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Chuggington Helps Celebrate 40 Years Of Amtrak

Looking for something to do this summer? Have a little one in the house that loves Chuggington? How about trains in general? Or, maybe just an obsession specifically with Amtrak?

(ok. unless your child is a commuter on his way to clock in for story time, they probably doesn’t have the amtrak obsession. that’s ok.)

Well. Then, have a look at this!

Starting very soon (May 7th), Amtrak is celebrating 40 years of existence. And, they are getting some help from some very special die-cast friends, Chuggington!

At special stops (check the Amtrak 40th celebration website to see dates and locations) on the summer tour, there will be a “Chuggington Depot” that will have train tables, DVDs on play, and story time!

Interested? Check the full press release below for all the details!

And, don’t forget to check the Amtrak Celebrates 40 Years site for all the dates and full details!

Press Release :

The ‘Chuggington Depot’ will feature characters from Chuggington, the popular train- based television series for preschoolers, which airs daily on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming block designed for kids age 2-7 and their families. Fun, train-themed activities will include play tables with Chuggington die-cast trains, a photo opportunity, a coloring mural, screenings of the television series, a Chuggington story time, and more.

“The ‘Chuggington Depot’ will be traintastic fun for young families with entertaining
hands-on activities that allow even the youngest train enthusiasts to take part in the celebration,” said Maureen Taxter, Senior Vice President at Ludorum U.S.

Chuggington is a CGI-animated television series that follows the humorous adventures of three ‘trainees’ – Koko, Brewster and Wilson. While each episode is filled with action and adventure, the series has been recognized for the important social-emotional and school- readiness lessons it presents like teamwork, respect and the importance of telling the truth.

The popularity of Chuggington has rapidly increased since the show debuted in the United States in January, 2010, and 2011 welcomes the first appearance on retail shelves of children’s products based on the series. Chuggington partners Learning Curve® Brands, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scholastic are participating in the ‘Chuggington Depot’ with train tables, DVD screening and story time, respectively.

For additional information including the Exhibit Train and ‘Chuggington Depot’ schedule, please visit: www.amtrak40th.com.


Dagedar Comes To Phoenix, Arizona Stores

Dagedar, a new venture for Cepia (makers of Zhu Zhu Pets), has been launched exclusively in Phoenix, Arizona.  Dagedar is a new toy that will attract both collectors and players.

This is a pretty big change from the Zhu Zhu Pets line that Cepia is most known for.  During our closed door introduction to Dagedar, we were told that a key element to Dagedar is how open to interpretation it is.  The kids are the ones intended to make the rules and play style.

If you remember, we were also able to capture some hands on video of the Dagedar line at the 2011 NY Toy Fair.

Have a look :

Live in Phoenix, Arizona?  Have you checked it out or bought some?  Starting today, you should be able to pick up Dagedar at your local Walmart or Toys R Us!  And, they will be available across the US starting this summer.

If you get your hands on them, be sure to let us know what you think!

We haven’t had a chance to play with them since the Toy Fair, but, we’re interested to see how they look outside of the show.

Press release :

PHOENIX, May 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Cepia LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets®, have taken the timeless game of marbles and given it a modern day spin. DaGeDar™ supercharged battle balls encourage strategy and skill in a collectible racing game that lets kids set the rules. DaGeDar™ is launching in Phoenix today and is scheduled for national distribution this summer.

(Photo:  http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20110502/CG92979)

Testing DaGeDar™ with kids during pre-launch play sessions was instrumental in fully developing each element of this one-of-a-kind game. Kids that participated were captivated by the speed of the game and “character” of the balls. Parents enjoy the fact that there are no complicated rules and that DaGeDar™ encourages creative play. With DaGeDar™, you rule! You have a limitless amount of unique challenges that kids can solve and then change every time they interact with the game.

“There is no feeling better than seeing kids truly love and interact with a new toy and we really see that reaction with the DaGeDar™ collection,” said Russ Hornsby, CEO, Cepia LLC. “The idea of taking a classic game and adapting it to the play patterns and game trends that exist today was the driving force behind the creation of DaGeDar™. We can’t wait to see how the kids and families in Phoenix react to DaGeDar™.”

