Hatchimals, By Spin Master


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The holiday season has already begun. If you are busy looking around for toys that your kids may want for this holiday season then look no further! Hatchimals are a great gift for any young kids. These toys combine the exciting surprise of mystery gifts with the cute and adorable fun of stuffed animals. Each Hatchimals set has different types of animals like the Pengualas. Not only are there different animals, but there are also different colors for each animal. This means that you can have two different Pengualas’s hatch from two different eggs. Hatching your egg is just one of the many features of the Hatchimals animals. If your kids give the eggs love and attention it will hatch like a real baby egg. Then you can play with your electronic stuffed animal inside. Bring the gift of surprise and adorable fun this holiday season with the Hatchimals, By Spin Master! Hatchimals are for kids ages 5 – 10, and is $59.99 MSRP.

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