Puppy Surprise, Taffy


You can purchase the Puppy Surprise, Taffy at walmart.com

Do your little girls love puppies? If they do then the Puppy Surprise, Taffy is a great gift for them! This cute little puppy set has everything a little girl could want. Taffy and her puppies are all cute, soft, and fun to play with. Each Puppy Surprise is different! Each set comes with one mommy dog, and a random number of puppies. Her litter can contain anywhere between 3 – 5 puppies. Each puppy is unique. Some of the pups have glitter, others are soft, and some bark! Each puppy makes the litter unique, and is what makes them fun to play with! The puppy’s mother is also fun for your girls to play with. The mother has soft hair that can be combed, or she can be hugged. Each litter is a surprise with the Puppy Surprise, Taffy play set! The Taffy puppy surprise is for kids ages 3 and older, and is $24.99 MSRP.

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