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Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Playset

Everyone knows that Barbie loves animals, but did you know that Barbie also has a cool pet shop? In the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Pet Shop Barbie has tons of adorable pets that love to play. Barbie owns one cat and two dogs that are as adorable as any pet can get! She also has tons of tools and accessories to help style and groom her pets. All of these features may seem amazing, but the best part about the playset is the actual Pet Shop building. This building has stands, rooms, and beds for Barbie’s pets. Barbies needs your help to groom, care, and love for her pets in the Mega Bloks Build ‘n Style Pet Shop playset!

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Squaredy Cat Tiger Lily – Hands On Review

It’s time to let loose and let your wild side go because Squaredy Cat Tiger Lily is “Not squared to GO WILD!” This cute and adorable little stuffed animal is shaped like a square to prove that it isn’t squared of anything! These cute little animals are $9.99 each (list price) and are great for your sweet little daughters! Each Squaredy cat has its very own unique design as well as it’s very own Squaredy cat quote, and like Tiger Lily says, “Not squared to GO WILD.” Tiger Lily is a cute little tiger that is soft, plushy and has a cute movable tail. My younger sister already has a cute Giggles Squaredy cat, and the Tiger Lily Squaredy cat made two cute square friends! Tiger Lily is full of great detail and is perfect for any Squaredy cat collection. All in all these cats are soft and fun to play with like any other stuffed animal except it has its own unique quote. These cats are truly not squared of anything, and will surly make perfect stuffed animals for any occasion!

You can purchase Squaredy Cat Tiger Lily at: Toys R Us

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– Cute
– Unique quote
– Movable tail
– Soft and plushy
– Shaped like a square (for extra cuteness)

– The tail can get all tangled up
– The tail is a little difficult to get back into place

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.