Zingo Bingo Game


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Everyone loves Bingo! It’s a classic game that keeps kids entertained as they try to test their luck to see if they can get the matching set. Think Fun has created a new Bingo game and added their own little twist to make the game fun and educational. Each Zingo Bingo card has words and pictures that will make your little ones think about matching the correct word and picture to the bingo cards drawn. These pictures and words can include bird, worms, dogs, cats, etc. There are seven bingo cards in total so your kids, their friends, and the family can all join in on the fun. Spend this fall season helping your little ones learn how to read, match, and sort their cards with the fun and exciting new Zingo Bingo game! The Zingo Bingo Game is for kids ages 4 – 10, and is $19.99 MSRP.

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