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LEGO Disney Castle


You can purchase the LEGO Disney Castle at LEGO

Have your kids ever dreamed of having their own Disney Castle? For this holiday season give the gift of magic and joy with the LEGO Disney Castle! This massive play set has everything a Disney fan would love. The Disney Castle comes with 5 iconic minifigures. These minifigures include Mickey Mouse in his fancy tuxedo, Minnie Mouse in her adorable red dress, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck in their usual get up, and Tinker Bell! The castle features tons of magical treasures, and is loaded with details. There are four floors inside the castle. Each floor is unique, and features some sort of feature that makes the Disney Castle fun to play with. The first floor contains the main hall. There is mosaic floor tiling, and the room is filled with decorations on the wall. The second floor has dark blue curtains, and an ornate buildable candelabrum. The third floor is filled with chests that contain spell books. Finally, the fourth floor features a kitchen with all the utensils you will need to make the ultimate feast. Those were not all of the features that this castle has. Those were only a handful of the features that can be found in the castle. The holidays are right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to give your kids a magical gift with the LEGO Disney Castle play set! The set is for kids ages 16+, comes with 4080 LEGO pieces, and is $349.99 MSRP.



Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent


Being a princess is every little girls’ dream. With the Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent, becoming a princess feels more realistic. This castle tent comes in pink and is light and easy to assemble. The Click N’ Play Girl’s Princess Castle Play Tent is portable and can be used indoor or outdoor. You can get this tent from for $19.99.



LEGO Angry Birds King Pig’s Castle


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This is the final stand. There is no backing down now! In the new LEGO King Pig’s Castle you can help Red and Mighty Eagle take down the evil pigs for good!

This LEGO set is loaded with play ability and LEGO minifigures. King Pig’s Castle comes with five minifigures. These minifigures include Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig. Three pigs against two birds. The odds don’t seem all that fair. Plus, the birds are in enemy territory! Don’t worry though because the birds did not come empty handed. Red has a special catapult that can launch him at the poorly designed Pig Castle. You can aim Red at the boulders or TNT to cause mass chaos inside of the castle.

The castle itself also has a few unique features. The castle has movable gates, a spiral egg chute, spinning tower, collapsible mini-tower and so much more! In the new LEGO King Pig’s Castle you and your kids can have loads of fun launching Red at the evil pigs, while using the neat castle features to recreate all of your favorite scenes from the Angry Birds movie! King Pig’s castle is for kids ages 8 – 14, comes with 859 LEGO pieces, and is $89.99 MSRP.


Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent


You can purchase the Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent at

At some point in every young girl’s life they will wish that they were a princess living in a majestic castle. With the Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent you can make those wishes come true. The Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent is great for either indoor or outdoor play. The tent has a fabric door that can be rolled up and tied down. This will make it easy for your little girls to crawl in and out of the tent. The tent also includes perforated windows. This will allow air to move in and out of the tent while keeping bugs out. Every little girl dreams of having their very own castle, and now it can finally become a reality without completely emptying out your wallet. The Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent is for girls ages 3+, and is $22.99 at Amazon (price may vary).


Lalaloopsy Tinies Sew Royal Castle


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The Lalaloopsy dolls are ready to play in their beautiful castle with this Sew Royal Castle playset. This playhouse comes with two Lalaloopsy Tinies Dolls, a pony, a carriage, a pillow, and a fan. It comes with all the needed materials for you to create adventures in this castle with your cute little Lalaloopsy doll. Each Lalaloopsy Tinies House is packed with personality that matches with the Lalaloopsy doll. Each playhouse is the perfect size for you dolls and you’ll enjoy creating your own stories and adventures. Collect the different playhouses and expand your Lalaloopsy collection.

For ages 4 and up


Princess Castle Reusable Sticker Pad


Available on for $4.99

This Princess Castle Reusable Sticker Pad will really bring the creator out in you! Use the five different glossy backgrounds to create your princess fairytale. These reusable pads will enable you to keep the fun going! The cling-style stickers are easy pace on the pads, and peel off when you want to create a new picture.

