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Walking Dead TV Game

It’s time to put your survival skills to the test in the this brand new plug and play game by TV Games. Based on the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead”, this single person high action game is ready for ANY TV! No expensive game system needed, just open the box, insert your batteries (3AAA and 2AA *not included*), plug into your television set, and get ready to finally put the walking dead to rest! Dozens of levels can be played in multiple modes such as Hoard Mode, Free Mode, or Story Mode. Don’t let the one person game play keep you from sharing the fun! Easy to use as a competition style challenge, this game is fun for the whole family! (recommended for 8 and up, but any zombie hunter who is ready can point and shoot!) The large shotgun style rifle has a sensor to pick off the zombies on the screen, and even the console itself is carved out to look like the hungry living dead!

The Walking Dead plug and play game can be found at major retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us and while fairly hot and can be hard to find locally, usually can be found online for around 39.99. Current online ratings give this game a cool 4out of 5 stars and boasts being easy to use and fun as well as having lots of levels to keep from getting boring. Do you have what it takes to fight off the hoard of blood thirsty zombies?


Lalaloopsy Holiday Collector Edition Doll – Ivory Ice Crystals

The seasons are changing, and the cold air settles in. Ivory Ice Crystals, and her crown wearing, fluffy polar bear pet are ready to have some fun in Lalaloopsy Land! In a shimmery white dress, complete with fluffy boots, cap, hat, and muff, Ivory is the shining star of the Holiday season! Even her pretty blue hair is covered in sparkly glitter! Ivory comes with a stand, poster, and fuzzy pet! She is a special edition Holiday collectable doll, but with moving limbs, and pretty gown, she may be too pretty to sit on a shelf!

Ivory Ice Crystals will only be available for a short time, and then retire. Priced at around $49.99, she will be available at most large retailers like Toys R Us and Target. Due to some small parts, she is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Target will also be releasing the special edition limited availability Ivory Ice Crystals Mini Lalaloopsy doll as well. She will be a Target exclusive and also retire after the holiday season. Not yet released, pricing not currently available.

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LEGO Monster Fighters

Coming this Spring, the newest and scariest Lego sets are rolling out at a retailer near you! Get ready for The Mummy, Swamp Creature, Werewolf, Vampires, and even a Vampire Bride and Man Bats to be causing chaos in the Lego Universe!

There is currently six sets set up to be released, ranging in price from $7.99 to $109.99. Recommended for ages 7 and up due to small parts, these sets are sure to be hot and hard to find items, if nothing else, for the cool factor alone!

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The Mummy
Ann Lee in her helicopter with spinning rotors tries to capture the moonstone from the Mummy who drives a chariot pulled by a glow in the dark skeleton horse. Included in the set are both vehicles, moonstone, 3 weapons and two minifigures. Price: $14.99

Swamp Creature

The Swamp Creature fights off Frank Rock in an epic struggle for the moonstone. Frank Rock drives his swamp boat through the swamp. Swamp boat has spinning rotor and dual flicking missiles. The swamp creature hides in his swamp with his fish. Set includes moonstone, fish, swamp, swampboat, and two minifigures. Price: $7.99

The Werewolf

Something spooky is causing mayhem under the full moon. Major Quinton Steele must search through the woods to find the moonstone. As he travels up to a big scary tree in his hotrod he has no idea that the Werewolf is hiding in the ambush section of the old tree. At the last moment he sees the glow in the dark claws and is able to capture the moonstone and escape unharmed! This set includes two minifigures, tree with ambush section, Major Quinton’s hotrod, moonstone, and weapon. Price: $24.99

The Vampire Hearse

The coolest hotrod hearse in town is driven by a Zombie and owned by a Vampire! With teeth, flames pattern, and flaming supercharged blower motor this hearse is a force to be reckoned with! Dr. Rodney Rathbone has to chase down the hearse on his motorcycle, but is he ready to take on the catapult? The Vampire awakens inside from the coffin and fights back to keep the moonstone! Set comes with 3 minifigures, hearse, motorcycle, moonstone, and four weapons. Price: 39.99

