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Samsung Gear VR Powered By Oculus

Samsung Geavr VR

Have you ever wondered what a movie would be like if you were suddenly dropped into it? To turn your head 360 degrees and see what anyone else in the movie would see. It seems just a little to unreal, but thanks to the new Samsung Gear VR you can experience a movie in 360 degrees.

The Samsung Gear VR is $99, comes with one Gear VR, manual, health and safety guide, straps, a front cover, and one box.

Now that we’ve discussed all of the boring details lets jump into the actual product. The Gear VR has all the right components to make it a high end, extremely fun, 360 virtual reality headset. There are plenty of apps, videos, movies, etc. that you can choose from. Some are free, and others need to be purchased.

Watching anything on the Gear VR makes you feel like you are a part of the action. My personal favorite video is riding on a Star Wars Speeder. As you ride on the speeder you can turn your head to witness the amazing scenery. The Gear VR may seem like an advanced piece of hardware, but in reality it is easy to use. The headpiece has a sensory device that lets the Gear VR know when you put the headset on. Once you’ve secured the headset you can begin using the device. Tilt your head to move the cursor, and use the buttons on the side of the device to select whatever your cursor is on.

It’s truly hard to describe how unique, and fun the Gear VR is without trying it for yourself. All you can really do is speculate the feeling of being on a Star Wars speeder, or being attacked by giants in the clash of clan’s game. The only issue I came across while using this device is that the quality of the image is not as spectacular as I would’ve liked. The images are clear, and in no way difficult to see, but you can easily tell that the images are not HD quality.

Overall, the Gear VR is a unique device that is guaranteed to bring hours of fun, or relaxation. For $99 you can experience things that you would have never been able to experience in your entire lifetime.

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– Easy to use
– Has a built in tutorial
– People with glasses can easily use this device
– Extremely fun

– Device can not be used with a phone case
– Image/videos are not high quality


Dying Light Review

dying light

You can purchase Dying Light at

Finally! It is in my possession! Dying Light is by far one of the greatest games I have played in a long time. It has great features that make it fun, energizing, and a good ZOMGIE game. Good games are hard to come by, and good Zombie games are even harder to come by. My standards for a zombie game are pretty high, but this game passed all of my tests with flying colors. So where do I start?
Lets start with the gameplay. I am using my Alienware PC to play this game. My PC has an Intel i7 Core CPU, I have 8 GB of RAM, and I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. With all of this being said the game still lags a bit during intense cut scenes or hectic fight scenes. This is not a huge problem because the lag is minor, and it doesn’t really interfere with much of the gameplay. At most I’ve had a 1 – 2 second lag, and it was only during a cut scene so its not like I was getting pulverized by a zombie horde or anything. So, out of all the gameplay I’ve gone through this is the only major issue I could find. Everything else runs smoothly. Scaling walls, beating a zombie’s head in with a pipe, or just talking to other CPUs are flawless. Overall, the gameplay is smooth, and crisp.
But what about actually playing the game? Slow down their cowboy! I was just about to get there. The gameplay is… uh… well… I’d say… IT’S FREAKING AMAZING! Parkour + zombie apocalypse = SUPER FUN! Having the ability to scale walls, and evade zombies’ makes so much more sense to me than spraying and praying. Trying to kill every zombie you see would take too much time and effort. Plus, at night the zombies turn into… well I’ll just let you figure that out for yourself! And to top it all off the time used to kill zombies could be used to find supplies, or get to safety. In Dying Light you can use the time spent on not killing zombies to craft weapons, search for resources, completing missions, and so much more. All of your hard work will pay off once you level up and earn skill points to level up your character. You can learn crazy skills like dodge. This will help you evade zombies, all the more reason not to kill them all. In Dying Light you have the ability to scale walls with ease, jump over walls, or any parkour trick you can imagine. Zombie survival is all about evading, and not about killing. Staying alive is your priority, not killing everything that moves. Overall, I give Dying Light a 9 out of 10. It has great game mechanics, the game runs smoothly, and it’s NOT all about shooting. I have a feeling that this game is going to dominate most of my free time from now until I finish it. So, my recommendation is get the game! It is a great new game for all you zombie lovers, and you also have the option of playing Co-op with your friends. Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got a lot more intense!

