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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Falconzord

Soar high above the villains and protect those that matter to you with the Power Rangers Legacy Falconzord action figure. This action figure is crafted with die-cast metal pieces and features metallic paint details that mimic the original character.

This action figure will make a great addition to your child’s collection as they can perch any figure on top and fly around to keep watch for any danger. If you connect this Falconzrod action figure to any of the Zord Builder collection pieces (sold separately) than you will be able to build never-before-seen Zord combinations! Use our Zoolert Tracker to help you find yours.


Carrera RC Nintendo Mario-Copter

This quadrocopter is a fun and easy way for your kid to fly Mario around! Let them use their imagination and create different race tracks around the house to fly Mario around, just like they would race him in the video game.

This quadrocopter features a high-quality, 6 axis gyro-system that makes it easy to fly and control. The toy also comes with a 4-channel controller that will suit everyone with its beginner – advanced modes. As well, the set also comes with a lipo battery that is rechargeable so you can continue the flying fun. The quadrocopter can fly for up to seven minutes and comes with an easy to use recharging PC USB jack as well as spare part-set (blades). Find yours with our Zoolert Tracker.


Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar

The fisher Price Little People Advent calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas! Your little ones will enjoy seeing what the surprise is behind each door. What will they find? Either Little People dolls, or fun holiday themed accessories. As they collect each day of the month, they get closer and closer to collecting the whole new set of holiday toys to celebrate the merry season with. This calendar also helps your kids to practice numbers and counting skills. A great new tradition for the whole family. For ages 12 months to 5 years. Find yours using our Zoolert Tracker.


Little Tikes Princess horse and Carriage

Take the Little Tikes Princess horse and carriage to your next princess party and arrive in style. This adorable and fully functioning horse and carriage set features a regal horse that moves side to side as you travel. The horse also makes realistic click-clack sounds so you’ll feel like you’re really traveling along cobblestone roads. With 360 degree, quiet-ride tires it will ensure you have a smooth ride.

Ride your horse and carriage to the castle on your own or have someone pull you along! The carriage features a two-in-one design so a parent can take the reins while you sit back and relax, being chauffeured to your princess destination. For ages 1-5, this makes a great fairy tale gift for your little princess. Use our Zoolert Tracker to help you find one!


Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset

Snuggles is waiting for her new home. Bring Snuggles home this holiday season for your kid and watch as they fall in love with Snuggles’ soft fur and big blue expressive eyes.

Snuggles comes with an adoption certificate that your child can fill out to make Snuggles officially theirs. Pet and cuddle Snuggles and she will love you back. Snuggles also comes with a feeding bottle. Feed her when she’s hungry and she’ll open and close her eyes. When Snuggles falls asleep her face moves, she breaths, and even snores just like a real puppy! Tickle her tummy and touch her nose and she’ll respond with lots of happy puppy sounds. A cute and lovable addition to the family, Snuggles can be found using our Zoolert Tracker!


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center

Encourage your baby to learn and grow with this Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center. This set features four panels, each with its own teaching purposes and activities for your baby to enjoy.

Panel one features shapes that your little one will have fun sliding down the chute. As well, this panel teaches your baby about body parts and colors. Panel two allows your child to dial up ‘friends’ and they’ll discover a fun message just for them. Panel three includes hands-on activities and features a mirror, jumbo rattle roller, fish bowl clicker, and more. Lastly, panel four features fun surprises like a peek-a-boo window, a place to put a family photo, and even more.

The playset also comes with an arch between the panels that encourages your child to engage in moving and exploring. With 200 sounds, songs, tunes and phrases, your child will have a blast learning with this toy. Find this playset with our Zoolert Tracker!


Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll

Elsa needs your help to restore her powers! Bring back the northern lights to help her. Simply wave your hands over the snowflake and it will create beautiful colors, lights, and sounds. As the majestic northern lights are restored to Elsa they will sparkle on Elsa’s dress! This doll features Elsa, wearing a beautiful blue, sparkly gown, and shoes, and the star crystal. For ages 3 and up. Find this using our Zoolert Tracker


XYZprinting da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer

Create great works of art and fun sculptures with the XYZprinting Da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer. This printer is great for beginners, is light weight, and easy to use.

But don’t let it’s small size and light weight fool you because this 3D printer has a build size of 5.9inchs x 5.9inchs x 5.9inchs. You can create your own designs from your imagination, or use the available 5,000+ 3D printing options. These options that you can download to print, includes everything from toys and games, to art pieces and even educational items.

The printer also comes with a 3D modeling software designed for beginners and allows you to make whatever you can think of using it’s intuitive and easy to use systems. Kids also have access to the online curriculum offered by XYZprinting called XYZprinting STEAM. This helps educate your kids in k-12 science, technology, engineering, and arts.

This gift is great for this 2016-2017 holiday season becasue it not only encourages imagination and education but also is the new fun and modern way for kids to do arts and crafts while simultaneously learning. Use our Zoolert Tracker to find this product!

To learn more about the miniMaker 3d printer, watch this short video!


Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace

This enchanted princess palace will bring your Go! Go! Smart Friends to life. With fun phrases, lights, songs, and more the castle comes alive when you place your Go! Go! Friends on any of the five MagicPoints.

Put any of the friends on one of these touch points and they’ll be able to have a conversation with the included Princess Darla! (More Go! Go! Friends sold separately). The palace features numerous fun accessories such as a bed, harp, mirror, three light-up buttons and a clock that introduces words, colors, letters and more. As well, it comes with multiple rooms for your children to roam and explore!

The palace expands to over 4 feet wide and will be endless fun for your children as they create their own adventures with Princess Darla and the Go! Go! Friends. The palace also has different mechanical features that spin, turn, and open to encourage the development of fine motor skills. The set requires 2 AAA batteries. Recommended for ages 18 months to 5 years. Find this toy using our Zoolert Tracker!


Lego Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit (1158 Piece)

This Lego Ferrari is what every car loving enthusiast or car loving child will cherish. The Lego Ferrari features an array of brick-built details that mirror the Ferrari F40!

The Lego F40 features a hinged, vented rear hatch, and a detailed twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine with a quick release function, opening doors, and an opening hood with luggage compartment and tools. As well, the Lego F40 features pop-up headlights, cabled door hinges, windscreen element with printed A-pillars, a steering wheel with the Ferrari logo, 2 red racing seats and custom-made molded rim inserts. The car comes in its traditional red color and cannot look any more authentic!

Lift the vented rear hatch to take a closer look at the V8 engine, and open the driver/passenger door to reveal the detailed interior of the car. With 1158 pieces, your child will enjoy taking the time to put this iconic Ferrari F40 together, and collectors will enjoy adding this Lego set to their collection. Either way, this makes a wonderful and unique holiday gift for this season. Find it, using our Zoolert Tracker!