent gel! Because this ant farm is so fun and easy to maintain it is perfect for kids who have an interest in bugs, but are still too young to take care of them. The Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution will get your kids off the electronics and onto a more educational way to play. This toy will not only allow your kids to watch ants dig holes but it will also allow your kids to experience the ants living style in 3D and on the wall! And because of the ant farm requires no additional work, you can watch and enjoy your ants without ever feeding or caring for your ants!

List Price: $34.99
*Be careful when putting ants into Habitat, Make sure to read the instruction*

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution video review:

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