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Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set


Available on for $149.99

This ultimate dollhouse is the perfect way for your child to engage all of her dolls in her play pretend games. This dollhouse is suitable for dolls in the 1:12 scale. The dolls can live in this huge house, pull their car into the garage, ride in the elevator, and add other doll toys to this modern day house to make it feel extremely homey.

The dollhouse features fresh, gender-neutral colors and patterns that add a unique look to the house as well, the house’s natural wood frames and open sides makes it easy for the dolls to move from room to room. Invite your friends over with their own dolls, the size of this house makes it easy for more then one child to play together. The dollhouse comes with three play people, and 15 pieces of furniture that you can rearrange around the house, as well as a car and Posable passenger set, that is custom made to fit right into the ground-floor garage.

For ages 3 years and up


Puffy Stickers Play Set: Dress-Up


Available on for $4.99

This Puffy Sticker Play Set makes a great addition to any sticker collector, or any beginner sticker collector. This set is a puffy sticker collection, and dress up activity book in one! The set comes with four glossy background panels so you can create your fun sticker designs on many different backgrounds for endless fun.

The open ended designs featured in this book helps to encourage creativity and fun! The reusable stickers are great because your child can continue the fun over and over again. Place the clothing stickers and fill the closet with pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and more. Then if you want, layer the dress up doll figures with the puffy stickers and create your dream outfit. When you’re tired of one look, just peel the stickers off and start a new design! The sturdy background pictures fold for easy and neat cleanup and the diecut handle makes it easy to carry this play-set anywhere.

For ages 4 and up


Ever After High Dolls Toy Fair 2014

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd Stylist Lin Carlson

The Ever After High Dolls are the hot new Mattel toys that any Mattel fan will enjoy. Each doll comes with a unique personality and an interesting background that will show that being yourself is the ultimate key to making good friends and surviving the crazy world of high school!

The Monster High Ever After High dolls are the hot new Mattel toys that any Monster High fan will enjoy. Each doll comes with

Destiny isn’t written in permanent ink. Ever After High® inspires girls to have the courage and conidence to make their own choices, rewrite their destiny and create their own “happily ever after.

Ever After High® Legacy Day™ Doll Assortment

SRP: $24.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: Now
• Will the students of Ever After High® pledge to follow in their parents’ fabled footsteps, or will they turn tradition on its crown? It all begins on Legacy Day!
• Assortment includes Royal friends forever after Apple White™ and Briar Beauty™, and Rebel leader Raven Queen™
• Posable dolls are dressed crown-to-toe in hexquisite Legacy Day™ outits, complete with ornate crowns and luxe capes

Ever After High® Royal Doll Assortment

SRP: $21.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: Now
• This assortment spellebrates the Ever After Royals, who embrace their prewritten destinies!
• Assortment includes Ever After High® Royal favorites Apple White™, Briar Beauty™, and Blondie Lockes™; introduces new characters Dexter Charming and Lizzie Hearts.
• Comes with a doll stand, signature-styled headpiece, detailed jewelry, handbag, pair of spellbinding shoes and doll hairbrush.

Ever After High® Rebel Doll Assortment

SRP: $21.99 | Age 6+ years | Available: Now
• This assortment spellebrates the Ever After Rebels dreamers, who believe destiny is theirs to rewrite!
• Assortment includes Ever After High® Rebel favorites Raven Queen™, Madeline Hatter™, Cerise Hood™, and C.A. Cupid™; introduces new character Cedar Wood™.
• Comes with a doll stand, signature-styled headpiece, detailed jewelry, handbag, pair of spellbinding shoes and doll hairbrush

Ever After High® Raven Queen™ Doll

SRP: $21.99 | Age 6+ years | Available: Now
• Raven Queen™, daughter of the Evil Queen, decides to lip tradition on its crown and choose her own destiny!
• Comes with doll stand and doll hairbrush
• Get the hexclusive side of Raven’s story in her story bookmark

Ever After High® Cerise Hood™ Doll

SRP: $21.99 | Age 6+ years | Available: Now
• Cerise Hood™, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, rocks hexquisite outits that add a modern edge to her fairytale-inspired look
• Enchanting accessories include: distressed “leather” leggings, lace-up boots with fringe tassles and a picnic-basket purse
• Comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush and bookmark that tells her hexclusive side of the story

