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Doc McStuffinsville Hospital

Help Doc McStuffins save the day! In her hospital playset, there’s room for any patient in need.
The playset features four characters, Chief Resident Doc, Rhonda the helicopter, Lambie, and baby Cece.

The playset also includes fun lights and sounds and kid-powered features for a realistic effect to their storytelling. This playset includes a reception area, a command center, a nursery, a vet clinic, and a check-up center. Choose the appropriate room to send all of your patients! There is also a moving walkway, light-up x-ray table, rocking cribs, spinning mobiles, and a ball pit. These are just some of the fun features in Doc’s hospital that will keep your kids entertained.

If there is a patient in need that’s too far away, just call Rhonda the helicopter! She’ll scoop Doc up and bring her to the waiting patient. Then when its times to return to the hospital, there’s a helipad Rhonda can land on. All featured with this playset. Nonstandard batteries are required and included. Find this using the Zoolert Tracker!


Disney Doc McStuffin

Meet Disney Junior’s newest addition! Doc McStuffin is a fun loving, sweet doctor who fixes up toys and brings them to life. She gives them personal checkups, fixes their boo boos, and teaches them how to stay happy and healthy. Once she’s done with helping them get back to health, she records all of their injuries in her big boo boo book for when she might need the information again.
Doc McStuffin is a great inspiration for kids. Parents will love the way this doctor analyzes situations to make the right diagnoses for her toy patients, helping kids to learn problem solving skills as well as critical thinking skills. Not only that, but she also helps to reiterate healthy behaviors, such as eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising daily. With the regular checkups she constantly does for her toy friends, she can help your kids overcome their fear of going to the doctors by showing them how painless it really is.

Collect Doc McStuffin doctor’s kits and let your kid’s imaginations run wild, diagnosing illnesses and treating their imaginary patients. You can even purchase doctor’s outfits. Perfect for Halloween costumes or for year round dress-up fun. Purchase her boo boo book so your kids can create and keep their own records of boo boos. A hardcover spiral bound book, with wipe off pages, notebook paper, 2 dry erase crayons, and sparkly stickers. Along with that, you can collect DVD’s, Doc McStuffin stuffed animals, and books (available Jan 2013). Let your kid’s imaginations run free as they aspire to become great doctors like Doc McStuffin.

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