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Littlest Pet Shop and Trolls Toy Lines


We attended Hasbro Toy Fair 2016 in NY to bring you the new toy lines from Hasbro. Most of these new toy lines will be released in time for the Holiday season. Check out our uncut and unfiltered videos for the new versions of Littlest Pet Shop, Trolls and Disney Princess. From the videos you can hear and feel the excitement of the show.

Littlest Pet Shop


Disney Princess


Disney Princess Ariel Small Doll Bath Play Set

Ariel can join your child in the tub with this fun bath play set. Ariel comes dressed in a green lilypad gown, and her skirt opens up when she’s in the water to keep her floating. You can twirl her round and round and watch her dance in the tub with you. If you want to increase your fun collect her other doll friends too (each sold separately) and watch them twirl around together.

The play set is modeled to look like a castle that you can attach to your tub. The set includes a golden swing, slide, and removable cup. Attach the swing under the small purple room and use the cup to pour water from the tub through the top to create a waterfall. Your little mermaid doll will enjoy the waterfall as she swings back and forth. Or Ariel can use the slide to splash into the water.

For ages 3 and up
This set is available on Walmart.com for $19.97


Disney Sofia The First Royal Family Playset

No Disney princess can be complete without her family. Sofia the First is a hit Disney TV show which tells the story of a young princess named Sofia! Sofia’s family is very important and now you can purchase the entire family including Sofia in one playset! This cute little playset has King Roland II, Queen Miranda, Princess Amber, Prince James, and Princess Sofia! No Sofia playset would be complete without the royal family!

Check out the zoolert tracker for the Disney Sofia The First Royal Family Playset!


Disney Sofia The First Magical Talking Castle

With so many new dolls and princesses coming out this year how can you possibly choose? Why not check out the new Disney Sofia the First Magical Talking Castle. This playset is based on the hit new animated series from Disney Junior. Not only is this doll a character that your kids can watch on TV, but it also has cool twists that make it more than just an average doll house. This new playset has the ability to speak! You can click various buttons to make the castle come to life! Hopefully this year is not to crowded with dolls and princesses, but if it is then the Disney Sofia the First Magical Talking Castle is a playset to check out!

You can check out the Disney Sofia The First Magical Talking Castle by going to the zoolert tracker!


My First Disney Princess Magical Wand Cinderella

Check out the zooelrt tracker for the Magical Wand Cinderella Doll

This Cinderella Doll will re-tell a classic Disney tale, but in lights! Use Cinderella’s magical wand and wave it over her heart pendant and she’ll sing and light up for you. She’ll re-create her story including the clock, coaches, castle and more! As she tells you her story, everything light’s up on her beautiful skirt. With 25 different phrases your child will enjoy re-living their favorite Disney fairy tale. This 21 inch doll can also sing songs and comes with a fairy wand and comb. Your child can brush Cinderella’s soft hair as she listens to her tell her story. Enchant your own little princess with this doll, available on amazon.com for $53.87.

This Cinderella Doll was an unpredictable hot toy for 2012.


2011 Mattel Disney Princess Overview NY Toy Fair

This year, the enchanting and magical world of Disney Princess brings to life timeless fairytales and characters adored by little girls the world over. Mattel continues to bring the elegance and beauty of Disney Princess home this year.

We also got a video of the big castle.  I mean, the REAL big one :

Disney Transforming Doll Assortment

One of the most memorable moments from each Disney Princess fairy tale is the magical transformation into a Disney Princess. These special moments are now captured with beautifully detailed dolls that make a complete fairy tale transformation just like in the movies. Each of the four Disney Princess characters in the assortment makes a dramatic change from girl to royalty with a simple twist and turn to reveal their royal ball gown.

ARP: $19.99             Age: 3+                      Available: June 2011

Disney Princess Swimming Ariel

Water play is a splash away with the most iconic mermaid of all – Ariel – as The Swimming Mermaid Ariel doll. Little girls simply turn the seashell at her waist then place Ariel into the water to watch her really swim! Bath time becomes playtime as Ariel’s tail moves up and down as she swims through the water just like in the movie!

ARP: $16.99             Age: 3+                      Available: June 2011

Disney Princess Cinderella’s Carriage

Girls and their Cinderella dolls will arrive at the royal ball in style with the Disney Princess Cinderella’s Carriage. The intricately decorated carriage captures an elegant “pumpkin”-inspired” décor with pink adorned seats and beautiful sparkly details.  Of course, the carriage is pulled by a royal horse to make sure that each princess get to the ball on time! Includes horse and carriage. Doll not included.

ARP: $39.99             Age: 3+                      Available: June 2011

Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle

The quintessential Disney Princess castle that every little girl will want! A fairytale in itself, the castle stands three stories tall, featuring iconic rooms themed to each Disney Princess and more than 50 different play pieces to bring the fairytales to life. Features and areas of play include: Tiana’s kitchen, where she can whip up a pot of “gumbo;” Belle’s dining room where the dolls can “eat” and watch Lumiere and the napkins come to life;  take a ride on Jasmine’s magic carpet elevator to the second floor; Ariel’s under-the-sea bathroom has a seashell tub that even has real bubble sounds; while Snow White’s vanity room is an area to get ready for the ball; each girl can get her beauty rest in Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom where her fairy godmothers are watching over or wish upon a star on the balcony and waltz the night away to enchanted music.  Explore all the rooms for royal fun! Dolls not included.

ARP: $149.99           Age: 3+                      Available: June 2011

Gallery, including OUR pics at 2011 NY Toy Fair!