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Inno Tech Magnetic Building Blocks 76 Pieces Play Set


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Building blocks are a great way to help your kids learn while at the same time keeping them entertained. Innoo Tech has a new set of building blocks that are not your ordinary square wooden blocks. The Magnetic Building Blocks 76 Piece Play Set is a new and innovative way to get your kids to play and learn at the same time. Magnets are and easy, and safe way to spark your kids imagination. Magnets allow for easy building that will stay in one piece. The play set includes 26 letter cards, 2 pentagons, 2 pairs of wheels, 20 squares, 22 equilateral triangles, and 4 long triangles. The varying shapes will allow your kids to build anything that their minds can think up! You can build different types of cars, buildings, or even large shapes. You can use these creations to get your kids to learn about the different shapes, or manmade structures that exist. Building blocks are pretty old fashion, but turn those building blocks into building magnets, and your kids will have a whole new way to build, explore, and learn! With Inno Tech’s Magnetic Build Blocks your kids can learn their shapes and letters while at the same time sparking creativity and fun! The Magnetic Building Blocks 76 Pieces Play Set is for kids ages 3 and older, and is $19.99 MSRP.


Lego Winter Village Market Play Set

Even though Summer is far from gone, you can still have fun with winter related products! Lego’s new Winter Village Market play set is a play set that will satisfy your winter weather cravings without ruining the summer weather! This play set has tons of great features and minifigures that any Lego lover will adore. The Winter Village Market play set has four small market shops and a working carousel. Yes, a working carousel! There are gears inside of the carousel that will help make this play set work like an actual carousel! This play set also includes nine different minifigures that will help make the market seem a little more lively! Winter may not be on its way, but that does not mean that you can’t have a little fun with all of the cool new winter toys that are coming out this year!

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Lego Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush

Lego continues to create amazing and fun new playsets that will blow any Lego fan away! The new Lego Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush is one of the cool new Lord of the Rings playsets that you can purchase. this playset is not just big, but it’s also extremely detailed! The pirate ship that comes with the playset has tons of weapons, chains, sails, minifigures, and so much more! Lego has always been one of the best known retailers for building blocks, and with the new Lego Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush Lego is really showing off their superiority in the building blocks industry!

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Lego Hero Factory – Jet Rocka

The evil brains are attacking and the heroes need another way to maneuver around these devious little creatures. The Jet Rocka is one of the new defense systems that will help your heroes stay safe. This handy jet pack like device will give your heroes the upper hand when fighting the evil brains! But how will this device help your heroes? Easy, this jet pack will give your heroes the ability to fly! With the aerial advantage, your heroes can shoot down the enemies and make an easy escape. With the ability to fly over enemies, shoot down brains, and block incoming attacks, the heroes will finally have what it takes to stop the evil brains from taking over!

This play set features:

– Pose-able legs and arms
– Flick fire missiles and a plasma ball shooter
– Wing blades
– Detachable jetpack

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Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House

The monsters are ready to come out and play in the new Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House! This Lego play set has tons of cool and scary monsters! From Frankenstein to Dracula this play set will add some scare factor into your Lego collection! Other cool characters include zombies and glow in the dark ghosts! Even though the mini figures seems to good to be true the old building that the play set comes with actually looks like a haunted house. All of the walls, windows, and doors are battered and broken. This gives the house an old and spooky feel. If you want to spook up your Lego collection then the Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House is for you!

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Lego Friends Brick Calendar

Do you want a cool new stylish calendar made out of Lego bricks? If you do then the Lego Friends Brick Calendar is for you! This unique playset is perfect for play and for keeping track of time. You can build cool and unique calendars that will look stylish and fit perfectly in your room. The set comes with your basic number blocks and Lego pieces that have specific months and days of the week! You can rearrange and organize this Lego set in any way you would like that will make your room more stylish, and at the same time will help you stay on track!

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New Lego Friends Playsets

Lego has once again created new Lego Friends playsets! These new playsets are small, cute, and perfect for any Friends collection! Each playsets feature a different animal for your Lego Friends dolls. These animals are as cute as any little toy animal can get. Each animal has a cute smile and a detailed body. These cute little animals are ready to be adopted and hopefully you are ready to take them into your Lego Friends collection.

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Lego Friends Pencil Holder

Is anyone here a huge Lego fan? One thing for sure is that I am a huge Lego fan, but what I hate about owning a ton of different Lego sets is that they always cluster up my desks and leave a huge mess. Unfortunately, I end up cleaning my desk and the first things that have to go back into my drawers are my Lego sets. Now Lego has come up with a cute new Lego Friends set that can help you clean up that cluster on your desk without making you move the Lego sets on your desk! The new Lego Friends Pencil Holder is a very simple yet helpful new playset that can help you keep organized! This new playset can store pencils, paperclips, and other small items! This means that you can style your desk or office place with the Lego Friends Pencil Holder and not have to worry about moving it because it is helping you stay organized! With the new Lego Friends Pencil Holder you no longer have to move your Lego sets off of your desk!

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Lego Lone Ranger Playsets

Are you ready for some fun new Lego playsets? It looks like Lego is taking a step back and recreating the Wild West! The new Lone Ranger playsets have everyone’s favorite features of the Wild West! You have cowboys riding horses and people riding station wagons! These playsets can really get your little kids into the old western spirit! With all of the incredible detail and creative new sets the Wild West is waiting for you!

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New Lego Ninjago Toys Coming December 31, 2012

On December 31, 2012 Lego will be releasing their new line up of Ninjago products! These new Lego sets will feature cool new weapons, vehicles, and buildings! Lego Ninjago play sets have really taken off since their release. They have really caught the attention of kids and were even popular enough to receive their own TV show on Cartoon Network! These cool new Lego sets feature the Ninjago Warrior Bike, the Cole Earth Driller, Garmatron and so much more!

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