WowWee CHiP the Lovable Robot Dog

What better to gift your child this holiday season than a pet dog?! Well, a robot pet dog. Chip will become a loved household pet for you and your children alike!

Chip is friendly, loves to play and he can be very affectionate too. When you wear your Smart Band, Chip will recognize you and follow you around. He also responds to your commands, but like a real dog, you have to teach and train him first! Use the Smart Band, or the Smart App to train Chip. Once Chip is trained enough, he understands voice commands and even hand gestures! Chip features light-up eyes, advanced sensors and smart accessories so he can react to his surroundings as well as your commands.

Chip comes with a smart ball, and a smart bed. Roll the ball around and Chip will chase after it and play soccer or fetch. With his Mecanum wheels, Chip is able to easily roll around on indoor surfaces. Pick Chip’s two front legs up, and he’ll dance with you, or nuzzle your nose against his nose to show him affection.

When Chip gets tired (AKA he’s running out of batteries) he will let you know by returning back to his Smart Pad for a recharging nap. Or, if the Smart Pad is too far out of range, Chip will let you know that he needs your help to get there. Chip’s high tech sensors and real-time processing helps him to speak, see, listen, and feel.

A great gift for any child hoping to have a dog someday and for children who love animals in general. Chip comes with a SmartBand, SmartBall, SmartBed, and downloadable app for smartphone or tablet. Find Chip using our Tracker!

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