The Ghost Train

Frank Rock and Ann Lee team up to slow the ghost train down and capture the moonstone, but can they fight off the three ghosts on board and get to safety in their helicopter? If they get caught, they are sure to end up in the on train prison. They must try and suck the ghosts up using the vacuum weapon! Helicopter also has flick missiles, and a spinning propeller. Train features lots of glow in the dark pieces, prison, and detachable carriages. Set includes train, 3 ghosts, Frank Rock and Ann Lee, helicopter with vacuum weapon, moonstone and weapons. Price: $84.99

The Vampire Castle

It’s the final showdown at the Vampire Castle. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer must find their way through the castle and avoid trapdoors, hidden spikes, and shooting spiders or they could end up in the dungeon! With secret entrances, the Vampire and Vampire Bride are only the beginning of their problems, they also have to beware the two Man Bats that protect the owners of the castle! They can use the Hero Car with net launcher to capture the Man Bats and 4 weapons to search through the castle following the organ music until they find the coffin where the moonstone is being kept! Set comes with 6 minifigures, castle, hero car, 4 weapons, moonstone, and additional pieces in the castle. Price: $109.99

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Archos Child Pad Tablet-Alvin and the Chipmunks edition

It is time to Pre-order the new “Alvin and the Chipmunks 3” special edition Child Pad by Archos! This 7” android tablet boasts the latest 4.0 Android version, “Ice Cream Sandwich”. It is loaded with the new “Alvin and the Chipmunks 3” movie, as well as additions scene clips, wallpapers, pictures, and an online game. Additionally, this tablet also comes pre-loaded with a 6 month free trial of “Mobile Parental Filter” by Editions Profil, ranked worldwide as the most efficient parental control for applications. Also included and pre-loaded are games like “Angry Birds” and the kid’s version of “AppsLib” that helps your child navigate through thousands of kid friendly applications on the Android market.

With Wifi, built in speakers, and 4GB of memory this tablet is perfect for children 7 years and up. The screen is set up with colored icons making destination finding simple for children by making navigation one click away.

This tablet is priced at $129.99 and has a June 1st release date. Pre-Order now online or at store at Toys R Us. This is sure to be a hit this year!

Available at Amazon, Toys R Us


Kre-O Battleship Set – U.S.S. Missouri

Man your stations! The aliens are attacking!!! The creators of Hasbro and Kre-O building blocks have done it again, and they have released the Kre-O Battleship set. This 545 piece set has adventures bursting out of the box! The U.S.S Missouri is under attack from aliens. This set has five Kreon Figures included. Help the Kreon Admiral, Marine Patrol, and Soldier defeat the Alien Commander and Alien Trooper. Start with the working crane to release the attack boat and six missile launchers that fire missiles. If the aliens make it on board, fight them off through three interior levels, including the Captain’s Navigation Tower, the Central Control Room, and the Soldier’s Sleeping Barracks. After a successful capture, bring the alien to the examination room for testing!!

This set is designed for the 8-10 year age bracket due to many small parts. As always, the Kre-O brand is also compatible with other leading building block sets and can be found at leading toy retailers like Toys R Us. The Kre-O Battleship Set retail priced is at $79.99.

Available online at Amazon, Walmart


Star Wars Fighter Pods

Already working its way into the Hot Toys list for 2012, the new Star Wars Fighter pods are flying off shelves at major retailers like Toys R Us and Target! Series 1 has been released with sets like the “Sith Infiltrator”, “Falcon Millenium”, and the “Class II Fighter Pack”. Similar to “Squinkies” these collectable toys are slightly squishy, but larger than Squinkies and smaller than Lego minifigures. Each set comes with up to 16 figures as well as different vehicles that go along with them. Plastic “pods” can be linked together and are made of a sturdy plastic. You can use the pods to hold the figures on missions or to carry along with you. Each set comes with exclusive collectable figures as well as secret figures that will be in black pods. There is also a smaller 2 pack in a plastic bag you can buy that has a mixed grab of figures in the series.

The 2 packs are priced around $4.50. Larger packs that include vehicles as well, range in price from about $10.00 to $20.00 and can be found at most retailers that carry Star Wars merchandise. The collectability of the figures is likely what will make this toy hotter as the year progresses, and it seems as if more series may be released in the future. These toys are made up of small parts, so the recommended age is 4 and up. There are no batteries required, just open and play!