DaGeDar™ will be available in Phoenix at local Wal-Mart and Toys”R”Us stores starting in May followed by a national rollout later this summer.  As DaGeDar™ takes Phoenix by storm, local families will be the first in the nation to race, play and interact with the new game at Chase Field during the Diamondback’s game Sunday, May 22. DaGeDar™ trading cards will be given to first 5,000 kids in attendance, DaGeDar™ t-shirts and prize packs will be handed out throughout the game, and there will be play areas for children to experience the thrill and fun of this much anticipated racing game.

What is DaGeDar™?

DaGeDar™ (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) collectible supercharged battle balls have a special feel and weight that almost demand to be raced! Each DaGeDar™ battle ball boasts a graphic design that reflects the true energy contained within. More than 240 different DaGeDar™ ball graphics are planned for release this year, with varying degrees of rarity. Each ball carries a special code number that when registered on the DaGeDar™ website (www.dagedar.com) will reveal the true spirit contained within the DaGeDar™ ball, as well as its hidden powers, which can assist in racing strategy and let kids unleash the power within!

DaGeDar™ Racing

Racing DaGeDar™ balls requires skill, practice, agility and finesse. Players must control the speed and velocity of DaGeDar™ balls in order to propel them through thrilling loops and turns without forcing the balls off the tracks. Exciting tricks and stunts can be refined by whirling DaGeDar™ balls in Spinners or loading several balls into Battle Launchers to unleash them with supercharged battle play.

DaGeDar™ lets you experience the ferocity and velocity of hundreds of battle-hungry spirits and their unique 33rd dimension world.

Included among the more than 240 collectible DaGeDar™ characters planned for release:

  • Rhinasty – Rhinasty is a one beast wrecking crew. Anything in his path is destroyed or flattened – stand clear!
  • Kranio – Kranio’s menacing features and brute force make him a formidable force.
  • Specter – A dangerous abominable ghost-eagle whose powerful forearms and bone crushing beak make it nearly unstoppable.
  • Jack Fuego – A humanoid fire summoner from the lava pits of Dimension 33, Jack Fuego fights the demons in his mind as he strives to help those in need.

DaGeDar™ Tracks and Accessories

The versatility and skill required to compete on different tracks makes for a totally different and suspenseful racing experience every time.

  • High Speed Score Zone Raceway Two balls race to a single track loop de loop only to find yet another challenge… the ball with the highest score wins!
  • High Speed Stunt Jump Track This track looks simple but don’t be deceived! Great skill is required to go through the loop and make the jump to the cup!
  • Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway Two balls race to cross a grand canyon-like divide, only to be forced into a single track for the win.

The DaGeDar™ Story

In Dimension 33, there live characters called DaGeDar™. Powered through their emotional charge, DaGeDar™ break the veil from Dimension 33, which captures the DaGeDar™ spirits in a supercharged ball form. Each character has a distinct personality trait; different motivations drive their races. They might use elemental powers of strength, cunning or their trader’s wit in their drive for victory.

DaGeDar™ balls, tracks and spinners are sold separately. DaGeDar™ balls and track sets range in price from $4.99-$19.99. DaGeDar™ will be available nationally in summer 2011.

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Nintendo Wii 2 Coming – To Be Shown At E3

Everyone knew it was coming.

From rumors to a very short, albeit, short press release… The next Nintendo Wii is coming! What will the future hold?

Let the speculations begin!

The curent round up points to a HUGE controller with a screen (think like a DS in your hand), HD (of course), and all sorts of other goodness.  No unicorns yet.  Those rumors will take a few more days to vent.

And, in a short while, many many pictures and hands on will be coming of the device as it is shown to the world at this year’s E3 convention held in Los Angeles, CA, June 7-9.

(I love the “To whom it may concern” in the press release.  To whom it may concern.. Oh, say, like the whole world of Wii lovers?)

Press Release :

To whom it may concern: Re: Wii’s successor system

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Sales of this new system have not been included in the financial forecasts announced today for the fiscal term ending March 2012.

April 25, 2011

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Lalaloopsy Genie Doll Sahara Marage – Coming Early May?

