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Star Wars Black Series Rouge One Imperial Death Trooper


You can purchase the Star Wars Black Series Rouge One Imperial Death Trooper at

Expand your Star Wars collection today with the Star Wars Black Series Rouge One Imperial Death Trooper Action Figure. The Imperial Death Trooper is a 6” action figure complete with movable joints. You can bend his legs and arms to get your trooper to make the perfect fighting stance. You can decorate your office space, bedroom, or any other area of your house with this collector-grade Imperial Death Trooper figure. Aside from your Death Trooper, the set also contains two accessories. These are the Imperial Trooper’s blasters. You can place the blasters in the Imperial Death Trooper’s hands to make him look like he is aiming at his target. If you are a Star Wars fanatic then the Star Wars Black Series Rouge One Imperial Death Trooper is something you may want to add to your holiday check list! The Imperial Death Trooper is recommended for anyone ages 4 and older, and is $19.99 MSRP.


DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Black Adam Forever Evil Action Figure


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Black Adam is a notorious villain known for his rivalry against Shazam. If you are a huge Black Adam fan then DC has a treat for you! The DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Series has created the Black Adam Forever Evil Action Figure for you to collect! The Black Adam action figure stands at 6” tall. He comes with multiple accessories, and is exceptionally detailed. More importantly you can pose Black Adam to make him look as if he is fighting, or just standing. Thanks to his poseable limbs he can be placed into any position that suits you. You can put him on your desk, cabinet, or book shelf to show off your love of the DC universe. Expand your DC collection with the DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Black Adam Forever Evil Action Figure! Black Adam is $24.96 MSRP.


Star Wars the Black Series Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso


You can purchase the Star Wars the Black Series Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso at

Star Wars the Black Series Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso is a great collectable for any Star Wars fan. She is 6 inches tall, and has articulating joints. Jyn Erso is extremely detailed, and is collector-grade quality. With all of this you can easily show off your Jyn Erso figure by posing her on your shelf, desk, or anywhere you see fit. The high detailing and movable joints allow for you to pose her beautifully in any position. Have her stand tall ready to take orders, or have her kneeling down ready to take a killing shot with her blaster. You can expand your Star Wars collection with The Black Rogue Series One Sergent Jyn Erso action figure! Jyn Erso is recommended for anyone ages 4 and older, and is $19.99 MSRP.


Black Ops III Beta Hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC in August


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If you have been dying to get your hands on Black Ops III ever since it has been announced, then maybe Activision has something to keep you PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers entertained for the time being. If you’ve pre-ordered Black Ops III for the PC, PS4, or Xbox One, then August should be quite a fun month for you. On August 19TH all of the PS4 fans will be able to get there hands on the Black Ops III Beta. This Beta will be available from August 19th through August 23rd. Wait but what about all of the PC, and Xbox One users? When does the beta come out for them? Don’t worry! Obviously, Activision hasn’t forgotten about you Xbox and PC lovers. From August 26 through August 30th all PC, and Xbox One users who pre-order Black Ops III will be granted access to the free online Beta. So, while we all wait eagerly for the Black Ops III beta don’t forget to redeem your Beta code if you’ve pre-ordered Black Ops III.


It Looks Like Black Ops III Is Official!


If you are interested in the new Call of Duty Black Ops III game, then boy do I have some good news for you. Call of Duty has released an official trailer for this game. Now, instead of watching the Black Ops III teaser over and over again, there is finally some more footage of the game that you can analyze. Overall, the game has some interesting features. There was wall running, and some sort of robot control. In the video the player places his hand up in the air as a drone flies by, and the drone is now under the player’s command. Features like this could really make the game exciting. Now I am not going to ruin anymore surprises for all of you Call of Duty fans out there, but the last thing I will say is that there is a little teaser at the end of the video which reveals everyone favorite game mode from the Black Ops series. If you’re a Call of Duty Black Ops fan, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Black Ops III Trailer:


Black Ops III Is Coming!


Is it true? Am I really hearing this correctly? A new Black ops game is coming out? If you’re skeptical about the possibility that a Black Ops III game is on the way, then I am here to change your mind. A new teaser video has just been uploaded, and so far all we know is that a “world reveal” for this game will happen on April 26, 2015. Not much happens in the trailer. Numbers and letters fly around the screen as an audio is played in the back. These numbers and letters eventually fade away, and the familiar black and orange Roman numeral two pops up on the screen. From here the Roman numeral begins to split and the Roman numeral for the number three appears. But, are you ready for another Black Ops game? Or was Black Ops 2 as far as Treyarch should’ve gone? Comment down below to let us Know! You can also check out the teaser for yourself by clicking on the video down below.

Black Ops III Teaser:


Black Friday Is On Its Way


10, 9, 8, 7, … it’s a countdown to the time of year where all of those cool toys that you wish you could buy for your kids are finally within your grasp! Black Friday is on its way, and Amazon is filled to the rim with toys that are 30%, 40%, and 50% off its original price. Don’t wait because before you know it everything you want will be out of stock, so put on those gloves and get ready for another crazy Black Friday!

You can check out Amazon’s Black Friday Deals at


Zoomer Minis

Have you ever wanted a dog just like Zoomer but smaller? If you have now you can get them in the fall of 2014! These lovable robot puppies have different personalities and styles. Here is a list of their names: Candy, Roxy, Scarlet, and Spot.

Girls can now have a teacup sized ZOOMER™ that matches their own personality and style. Each of the seven pups has its own name and style. There’s one to match every outfit! They have the same iconic LED eyes as ZOOMER™ that truly bring him to life. ZOOMER MINIS have five ways to play, including interactive moods, touch sensors, music player, mini games and poseable legs. These adorable little guys make the perfect purse pup.

Age: 5+
Suggested Retail Price: $39.99
Available: Fall 2014


New Pokemon Black and White II Game

I guess the producers of Pokemon never run out of new Pokemon games because in the fall of 2012 a new Pokemon Black and White 2 game will be coming out for the DS. From what I know the game is going to be set about 2 years after the Pokemon Black and White game and there will be new characters to choose from as well as a new rival to fight! Other new items and places include: a new professor, a new hometown, and new legendary Pokemon. From playing Pokemon White with my little sister I am not so sure if the producers of Pokemon can continue to invent new Pokemon especially after seeing Vanilluxe. Once I noticed that they were using dairy products to create Pokemon it meant that they are running out of ideas. Hopefully this new game will not disappoint and hopefully Nintendo will continue to release more information about the game.


Walgreens – 2010 Black Friday Ad Scan PDF and Images! Yes, Walgreens!

(Being a PA person, seeing beer as a Walgreens BF item is VERY foreign and funny to me!)

Anyway, here it is :

It’s Walgreens’ time!

Download and view :

Walgreens Black Friday 2010 Image Scan!

Just get it!

It’s the Walgreens 2010 Black Friday ad in PDF format for you to drool and prepare with!