Tekno Newborns Electronic Robotic Kitten


You can purchase the Tekno Newborns Electronic Robotic Kitten at Amazon

Kittens are cute and adorable. The only problem about kittens is that they take a lot work to actually take care of. So, if your kids want a kitten, but you know that they aren’t ready to take care of a real one then getting a robotic kitten may satisfy their needs. Tekno Newborns Electronic Robotic Pet Kitten is a cute and lovable toy that acts like a real kitten. The Tekno Kitten can walk, sit, beg, and jump. All you have to do is give the kitten commands using your voice, hand gestures, or touch. The kitten also has other features such as a wagging tail, movable ears, and light up eyes. By petting your kitten it will respond with happy sounds and movements. The Tekno Newborns Electronic Robotic Kitten is a cute, and adorable toy pet that any young kitten fans will love. The Tekno Kitten is for kids ages 3 and older, and is $14.99 MSRP.

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