Shopkins Happy Places Kitty Kitchen


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Shopkins are a cute collectable series for any young girl. The new Shopkins Happy Places Kitty Kitchen is one way to help expand, or start your Shopkins collection. Unlike most Shopkins play sets this one has a kitten theme. Each household object has a cute kitten face design. These household objects include a stove, chair, table, pots, utensils, and so much more! The pack in total has one Koko Cookie Shoppie doll, one large Petkins, 2 medium Petkins, 6 small Petkins, and two mini Petkins, so that is a exactly 11 different collectables that you can add to your collection. Play, decorate, and collect with the new Shopkins Happy Places Kitty Kitchen! This play set is for any kid ages 3 – 15, and is $17.99 MSRP.

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