Emoji Gumball Machine


Gumball machines are a classic. They provide hours of fun, and provide your kids with a wonderful treat. The Emoji Gumball Machine combines everyone’s favorite animated faces with the sweet chewiness of gumballs.

The Emoji 10” Gumball Machine is made of plastic. This way it is more flexible when being used. You can easily store all of your Emoji gumballs in the gumball machine by removing the cap. The set doesn’t come with any starter gumballs, so you will need to purchase the gumballs separately if you want to fill up the gumball machine. The Emoji gumballs have a lemon taste to them, and have all of your favorite Emoji designs printed on the surface of the gumballs. To access the gumballs you can place any coin inside the coin slot and turn the key to insert the coin, and watch as it is replaced with a delicious Emoji gumball. Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are all accepted. If you wanted to give your kids a nice little treat for this upcoming holiday season then what better way than with a twist on a classic that all kids love with the Emoji Gumball Machine! The Emoji Gumball Machine is recommended for kids ages 24 months and up, and is $14.95 at amazon.com.

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