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LEGO The Movie MetalBeard’s Sea Cow 70810 Set

There has been many LEGO The Movie sets that have been released in 2014. But The MetalBeard’s Sea Cow 70810 is the biggest set of them all and is extremely exclusive, and hard to find. The set comes with an instruction booklet which contains close to 300 pages. The set also includes a whopping 2741 pieces. This set is for ages 14 or up. The booklet instructions details nine steps to completing the MetalBeard’s Sea Cow set. This set is a great way for kids to recreate some of their favorite scenes from the LEGO Movie, or imagine some more exciting adventures of their own. Purchase some other LEGO Movie LEGO sets and continue building onto your LEGO Movie world!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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Step 6:

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Step 9:



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WowWee Mip Hands On Review


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Have you ever wanted an interactive robot of your own? If you said yes to the previous question then WowWee would be happy to introduce to you the Mip interactive robot. When you purchase your Mip robot the box contains one Mip robot black or white, instructions in multiple languages, a quick start guide, a stand, and a carrying tray. This robot is no ordinary toy. Mip has tons of different features that really make him a special toy that your kids can easily connect with. Mip has different settings that will make him act differently in his environment, and to indicate whether or not Mip has changed settings you can look at his belly. When you change the mode/settings on Mip his belly will change to a certain color. You can also control Mip through any Bluetooth device (as long as that device has the Mip app)!

So, first lets start off with Mip’s different modes/settings. To change Mip’s modes/settings you will need to rotate either of his wheels clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can tell that Mip is changing modes because his belly will begin to light up different colors (blue is default, pink is stacking, white is cage, red is tricks, yellow is roaming, turquoise is dancing, and orange is tracking). All of these settings can easily be rotated to whatever setting you’d like. But how does Mip preform all of these modes/settings without running into certain objects in his environment? Easy! Mip has sensors in his head that will let him know if there is an object in the way. Not only can you use objects to get Mip to stop or go, but you can use your hands as well! With certain motions of the hand Mip will move forwards, backwards, or side to side. These hand gestures are easy to use on Mip because his sensors work perfectly!

Next, and my personal favorite, is Mip’s ability to be controlled through a Bluetooth device. The Mip App has tons of different settings that you can rotate through. First you have the drive setting. Basically, you just control Mip with the joysticks on the Bluetooth device. Next we have the Cans setting. In this setting you can take a bunch of different cans and drop them into the Mip head on the screen. These cans contain different emotions that your actual Mip will imitate. You can make your Mip happy, sad, angry, etc. Another setting on the Mip app is the dance setting. This is my favorite setting because on the dance setting you can play your favorite songs and Mip will dance along! Other settings on the Mip app include the battle setting, boxing setting, path setting, and stack setting.

Overall, Mip is a fantastic robot. His sensors work without hesitation and all of the different settings make him one of the most unique and playable toys that I’ve ever seen. But the fun doesn’t end with Mip’s normal settings. You can switch over to a Bluetooth device and watch as Mip turns from an ordinary free roaming robot to an awesome self controlled robot! The Mip robot is for kid’s ages 8+, and is $99.99 MSRP.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action Figure Hands On Review


You can purchase the Triple Attack Spider-Man at

Who here is ready for some awesome web slinging action? If you are then check out the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action figure! This action figure comes with a 10 inch talking Spider-Man action figure; two web shooters that activate different sound effects on Spider-Man, one AA battery, and instructions. This action figure is no ordinary figure. It comes equipped with two different web slingers that activate different sound effects on Spider-Man. These sound effects vary depending on how you activate the sound. You can either press the button on his stomach, or you can lift his arm to activate Spider-Man’s clever phrases and sound effects.

Overall, the Triple Attack Spider-Man action figure is fun to play with because it has over 25 different sound effects. These sound effects will rotate depending on the movements you make on Spider-Man, or the weapon placed on his arm. It’s nice to see Hasbro taking an extra step to get in more sound effects into this action figure because playing the same old sound effects over and over again can be very boring. This adds variety and playability into the toy. So, if you’re ever stuck in a sticky situation your friendly neighborhood -Triple Attack- Spider-Man will be there to help you out!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Triple Attack Spider-Man Action figure is for kids’ ages 4+, and is $21.99 MSRP.

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Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals Hands On Review


You can purchase the Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals Doll at

The Lalaloopsy dolls are back and this time they are cuter than ever! Today we will be reviewing the Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals doll. This toy comes with the doll (the doll has removable apparel), and a pet ladybug. Just like any doll, the Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals doll has removable clothes. These pieces of clothing can easily be replaced or exchanged so that you can dress up your doll with whatever you’d like! The dress that Mari is wearing is extremely detailed. It is in the shape of a flower, which is perfect for Mari because she loves the outdoors! You can collect all of the different Lalaloopsy dolls to make your tea party, or get together a lot more fun! There are eight different dolls to collect, and each doll comes with their own unique dress, and unique pet. When it comes to partying Mari never needs a reason because party time is anytime with the Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals doll!