Ever After High® Apple White™ Doll

SRP: $21.99 | Age 6+ years | Available: Now
• Destined to be the “Most Fabulous of All,” Apple White™, daughter of the fable-ous Snow White, is an Ever After Royal
• Dressed in a golden crown with her signature apple red bow and royally gorgeous dress with a peplum in hues of red and touches of pink
• Comes with doll stand and key themed doll hairbrush

Ever After High® Blondie Lockes™ Doll

SRP: $21.99 | Age 6+ years | Available: Now
• Blondie Lockes™, the daughter of Goldilocks, is best friends ‘till THE END with the Ever After Royals
• Outitted in a positively perfect dress with its three buttons, rufle collar and mixed prints: keys on top, the three bears on the bottom.
• Charming accessories include a lock-inspired purse, charm bracelet, bow headband and periwinkle tights.

Ever After High® Ashlynn Ella™ and Hunter Hunstman™ Dolls

SRP: $34.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: Now
• Ashlynn Ella™, daughter of Cinderella, an Ever After Royal, is beside her beloved Hunter Huntsman™, son of the Huntsman, an Ever After Rebel
• The fashionable couple looks positively charming in outits that add a modern edge to storybook beauty
• Come with two doll stands, a key themed doll hairbrush and two hexclusive story bookmarks that tell their special stories

Photographer Jeremy LloydStylist Lin Carlson

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Video from NY Toy Fair 2014:


Chatsters Gabby Doll


Have you ever wanted a toy that acts like a BFF? If you have now you can get Gabby! Gabby is a colorful, lovable, funny, and bubbly talking doll! She loves to interact with you and can move and think! You can also download an app to play, text, and find hidden features about Gabby!

Gabby is funny, bubbly, smart, and isn’t afraid to be a little silly sometimes. She can interact with you in tons of different ways with the accessories included like her chocolate cupcake, eye shadow palette, and her pet puppy, Sprinkles. Gabby loves listening to music! Play her one of your favorite songs, and she’ll start dancing along. The best part about Gabby is that she always wants to get to know you better: What’s your favorite pizza topping? Do you like dinosaurs or unicorns? You can let her know by simply touching her glasses. You can unlock bonus interactions using the Chatsters mobile app, like talking to her on the phone. Pretty soon she’ll know you better than anyone else – just like a real BFF!

Age: 4+
Suggested Retail Price: $79.99
Available Fall 2014!


Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls 2014 New York Toy Fair

These girls are customizable and are full of unique characteristics. Each doll has its own unique clothes, styles, and, most importantly, personalities! These dolls encourage girls to be themselves and be proud of who they are because at Monster High no two girls are exactly the same! Each monster has a special power or personality which make them fun to be around or cool to play with! Everyone has their imperfections, so embrace them just like the monster high girls embrace their unique monster qualities.

Here is the tracker for Monster High Freaky Fusion.

Monster High® Fusion Doll Assortment






SRP: $20.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: June 2014
• In a freaky twist of adventure, our favorite Monster High® ghouls get accidentally fused together in ways never seen before!
• Choose from Lagoonaire™ (a mix of Lagoona Blue® and Jinaire Long®), Dracubecca™ (a fusion of Draculaura® and Robecca Steam®), Cleolie™ (a combination of Cleo de Nile® and Toralei®), Clawvenus™ (a blend of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus McFlytrap®) and Neighthan Rot™ (a unicorn-zombie boy).
• Accessories include a to-die-for purse for each – except Neighthan Rot™, who has a hat with a hole cut out for his unicorn horn.

Monster High® Inner Monster Feature Assortment

SRP: $21.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: June 2014
• Monsters have feelings too! Customize the expressions of these creepy cool creatures by changing their eyes, facial expressions and their fashions!
• Sets include one full doll with eye-changing feature, one interchangeable face plate, a peggable/ interchangeable skeleton and chest plate, inner piece count, over-the-top fashion, accessories, purse, doll stand, brush and ill-in-the-blank diary
• Choose from three killer options: Fearfully Feisty n Mad Love*, Spooky Sweet n Frightfully Fierce* and Scared Silly n Shockingly Shy*

Monster High® Recharge Chamber

SRP: $44.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: August 2014
• At the riveting climax of the Monster High® movie, Freaky Fusion, the beast ghoulfriends of Frankie Stein® rally around to give her back her spark with this hair-raising Recharge Chamber!
• Comes with a one-of-a-kind Frankie Stein® doll wearing a voltageous fashion and shocking shoes.
• Place her in the chamber, and press the button for hair-raising fun – her hair literally rises into a shocking ‘do! Press the light again for a spooktacular light show for clawesome room decor.

