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Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll

Elsa needs your help to restore her powers! Bring back the northern lights to help her. Simply wave your hands over the snowflake and it will create beautiful colors, lights, and sounds. As the majestic northern lights are restored to Elsa they will sparkle on Elsa’s dress! This doll features Elsa, wearing a beautiful blue, sparkly gown, and shoes, and the star crystal. For ages 3 and up. Find this using our Zoolert Tracker


Funko Pop Disney Frozen Elsa Doll


You can purchase the Funko Pop Disney Frozen Elsa Doll at amazon.com

Disney’s hit movie Frozen not only stole the hearts of millions of young kids, but it also captured the eyes of thousands of toy companies. Frozen products flooded toy stores like crazy before and after the release of the movie, and they are still flooding toy companies like there is no tomorrow! The Funko Pop series of toys also decided to recreate some of the Frozen characters into bobble heads. The Funko Pop Disney Frozen Elsa Doll is perfect for decorating office desks, shelves, or closets. The holiday season is coming, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a Disney Frozen toy! The Funko Pop Disney Frozen Elsa Doll is for kids ages 8 – 15, and is $10.99 at Amazon (price may vary).


Disney Frozen Sparkle Elsa Doll

From the wonderful film Frozen, this Elsa dolls wears clothes inspired from the movie that your children will love and recognize. Elsa comes with accessories that sparkle and add an elegant touch to her style. She wears a beautiful ice blue gown with a sheer overlay that is covered in a delicate snowflake pattern. Her scooped white neck fabric accentuates the bodice of her dress that is covered in blue sparkles and a dark blue sash. She also wears pretty blue heels and a blue tiara. This plastic Elsa doll will be great for children to expand their imaginations as they recreate scenes from the movie or create their own new adventures.

For ages 3 and up
Available on Walmart.com for $12.97

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