The Lalaloopsy Mari Golden Petals doll is for anyone ages 4 – 104, and is $24,99 MSRP.

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WowWee Elektrokidz Hands On Review


You can visit the Elektrokidz website at

You can purchase the Elektrokidz at

Are you ready to get up and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your hair? If you’re not then don’t worry because the Elektrokidz toys have got you covered! These nifty little electronic toys have the ability to shake their hair to all different kinds of beats. Whether it be sounds effects you make with your hands, or actual music from your iPhone the Elektrokid will dance along no matter what! These toys love to dance along to the beat of a song, or the clapping of hands! Loud or soft these kidz will always wiggle wiggle wiggle, and shake shake shake their hair to show you that they love to dance. Each Elektrokidz toy comes with one Elektrokid, one pair of sunglasses, four spare batteries, and instructions. So, whenever you’re felling down you can always pull out your Elektrokid to turn make your day just a little brighter because no matter the beat, and no matter the song your Elektrokid will always dance along!

Each Elektrokid is for kids’ ages 6+, comes in six different colors, and is $24.99 MSRP.

Video Review:

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Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow


You can purchase the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow at

When it comes to water guns Nerf is always on top of their game! Take the Nerf Super Soaker Tri-Strike Crossbow for instance. This bow comes equipped with and easy to use pump action system, a huge 40 FL.OZ water tank, and a three stream shooting system! All of these features will help you take down your opponents, and make sure that they are soaked to the extreme! Even though this bow comes with so many different features it is still extremely easy to use. My younger sister, who is in fourth grade, is able to pick this water gun up with ease and use it as if she was the one who made the product. Keeping a toy simple is perfect for younger kids because they will spend less time worrying about how to use the gun rather than just playing with it. When toys are simple it makes it fun for kids because when they pick it up they can get right on to playing, and when you are in a heated water gun fight you don’t want to be stuck trying to figure out how to shoot your gun, instead you want to be able to jump on into the game and use the gun without thinking too hard. Nerf is always on top of their game because unlike most water guns the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow is easy to use, fun to play with, and super deadly on the battlefield! The Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow is for kids ages 6+, and is $24.99 MSRP.

Video Hands On Review:

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Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow Hands On Review


You can purchase the Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow at

It is finally summer which means that it is time to pull out those hoses, water balloons, and waters guns because it is water fighting season! The Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow is the perfect weapon for your little girls because it is light, easy to use, and is super stylish! The Nerf Dolphina Bow comes equipped with one bow that can hold up to 25 FL.OZ! This is the perfect amount of water because it makes the bow lighter, and easier to hold. The Dolphina bow is not only easy to hold, but it is also extremely easy to shoot. The bow has a simple push and pull trigger system. All you have to do is grab the handle, located on the back of the bow, and pull back to release the water, and pull in to charge up the bow. Summer is here which means that it is time to get up and play, and there is no better way to play than with the Nerf Rebelle Dolphina bow! This product is for kids ages 6+, and is $16.99 MSRP.

Video Hands On Review:

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Assembly

Even though the Phantom 2 Vision Plus may seem extremely complicated it is really very simple to use. Assembling and charging the Phantom are all relatively easy. In this blog we will be teaching you how to charge and assemble your Phantom 2 Vision Plus. The only parts that require assembly on your Phantom are the propellers. The propellers are extremely easy so assemble. All you need to do is match up the color on the tip of the propellers to the color on the base where you will attach the propellers. Once you have matched up all of your colors you can begin to screw on the propellers. Next find a small arrow on the propellers directing you to turn either clockwise or counter-clockwise and turn in that direction to tighten. If any of your propellers break or are severely damaged then all you need to do is grab the wrench tool and place it on one of the grooves located on the wings of the phantom. Turn the propellers in the opposite direction to which you tightened your propellers and carefully remove. It’s just as simple as that!

Charging your Phantom is pretty self explanatory. First you will need to charge the actual battery for the Phantom, and then you will need to charge the range extender. Both the range extender and Phantom battery have their own charger which is included with the set. When charging the Phantoms battery you will notice that it will begin to blink green when in charging. These lights will turn a solid green color and then shut off once the battery is fully charged. For the ranger extender the light will turn a redish-orange color when charging and a green color when finished charging. As you can see the Phantom may seem like a super complicated and out of this world quad-copter, but in reality it is just as easy to assemble and charge as any toy copter out on the market!

Here is DJI Phantom 2 Vsion Plus tracker.

Video DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus assembly hands on review:

Information about unboxing DJI Phantom, click on this link DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Unboxbing.