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Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace

This enchanted princess palace will bring your Go! Go! Smart Friends to life. With fun phrases, lights, songs, and more the castle comes alive when you place your Go! Go! Friends on any of the five MagicPoints.

Put any of the friends on one of these touch points and they’ll be able to have a conversation with the included Princess Darla! (More Go! Go! Friends sold separately). The palace features numerous fun accessories such as a bed, harp, mirror, three light-up buttons and a clock that introduces words, colors, letters and more. As well, it comes with multiple rooms for your children to roam and explore!

The palace expands to over 4 feet wide and will be endless fun for your children as they create their own adventures with Princess Darla and the Go! Go! Friends. The palace also has different mechanical features that spin, turn, and open to encourage the development of fine motor skills. The set requires 2 AAA batteries. Recommended for ages 18 months to 5 years. Find this toy using our Zoolert Tracker!


Lego Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit (1158 Piece)

This Lego Ferrari is what every car loving enthusiast or car loving child will cherish. The Lego Ferrari features an array of brick-built details that mirror the Ferrari F40!

The Lego F40 features a hinged, vented rear hatch, and a detailed twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine with a quick release function, opening doors, and an opening hood with luggage compartment and tools. As well, the Lego F40 features pop-up headlights, cabled door hinges, windscreen element with printed A-pillars, a steering wheel with the Ferrari logo, 2 red racing seats and custom-made molded rim inserts. The car comes in its traditional red color and cannot look any more authentic!

Lift the vented rear hatch to take a closer look at the V8 engine, and open the driver/passenger door to reveal the detailed interior of the car. With 1158 pieces, your child will enjoy taking the time to put this iconic Ferrari F40 together, and collectors will enjoy adding this Lego set to their collection. Either way, this makes a wonderful and unique holiday gift for this season. Find it, using our Zoolert Tracker!


Doc McStuffinsville Hospital

Help Doc McStuffins save the day! In her hospital playset, there’s room for any patient in need.
The playset features four characters, Chief Resident Doc, Rhonda the helicopter, Lambie, and baby Cece.

The playset also includes fun lights and sounds and kid-powered features for a realistic effect to their storytelling. This playset includes a reception area, a command center, a nursery, a vet clinic, and a check-up center. Choose the appropriate room to send all of your patients! There is also a moving walkway, light-up x-ray table, rocking cribs, spinning mobiles, and a ball pit. These are just some of the fun features in Doc’s hospital that will keep your kids entertained.

If there is a patient in need that’s too far away, just call Rhonda the helicopter! She’ll scoop Doc up and bring her to the waiting patient. Then when its times to return to the hospital, there’s a helipad Rhonda can land on. All featured with this playset. Nonstandard batteries are required and included. Find this using the Zoolert Tracker!


WowWee CHiP the Lovable Robot Dog

What better to gift your child this holiday season than a pet dog?! Well, a robot pet dog. Chip will become a loved household pet for you and your children alike!

Chip is friendly, loves to play and he can be very affectionate too. When you wear your Smart Band, Chip will recognize you and follow you around. He also responds to your commands, but like a real dog, you have to teach and train him first! Use the Smart Band, or the Smart App to train Chip. Once Chip is trained enough, he understands voice commands and even hand gestures! Chip features light-up eyes, advanced sensors and smart accessories so he can react to his surroundings as well as your commands.

Chip comes with a smart ball, and a smart bed. Roll the ball around and Chip will chase after it and play soccer or fetch. With his Mecanum wheels, Chip is able to easily roll around on indoor surfaces. Pick Chip’s two front legs up, and he’ll dance with you, or nuzzle your nose against his nose to show him affection.

When Chip gets tired (AKA he’s running out of batteries) he will let you know by returning back to his Smart Pad for a recharging nap. Or, if the Smart Pad is too far out of range, Chip will let you know that he needs your help to get there. Chip’s high tech sensors and real-time processing helps him to speak, see, listen, and feel.

