Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper


If your kids love Pokémon then Moddan has a treat for you! The Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toys Topper is a great gift for any Pokémon enthusiast. These cute Pokémon figures can be used to collect, or decorate. You can add them on to your kids birthday cakes at parties, or use them on their desserts after dinner. These Pokémon toppers are about 2 – 3 cm tall, and are made from high quality material. Each Topper set comes with 24 random Pokémon figures that are all extremely detailed and colorful! These tiny little Pokémon make great gifts either as toys, or as decorations! Can you collect them all in the Moddan Pokémon Mini Figures Toy Topper Set? These Pokémon Toppers are for kids ages 5 and older, and is $9.95 at

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