Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set


Available on melissaanddoug.com for $149.99

This ultimate dollhouse is the perfect way for your child to engage all of her dolls in her play pretend games. This dollhouse is suitable for dolls in the 1:12 scale. The dolls can live in this huge house, pull their car into the garage, ride in the elevator, and add other doll toys to this modern day house to make it feel extremely homey.

The dollhouse features fresh, gender-neutral colors and patterns that add a unique look to the house as well, the house’s natural wood frames and open sides makes it easy for the dolls to move from room to room. Invite your friends over with their own dolls, the size of this house makes it easy for more then one child to play together. The dollhouse comes with three play people, and 15 pieces of furniture that you can rearrange around the house, as well as a car and Posable passenger set, that is custom made to fit right into the ground-floor garage.

For ages 3 years and up