The backgrounds include a royal bedroom, ballroom, throne room, a garden promenade, and brook-side garden. The sticker book is also bound at the top for easy storage, and ability to take this book around anywhere. Take it with you on long car trips to stay entertained. Purchase a few of these princess castle reusable sticker pads and use them as stocking stuffers, or goody-bag gifts, whatever the case, kids will love being able to let their creativity loose with these stickers.

For ages 4 years and up


LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle


You can purchase the LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle at

The LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle is the perfect play set for any medieval fans because it has Knights, skeletons, catapults, and so much more! You can build your castle and put it under siege by using the catapults and blocks to attempt to knock down the walls, or you can use your knights to have one on one-sword fights! The possibilities are endless when it comes to LEGOs. It’s up to you to save the castle, and stop the enemies’ attack in the new LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle play set!

This play set comes with 480 LEGO pieces, is for kids’ ages 4 – 7, and is $49.99 MSRP.


LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle Play Set


You can purchase the LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle Play Set at

Are your kids ready for the next big step in the LEGO universe? If your kids are too big for the LEGO Duplo play sets, but you don’t think they are ready for ordinary LEGO pieces then the LEGO Juniors play sets are perfect! These LEGO sets come with LEGO pieces very similar to any ordinary LEGO piece, but they are slightly easier to use.

If your little girls have a passion for building, but don’t want any of the LEGO play sets that are mainly for boys then the LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle is the perfect play set for them! The LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle comes with 150 LEGO pieces, is for kids’ ages 4 – 7, and is $14.99. There are also a ton of different accessories that come with the play set that you can use to create your own scenes. It’s time to use your imagination and building skills to create your own castle for the royal princess!


LEGO: Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

For all the creative princesses out there that love to construct and build toys, Cinderella’s Romantic Castle by LEGO is a great way to let that creativity shine. Enjoy a romantic night with Cinderella and her Prince Charming as they dance around the ballroom. Even Lucifer the cat, and Bruno, Cinderella’s dog is there! With many rooms in this LEGO palace Cinderella and Prince Charming can spend the night exploring and having many great adventures. Help Cinderella and her Prince find the special key needed to unlock the treasure chest filled with jewels, look for the hidden love note, or let them enjoy a quiet night by the fireplace. Just watch out for the time though. Once the clock strikes 12 Cinderella must leave the palace, and like in the story, don’t forget to leave her glass slipper on the steps so her Prince Charming can find her later!

This LEGO set includes 646 pieces; 2 mini doll figures (Cinderella, and Prince Charming), Lucifer, Bruno, flags, a throne, a clock, beds for each pet, a room for Cinderella as well as an outdoor eating area, a river, bridge, decorative flowers, a swing, Cinderella’s glass slipper, a love letter, tiara, 5 heart shaped diamonds, a treasure chest and key, a lipstick and brush, and as well as a bone for Bruno and cat bowl for Lucifer. This set when assembled measures over 11” high, 9” wide, and 8” deep.

A minor con to this set is that putting together this castle could be a bit difficult for younger children and the small pieces are also a chocking hazard. But with any Lego set, if your young princess loves to construct and build things, this LEGO toy castle offers many possibilities for them to recreate Cinderella’s story in an entertaining and productive way.

Age: 6-12 years
Price: $69.99

You can view this toy on LEGO or Amazon website.


Disney Sofia The First Magical Talking Castle

With so many new dolls and princesses coming out this year how can you possibly choose? Why not check out the new Disney Sofia the First Magical Talking Castle. This playset is based on the hit new animated series from Disney Junior. Not only is this doll a character that your kids can watch on TV, but it also has cool twists that make it more than just an average doll house. This new playset has the ability to speak! You can click various buttons to make the castle come to life! Hopefully this year is not to crowded with dolls and princesses, but if it is then the Disney Sofia the First Magical Talking Castle is a playset to check out!

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