A great gift for any child hoping to have a dog someday and for children who love animals in general. Chip comes with a SmartBand, SmartBall, SmartBed, and downloadable app for smartphone or tablet. Find Chip using our Tracker!


Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset with Exclusive Diamond Arctic Wolf

Get ready to rock and roll with this colorful Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset. This Animal Jam Club plays three exclusive Animal Jam songs and features working LED spotlights and a spinning disco ball. You can also collect accessories to customize your animal and mix and match accessories from all the Fancy Friends group. Club Geoz also includes one code that unlocks exclusive content in the popular online game, Animal Jam. Best yet, it comes with the beautiful, exclusive Diamond Arctic Wolf! Collect all the Fancy Friends and enjoy putting on a great show. Use the Zoolert tracker to help you find this playset!


DC Super Hero Girls 12 inch Action Doll – Supergirl

There’s always an adventure waiting for Supergirl. She’s the natural leader of the Super Hero Girls at Super Hero High with her focus on justice. She and her friends are learning to harness their strong powers and studying for tests on how to put criminals away.

This Supergirl doll stands 12 inches tall and is dressed in her trademark red and blue dress with the Supergirl logo on it. She also wears a cape, a blue headband and red kicks for a stylish appearance. This Supergirl doll is highly articulated so she can stand on her own, allowing for your child to create fun and convincing adventures. Collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls to get the gang together to save the day! Available using our Tracker.


Hot Wheels A.I. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

The Toy Insider has listed this toy as its Toy Insider Hot 20 winner! Hot Wheels has created a great race set with enhanced Artificially Intelligent smart cars that help the cars to stay on the track!

The A.I controls the rival race cars who are in a fast competition against you. These cars are competitive and want to be the ones to reach the finish line first, can you beat them with your car? There is a Championship Mode for those high-tech racers that will certainly test your driving skills. In this mode there is virtual obstacles like hazards, oil spills, and tire blowouts. The set features many ways that it can be reconfigured. With 16 plus feet of track and 40 plus layouts, your child will not get tired of this race system. This set includes 2 high-performance smart cars, 2 gaming controllers, and gameplay modes for all ages. There are 20 pieces in total. Available using our tracker!


Littlest Pet Shop Pets in the City Active Adventures

Get ready for a day filled with fun and adventure with the Littlest Pet Shop Pets! This City Active Adventures Playset comes with 15 pet friends; a hedgehog, kangaroo, ladybug, peacock, spaniel, kitty, zebra, a sloth, owl, panda, giraffe, turtle, seal, duck, and fish.

The whole gang is here and ready to play! The set also comes with eleven activity accessories that will add to your storytelling fun. Play soccer, tennis, go skating, and more with these Littlest Pets! You can also bring your pets to life using the LPS Your World App. Once the app is launched you just hold the pet and scan the code to unlock your pet in your virtual world! Play games and complete goals in the app to earn rewards. Available using our Tracker!


LEGO NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster


LEGO has created a set for the series Nexo Knights. The Nexo Knights Knighton Battle Blaster comes with two minifigures, double disc shooter, storage chest, two axes, sword, crossbow, a helmet, and a visor. This set will build your child’s imagination and constructional skills. This set is available on for $7.99.



DC Comics Super Hero Girls Action Figure – Harley Quinn

Ready to crack some jokes? Harley Quinn is! Harley is the class clown of her high school class. She loves to lighten the mood with jokes and her acrobatics.

This Harley Quinn doll stands 12 inches tall and comes with her signature giant mallet. She combines her traditional look with a modern twist, wearing a cute red-and-black diamond printed top, blue jean shorts, red-and-black colored tights, stylish blue sneakers and goggles. As well, this Harley Quinn doll is highly articulated so she can stand on her own, allowing for your child to create fun and convincing adventures. Collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls to get the gang together to save the day. Available using our Tracker.