Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go has taken over the gaming world and has been a great success with kids and adults alike. This is a great way to get people who love gaming to go out and get some exercise. As well, it’s a fun way to enjoy walking around and exploring outdoors. So what better way to stay updated on where all the Pokemon are, than with this Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus tracker!

This Pokemon Go Plus tracker is a wearable bracelet device that also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The device lets you know when a Pokemon is near you as you walk the streets. Whether it be when you’re headed to school, work, or just out grocery shopping or hanging with friends.

The device features an LED light that flashes as well as vibrates when a Pokemon is nearby. This way you don’t have to constantly check the Pokemon Go app on your phone. Once the device flashes and vibrates, you will know you should check your phone.

When the device alerts you that a Pokemon is nearby, you can press the button in the center of the tracker to throw a Poke Ball and you will get a notification if you caught a Pokemon! The device also alerts you when you pass a Pokestop (however you will have to use your phone for interaction in this case). You can now collect Poke Balls, Berries, and Pokemon Eggs without having to constantly look at your smart phone!

Temporarily sold out on Amazon.com, but use our Zoolert.com tracker to find when it will be available near you!

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