Monster High® Secret Creepers™ Crypt

SRP: $22.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: Now
• Hidden deep in the catacombs of Monster High® is the Secret Creepers™ Crypt, where the pets “fang” out while the ghouls are in school
• Offers plenty of places to stash your secrets as well as hiding spots (and a few open seats) for all of the Secret Creepers™ Critters and Pets (sold separately)
• Includes Crescent the cat that stands guard with a motion detector feature designed to ward off intruders!

Monster High® Frights Camera Action™ New Stars Doll Assortment

SRP: $20.99 | Ages: 6+ years | Available: Now
• Frights, Camera, Action! These new stars are set to top the fear charts with a Black Carpet fashion show!
• Choose from Viperine Gorgon™, Honey Swamp™, Elissabat™ and Clawdia Wolf™ dolls in captivating outits accented and accessorized with touches of Hauntlywood™ glam
• Dolls come with a signature-style brush, doll stand and diary sharing details the tabloids would love

NYTF 2014 Video:


Mooshka Dolls

These paper dolls sprung to life when they joined hands, and through the strong power of friendship became actual huggable girls called the Mooshka Dolls! There’s many to collect, like Zana, Deava, Misha and Karia. Each doll comes with their bubbly and lovable personalities and interests. Zana loves ladybugs and whenever she sees one she likes to make a wish, Karia, her sister, loves summertime, warm weather and picnics. Their friend Deava loves looking at stars and giving them new names, and Misha loves baby animals. Each one has a unique and fun personality that is a great way for children to build their own unique adventures upon. Each doll is machine washable and is 9.5” in size. They have Velcro on their hands to be able to hold hands with their other Mooska friends. Each doll comes with a finger puppet dolly and has unique details that separate her from the other dolls. Includes a string of paper dolls.

Price $12.99
Ages 2-4 years old
Available on



These cute and quirky dolls love to have fun. There are six large Zelfs to collect in all and they each come with their own likes and interests. Angelala is a peacemaker and loves to be in the garden, Mermalade loves the deep waters, Buttershy is great at gardening, Lil’ D has his own rock band, Vampula has terrific hygiene and Spellinda loves to whip up potions in the birdbath. Each doll comes with a styling accessory to keep their gorgeous hairdos in check. Each of these six dolls are available in different finishes, either glow in the dark, glitter, or pearly. As well, Zelf offers a medium doll size collection.

Price: $6.99-$12.99
Available on

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Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Playset

Everyone knows that Barbie loves animals, but did you know that Barbie also has a cool pet shop? In the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Barbie has tons of adorable pets that love to play. Barbie owns one cat and two dogs that are as adorable as any pet can get! She also has tons of tools and accessories to help style and groom her pets. All of these features may seem amazing, but the best part about the playset is the actual Pet Shop building. This building has stands, rooms, and beds for Barbie’s pets. Barbies needs your help to groom, care, and love for her pets in the Mega Bloks Build ‘n Style Pet Shop playset!

Check out for the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Playset


Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pool Party Playset

Barbie is back, but this time she is in a Mega Bloks playset! Barbie and Ken are having a blast in the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ’n Style Pool Party Playset! This playset has tons of features and accessories that make Barbie’s pool party a lot more exciting. Some of these cool features include a working slide, spiral staircase, and a pool! All of these features make Barbie’s pool party fun for the whole gang! Invite Barbie’s friends to come and have a blast! With the new Barbie Build ‘n Style Pool Party Playset there is enough room for you and all of Barbie’s friends to enjoy a nice day at the pool!

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Monster High Headless Headmistress Bloodgood Doll

Monster High Dolls have really taken the stage when it comes to toy dolls. Ever since they were released people could not get enough of these horrifyingly fabulous dolls! Now Monster High continues to release hot and hard to find products. The new Monster High Headless Headmistress Bloodgood Doll is another hot Monster High product that will brighten up the faces of Monster High fans everywhere! This new toy comes with the Headless Headmistress of Monster High and her shadow horse! This doll not only has amazing detail, but it also looks just like the Headmistress in the Monster High TV show! Now you are probably wondering that if this doll is modeled after the Headless Headmistress in the TV show then you can probably remove her head. If you were thinking this then you would be 100% correct. This doll has the ability to remove its head just like the Headless Headmistress in the Monster High TV show! The Monster High series has always been extremely popular and now with the addition of the Headless Headmistress doll the Monster High series will become even more popular!

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