Speak Out: Board Game

You will not be able to stop laughing with Hasbro’s new and very popular game Speak Out. You play by trying to read out loud to your teammate, different silly phrases from a deck of cards. The catch is however, that you wear a mouth guard while trying to speak!

This game is hilarious and will bring all of your family and friends together. It’s comical trying to watch your teammate(s) read funny phrases while having to wear a mouth piece that doesn’t allow them to speak properly. There is a sand-count timer that counts down, as teams try to race each other to see who can guess the most phrases their partners are trying to say in 30 seconds.

The game includes 200 double sided cards that say silly things like “pelicans love pollywog falafels”. As well the game also includes 5 mouth pieces, and a timer. More mouth pieces can be purchased online, from separate sellers, for a chance for more people to play. Speak out is currently #4 on Amazon’s top 100 Toys and Games.

Although it is currently sold out on Amazon.com, you can use our zoolert.com tracker to find when the next one will be available!

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