Update :

From the Lalaloopsy Facebook page, we have our first peek :

So, now that the great Boscov’s fiasco is coming to a close (history here), some people are finding out some great info!

If you check out our forums, you’ll see that BananasMom didn’t get the Genie she was hoping for, BUT, she got something else.

Free shipping and info that a Genie (Sahara Marage) is coming — and soon. Early May!

So, while you are out hunting for the Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers, start coming up with a gameplan for your Genie (and, perhaps, some others?)!

And, while we’re on the subject of our awesome users, join us on Facebook or our recently revamped and well loved Toy Forum!

See ya there!

PS – If you don’t know, more info and a pic is supposed to hit the Lalaloopsy Facebook Page on Wednesday the 20th of April!

PPS – If you have any info for us, pass it along.  We’ll be sure to make an In Stock Tracker as soon as we find links to track online!


Toys R Us Item Number For Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers!

On the hunt for those Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers?  How about some help in your search?

Remember we told you Toys R Us will be getting them first?  Well, they are in the system!

And, thanks to some of the Lalaloopsy super fan hunters out there like Jacquie on our zooLert Facebook Page, we now have the  internal “item number”!

It’s 695392!

Good luck everyone.

I can say this is personally confirmed by me.  Got the UPC?  Leave it in the comments!

Here’s what I said on our FB page :

Good news – confirmed. That is the item number. Sadly, there is no reverse internal TRU item number to UPC to help globally find it, but, they are in the system. Very likely, they hit the warehouses and are on their way.

Perhaps that was the date we had pushed out earlier.. They arrived at TRU distribution centers over the past few days and are on their way to your local store.

(strange quoting myself!)

See you on our Facebook page!


Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers Release Dates

The Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers are now officially amongst the new-most-desired and hunted in the Lalaloopsy lineup.  Why?  Two reasons — they are new, and, they aren’t out yet.  But, when are they coming in stock?

Word we got is as follows :

TRU – week of 4/16 or 4/23

WM – by 4/25

Target – July

Is this guaranteed?  Not so much.

But, it should be some good guidelines to go by!  Could be earlier, could be later… Or dead on.  We only guarantee that you will remain excited enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

But, in all seriousness, this is what we were able to uncover so far.

As usual, enterprising minds are always on the lookout so another good indicator that you can start finding them is to check Ebay for Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers.  You don’t have to get them there, but, it is a good place to get an idea where they are showing up.  Pay attention to the location of the seller too when it starts hitting.  That’s another good way to get an early heads up!

(wow.  lots of zooLert tips above!  even im impressed i got that out there.)

And, don’t forget to let us know if you see them online first!  Just send us a tip to webmaster@zoolert.com or come join our Facebook Fan Page!  We’ll make a Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers In Stock Tracker!

Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers Gallery Pics (from Lalaloopsy Facebook Fan Page) :


New Nerf Vortex Blaster Nitron Revealed – Disc Shooter?

The new Nerf gun lineup, coming 09/10/11, the Vortex, has been teased today by Nerf Nation on their Facebook page.

Nerf Gun


Have a look at the video right here :

You can get a pretty good shot of the Nerf Vortex Nitron in the video. The range on the disc shooter is excellent!

It’s got some quick edits and has that overall secret-video-feel to it (which, personally, I give a big thumbs to) so you feel like it’s something you shouldn’t be seeing… And if you look, you see what may be a few new different guns sprawled on the floor.

What do you think?

Is a disc shooter based Nerf gun blaster something good for the line or not a good fit?

Either way, it looks like it goes pretty darn far! And, it’s coming 09/10/11! They always pick cool dates for the big releases.


Target Exclusive Easter Mini Lalaloopsy – Cotton Hoppalong

Yes.  This is real.   An Easter Mini Lalaloopsy!  Her name is Cotton Hoppalong!  She has bunny ears and all!  And, this new pint-sized ragdoll is available now for $5.99!

And, we got one!  So much went in to getting this.. There were a lot of people that helped us gather all the info.. From the Facebook Lalaloopsy Page (and specific thanks to a few key people like Jodi, Andrea, and especially Crystal that started the madness and fun!!) to MGA Entertainment themselves!

