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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action Figure Hands On Review


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Who here is ready for some awesome web slinging action? If you are then check out the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action figure! This action figure comes with a 10 inch talking Spider-Man action figure; two web shooters that activate different sound effects on Spider-Man, one AA battery, and instructions. This action figure is no ordinary figure. It comes equipped with two different web slingers that activate different sound effects on Spider-Man. These sound effects vary depending on how you activate the sound. You can either press the button on his stomach, or you can lift his arm to activate Spider-Man’s clever phrases and sound effects.

Overall, the Triple Attack Spider-Man action figure is fun to play with because it has over 25 different sound effects. These sound effects will rotate depending on the movements you make on Spider-Man, or the weapon placed on his arm. It’s nice to see Hasbro taking an extra step to get in more sound effects into this action figure because playing the same old sound effects over and over again can be very boring. This adds variety and playability into the toy. So, if you’re ever stuck in a sticky situation your friendly neighborhood -Triple Attack- Spider-Man will be there to help you out!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action figure is for kids’ ages 4+, and is $21.99 MSRP.

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LEGO Duplo Treasure Attack


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If your kids are slowly becoming more interested in building blocks then you should think about getting them a LEGO Duplo playset. LEGO Duplo playsets are just like any ordinary Lego set except instead of ordinary Legos they use larger Lego pieces. This makes it easier for your kids to grab, build, and play with any of the LEGO Duplo sets.

Don’t let the villians run away with your treasure! The knights of the Duplo universe need your help to stop the thief from stealing all of the gold from your castle. You can use your catapult, swords, and axes to stop the horse carriage from getting away! The LEGO Duplo Treasure Attack playset comes with 46 Lego pieces, is for kids age 2 – 5, and is $29.99 MSRP. The thief is getting away, but with your help you and your knights can stop the thief from getting away and save the treasure!


Ionix Dragon 2 Toothless Viking Attack


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You can purchase the Ionix Dragon 2 Toothless Viking Attack playset at

It looks like Spin Master is jumping in and making their very own How To Train Your Dragon 2 products. The new Ionix Dragons 2 are building blocks that can be assembled into all of your favorite dragons from the new How To Train Your Dragon movie.

Toothless needs your help! Eret the dragon hunter is back and this time he has brought a new weapon to capture Toothless! In the new Ionix Dragon 2 Toothless Viking Attack playset Toothless needs your help to stop Eret from capturing more innocent dragons. Eret’s new war machine has a net that is large enough to hold any dragon. Toothless will need to use his skill, accuracy, and wit to defeat Eret and save the dragons of Berk. The Ionix Dragon 2 Toothless Viking Attack playset is $19.99 MSRP and should be kept away from kids’ ages 3 and younger. With Eret and his new war machine running free dragons everywhere will need your help to stop this new dragon capturing machine!