Star Wars Series 1 Fighter Pods

Star Wars Series 1 Sith Infiltrator Pods

Star Wars Class III Millenium Falcon Pods

Blind Bags


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K’Nex Together With Rovio To Build Angry Birds Construction Sets

What would happen if you and your child could bring the Angry Birds world to life? Well, soon you will find out! Big news! The award winning company K’nex is coming together with Rovio Mobile, the creators of the Angry Birds, to help you bring the real life adventure of the Angry Birds right into your living room! Build structures and smash through them and save those eggs! The actual product is still under wraps but will be revealed at the annual Toy Fair in February, but will not become available to purchase until late Fall, 2012.

The companies have let out a statement saying that the players will be able to build real life scenarios and have the birds face off against the pigs, just like in the game! This will be an age appropriate toy and will contain small parts so will likely be aimed at children over three years of age. There is no word yet if this will be exclusive to any particular retail chain.

Stay tuned here at zooLert and we will keep you updated! As always, when released, this likely HOT toy will be tracked through our systems, so as usual, We Hunt, You Gather!


Monster High Slide Text Messenger

Hey Ghouls! Looking for the hippest way to keep in touch with your beasties? The new Monster High Slide Text Messenger can keep you in the know with all the hottest gossip! Send texts back and forth in the same room with a slide style messenger with keyboard. Also stores super important info like addresses and phone numbers for all your ghoul-friends! Store up to 100 data memos to help you remember things like your weekend trip to the maul to get those super great new shoes! You can also use it for those pesky math problems with a built in calculator! Need an alarm clock? Great news! The Slide Text Messenger also can be used as one! Truly a must have!

Because of the nature of this toy, it is recommended that it be used by kids 7 and up! This toy also takes 2 AA batteries each. The Monster High Slide Text Messenger retails for about $17.00 and can be found at your leading toy retailers.

Available online at Toys R Us, Amazon, Walmart


Mini Lalaloopsy Playhouse with Blossom Flowerpot

New for your LaLaLoopsy mini dolls, the playhouse is the perfect place to host gatherings, picnics, or even a lemonade stand! Included with the playhouse is Blossom Flowerpot. She is ready to make a house into a home with her green thumb! Plenty of room to store many of your Minis, this 3 story house is SEW cute! Decorated in pink and sugar cookies, the house also has a pet door, French doors that lead to the balcony, front porch swing that can hold 2 dolls, a Dutch front door, shutters that open and close, and even an elevator for the pets to get to their special room in the attic! Also included is a lemonade stand, and picnic table with umbrella!

Because of small parts, this toy is not recommended by children under the age of 3, however, can be enjoyed completely by kids ages 4 to 104! This toy retails for about $29.00 and can be found at many retailers like Walmart and Target. Start building your dream home today with the Mini Lalaloopsy Playhouse!

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MGA Kachooz Kachatz Interactive Alien

The fluffiest little aliens in town have been separated from their Moop group and need your help to make a new home here on Earth! The Kachooz Kachatz Interactive Aliens are cute little guys with a lot to say! Over 50 phrases, as a matter of fact, and they want to talk to you! With built in sensors, the Kathooz Aliens can “feel” when they have been rolled over, touched, are falling, shaking or other movements and reacts to them by telling you how they feel! With their long soft hair, and adorable accessories like rainbow colored glasses, or a top hat, the MGA Kachooz Kachatz Interactive Aliens are as cute as they are witty! They also speak a special language, “Kachoozian” that will be fun to decipher. And if you stop playing with your new friend…they will let you know they want more fun! Choose from a Princess, Rockstar, or Scared Mouse, or choose all three! The Kachooz Aliens are here to be friends for life!

Recommended for kids ages 4 and up and available for around 13.00 to 22.00 from most retailers, these little guys are easy to find, even though they have lost their Moop Group! Can you give them a new home here on Earth? They require 2 AAA batteries that are not included in the package.

Available online, check out MGA Kachooz Kachatz tracker




Available online, check out MGA Kachooz Kachatz tracker