Full pics and detailed shots coming very soon…

Cotton Hoppalong Details :

Sewn On: March 21st (First Day Spring)

Sewn from Bunny Slippers

Personality: She’s a bundle of energy who’s always bouncing around
hatching crazy ideas. She also loves candy…but she doesn’t like to


Go get ’em!  She is a Target EXCLUSIVE.

Most people find her in the Easter toy area, but, some have found her tucked away with the normal Mini Lalaloopsys.

And, to help your hunt, here are the DCPI and UPC’s :

DCPI : 086022680

UPC : 0 35051 41377 6

You can also check your store’s availability with our Target Cotton Hoppalong Lalaloopsy Tracker!  You supply the zip, Target supplies the results!

Good luck everyone!

Let us know if you get one!

We’ll update with hands on if we get one locally!

PS – We had to use the DCPI to prove that our store had it.. Type the number in a scanner.  It wil tell you if it is on the floor or in the stock room.


Happy Easter!

Join us on Facebook, won’t you?


Aquapets Are Back After Seven Years …

Turned on the TV recently?  Walked down the girl-geared collectible toy aisle at the toy store?  You’ve probably seen these then :

But, what are they and what do they do?

Commercial for Aquapets :

Aquapets consist of the three new economy toy checklist items – cute, cartable, and, inexpensive.  Priced around $9 retail, intended for girls ages 6 and up, each character has their own look, sound, and songs.  Play with them, and with help of their microphone and microchip (or, aka, “magic”), they come alive responding to sound from either the owner or other Aquapets!

Continued play is rewarded with new songs and interactions!  In addition, there are three unique game modes :

• Memory Moov (a memory-building sequence game)
• Aqua Speed (a fast-paced reflex challenge)
• Bubble Boogie (a fun and silly way to make your mini marionette dance)

Check out the different characters available now :

And, right now, Amazon has a special deal going on with Aquapets :

Buy Two Select Aquapets and Get $5 Off

While supplies last, when you buy any two of these select Aquapets you can get $5 off your purchase. Watch these cute three-dimensional figures come alive when kids or other Aquapets interact with them.  Discount will be applied at checkout. Discounts only apply to items sold by Amazon.com. Does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the Amazon.com site. Also, for an even greater value, take advantage of FREE Super Saver Shipping and Prime.

Press Release :

Aquapets are back! The charismatic collectable creatures are returning in March 2011, seven years after their original U.S. debut. Updated versions of eight fan favorites will appear in redesigned aqua pods, offering new games and increased interactivity.

Cute, portable and affordable – these floating three-dimensional figures are cherished by girls ages 6 and up. Each thumb-sized character has its own look, sounds and songs and lives inside a raindrop-shaped case. The creatures come alive when kids, or other Aquapets, interact with them. A microchip, microphone and speaker housed in the toy’s base enable Aquapets to register and respond to sound. Each character replies with movement and melody.

The more you play with your Aquapets, the more songs they will perform and the livelier they’ll become. Talk to your Aquapets, or engage them in one of three new interactive games:

• Memory Moov (a memory-building sequence game)
• Aqua Speed (a fast-paced reflex challenge)
• Bubble Boogie (a fun and silly way to make your mini marionette dance)

Place two or more Aquapets together for an AquaParty and the buoyant buddies will dance, chirp and converse with each other. Each energetic character has a sleep function, because even the most interactive friends need to rest.

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Choo Choo! Got An Extra 1 Billion? Invest!

I know we have a wide and diverse audience here at zooLert.

So, let me make sure you are aware of all your investment options.

No, this isn’t just about cupcakes with trains on top! It’s about Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s on the market.

Turns out HIT Entertainment, the same company that owns the rights to not only Thomas, but, also, Bob the Builder amongst others is up for sale for a mere … one BILLION DOLLARS.

Yea. It deserved the Dr. Evil pic.

But, be warned! Your competition will be stiff as Disney, Viacom, Mattel, Hasbro and more are also in the bidding process!

To bring it back to earth for a moment, this could be pretty big news. It would be interesting to see what a Disney could do with the brands!

So, Thomas fans… The future is looking exciting!

Thomas the Tank Engine (yummy) cupcakes courtesy of Kids Birthday Parties